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Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-in to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828) @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


I just spoke with JB-Hifi today about Telstra 5G plans. In-store, the $500 gift card offer on the $69 plan is back for today only (normally $300).

[edit] I can confirm that the offer is active, just went to the store and did it myself.
They also offer the $99 150gb 24-month plan with $1200 gift card, but that’s no deal from me.

$10 porting credit is still possible according to some comments below such as this and this.

It is possible to sign up this even if you have not ported out of Telstra for more than 30 days according to danlmoore and tryonthis.

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  • Which store is this?

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      All JB Hi-fi stores. I called JB over the phone.

      • I spoke to JB chat and they said $300

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          JB has a chat? Lol

        • When I went to the store, they checked their intranet before I signed up. The $69 $500 GC offer was on there so I guess all JB’s should have the offer.

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            @Buy2Much: JB carseldine have the $500 gift card as per the post.
            Its in their system as a one day special.

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      I saw this in Castle Hill, NSW as well so probably all store

      • im happy with current $30 plan, so by the end of this contract deal i wouldve only made $32 lol

      • Was this store at the mall or at the home?

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    perfect - thanks OP, looks like I am switching to telstra today

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      You should wait for the $10 credit per.month is included also

      • We got $15 via telstra chat although JB staff had declined to apply that

        • how did you go about asking this in chat?

        • i asked them the same and they refused :(
          so if i port my optus to telstra in a jbhifi store and then ask for credit, will i be eligible then?

        • Out of curiosity were you also doing the combining two accounts trick?

        • Did you say credit for the port in, or new service ?

        • Did they send any confirmation via email or text? Sales rep told me it will be applied after next month but haven't recieved any confirmation.

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    2 days short of the 1 month port out period :( any one know if this is strict?

    • just ask one of the reps online

    • What is the 1 month port out period?

    • Yeah would like to know as well, though I'm only at 2 weeks haha

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      I think it depends on the JB rep you get and whether they check your billing account. My rep didn’t check and I had only left Telstra for 4 days before porting back in haha. But I have read that other reps have checked and turned people away.

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        My rep checked by going through my sms to see the port out date. I think that is rude to go through my personal messages.

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          That seems highly unprofessional.

          • @altman: I would guess that the rep isn't actually reading their personal messages, but rather could probably see a list of the communications that were sent from Telstra regarding that account.

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          Say you deleted the text?

    • they can do it today but you only port after a few days. they did this for me last year.

    • Managed to get away with it today at JB Highpoint. Had 2 days left since port out and the rep asked the manager.

    • Think it depends on the store/rep. When I was asked which network I was currently on I provided the name of my new network and didn’t provide the background of when I ported. Nor did the rep ask.

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    Interesting, I ported my number which finalised with telstra about a month ago and Switched to Optus waiting for this type of deal.

    But Optus offered me a 25% discount on the $55 80Gb/month since I have another service with them. And they also are offering 6 months free of Amazon Prime so more savings against a $500 JB Hi-Fi GC to use.

    Mmmm…. decisions.

    • Go with Optus and find a good deal on outright mobile phone

    • I'm getting 50% off my second service….

      • How? Is that targeted offer? On sim only plans or data plans? I got 50% off on data plans

        • It was a long running promotion a while ago, and was something I asked with a chat rep. I don't think it's advertised any where. Maybe it was replaced with this 25% discount.

    • We did the same… 25% off $65 200GB plan, with an extra $10 bonus credit p/m thrown in.
      Unfortunately we're both about to switch back out of this deal as we've had several reports from friends and clients that our "phone number is not in service!"

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    Optus network is not as good as Telstra’s coverage, plus prime is $7 a month. Reckon the Jb deal is much better

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    Is there $10 discount from JB on top of this?

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      ask the reps for $10 port in.. Same as last deal, you have to ask.

      • Thanks, I guess port out first.

        $2 sims it is

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      You have to work hard for it and persist through multiple agents nowadays. Took me about 5-6 goes this year.

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    $10 month credit or NO DEAL!!!

    • Exactly, I've join this last year Xmas time, it would be good if I can sign on to this again.

      • Same. Telstra already messaged me offering to re contract on the same plan for $49/month for 12 months. Don’t think so Mr. Telstra!!!!

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          I got this offer too - one thing to note: no 5G. Need to spend more.

  • Can you still get a new number and then merge?

    • A few months back, a few people said they couldn’t merge any more. Has anyone done this recently? How’d it go?

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        Did it 5 weeks ago with no problem at all. The process took about 1 hour.

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          Can you please clarify the process - with JB HiFi, and with Telstra? I have 1 JB HiFi Telstra account, and 1 myTelstra account which it's attached to. Do I tell JB nothing and become a new customer, don't attach the new number to myTelstra, then contact Telstra and ask them to merge the JB HiFi Telstra accounts, or something else? Thanks.

          • +3

            @Gav: Sign up at JB HiFi for a new service. That service will be added to your Telstra account (which will now show 2x Telstra services). When you get home, jump onto the online chat and ask the rep that you would like to cancel your out-of-contract service, but you would like to retain that mobile number and have it applied to the service you signed up for today. Most reps know what you're looking to do… if they don't, close the chat and try again.

            • @tryonthis: Thanks. When you say "that service will be added to your telstra account", how does that happen? Am I telling JB HiFi I have an existing service/Telstra account and would like to add another service to the existing Telstra account?

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                @Gav: When you go to sign up for a new service, you'll hand them your ID and they'll look you up to see that you already have an existing service(s). The new service will be automatically added to your Telstra account.

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                  @tryonthis: Gotcha, makes sense now. Thank you!

            • @tryonthis: Thanks

            • @tryonthis: they have chat history so be aware of that

        • Were you able to get the $10 port-in bonus with this?

          • @Pogo: im trying to get the credit before I pull my old number across

            • @steveb123: @steveb123 keep me updated!

              • @Pogo: "Thank you so much for your patience, Steven. Just to confirm that I got it correctly, you're promised that $10/month discount will be provided to you for porting your number?"

                yep, the rep said i was able to get the $10 port in credit on my new plan
                that i had to speak to telstra to have it applied

                "Thanks for that and don't worry, since you have me here on the line, I will now apply the $10/month credit for 12 months which is a welcome discount for porting your number. This will be applied on your account today and will reflect starting next billing statement."

      • +1

        I did this 2 weeks ago and it worked. Took an hour. Also got the $10 port in credit simply by asking the online chat, lol

        • Do you complete the port-in process with JB Hifi first, then ask Testra for the credit?

    • +2

      Did this on black friday, has worked fine for the past 3 years.

      • Open new plan on same Telstra account in store with rep, I talked to them about how I just wanted the gift card and port my number over later, they don't care and it was obvious as my current 12 month plan ended a day later following last years deal.

      • On Telstra chat ask for $10 port in discount on new plan, first agent was happy to add the discount to my account - asked if I received an email telling me about the deal and I just said my friend was given the discount through the app last week so I'd like to know if I am eligible.

      • New chat, ask to change old (existing) number to any random number, and change the new plan to the old number (took 3 tries to get an agent who understood english, final agent who understood completed it in about 10 mins).

      • End old service in Telstra app.

      • this is what the live chat said about your number swapping point:

        "Thank you so much for that. Upon checking here, these numbers are listed on your account and the contract/plan is connected to the numbers. Thus, as of this moment, we can't switch plan."

        • +1

          Just say thanks and close the chat then try again with a different agent, this was how he phrased it when I was successful.

          "Let me try to raise a new number for the number ending in XXX793 with a new one and get back to you with an update, and later we can change the XXX620 to the XXX793, is that okay.?"

          They can't swap the numbers as they are both currently in use, have to temporarily disconnect the first number and hope it doesn't get snapped up in the 5 minutes between.

          • @danlmoore: is this something i can do instore?
            live chat is bloody difficult to get someone who knows whats going on

            • +1

              @steveb123: I'm not sure I haven't tried, but it's probably against T+C's which they are likely to pick up on in store

              • +1

                @danlmoore: you're a freaking legend mate.
                got onto the third tech and they did the number swap like you explained.
                You deserve a OB award.

    • I am with Boost- They said I can’t port in- if I take new number - can I swap my existing number with the new number?

  • What to do with $500 JB gift card, if I'm not planning to buy any tech within a year and JB is not always the cheapest supplier?

    • +5

      Sell it on the classifieds?

    • +5

      Sell it at a discount

    • +5

      I think the vouchers have no expiry date

    • +2

      JB staff told me there’s no expiry. Someone mentioned before that you can buy Apple gift cards with JB gift cards.

    • -3

      Give it to someone. For example : me 😁

  • +1

    The website shows a $300 voucher only… Are we sure it is actually $500? If so, that would suggest that the ad is incorrect

    • Please ignore… I just saw the description posted by OP!

      • Yes, I have just done it in store.

  • one guy hot his gift card cancelled after he cancelled his jb/ telstra contract. see old ozbargain thread.

    • +2

      does that mean you should use the gift card before canceling?

      • They will send you to debt collection … joking… but your credit score could be in jeopardy if the contract says you must repay it one way or another…

    • +1

      I don't see how that's possible, tbh. I've done this deal 3-4 times over the years, and as recent as a month ago. they never linked my gift card to my plan or make any record of the card number

  • I haven't ported out yet. What is the cheapest way to avail this now? Buy $2 sim, port in using that sim + cancel Telstra plan on current sim, then transfer plan from new to old sim? Did I get that right?

  • Damn ported 5 lines 3 weeks ago.

    Should have waited.

    Thanks for the info.

  • +1

    Does porting in from Belong count? or not, because already on Telstra network?

    • +3

      My brother tried this last time and didn't work.

  • Anyone had success porting in from Aldi as it runs on telstra network?

  • Do you normally get ya gift card straight away?

    • After your Telstra service is active which can be up to 48 hours depending on how fast your last provider cancel your service.

    • Yes, once the contract is done they will issue the gift card instore in front of you

      • No, I have to wait for the porting to complete.

        • Which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 48hrs. I've had both in front of me and next day.

    • +6

      Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-in to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month

      IT'S IN THE TITLE!!!!!!!!

      Do people not read?

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