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PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Red Devil OC 8GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $799 Delivered @ PC Case Gear


They say it's in stock and $100 off. Usual "in the current market" caveat applies.

Seems a reasonable deal to me.

Free standard Australia post delivery (Thanks m3ndL3).

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    That is cheap.

  • pretty sure this model was 489 on kogan 6 months ago

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      Quick, to the DeLorean!

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      Tesla share price was $4 usd back in 2010 too.

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        that's a wrong versus. tesla is a technology company that produce cars and invent things and grows. Graphic cards are items that it techonogy depreciates overtime.

        • You can't compare a company as a whole, against a singular product.

          Otherwise you could say a Nvidia is a technology company that produce graphics card and invent things and grows. Model 3 are items that it technology depreciates overtime.

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          Graphic cards are items that it techonogy depreciates overtime

          Ah, the naivete…

          • @snep: What, is that not correct?

            • @m3ndL3: Please look at graphic card prices from the last 12 months and come back to us as to whether they have depreciated in value.

              • @WindowsXP: They normally would, but the past 12 months has been an aberration. Adms is saying a graphics card is a finished product that literally doesn't change as time passes (in fact it slowly breaks down over time) whereas a company typically grows over time.

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    Reasonable price for a top spec 6600 XT, but I still can't support PCCG with their refusal to reimplement click and collect and their uncompetitive postage prices.

    Mwave were doing the Sapphire Nitro version for $799 during black Friday with free startrack shipping - I ordered Friday and had it in my hands on Monday.

    • The last few things I got from them (a graphics card, ssd and 2 fans) were each shipped for $15 by StarTrack Express. That seems reasonable to me but free would be nicer of course.

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        I live in semi regional qld and their prices for postage are ridiculous. Not to mention the delay on posting. I waited a week for it to be sent and it cost well over 30, (with a case would have been 90) whereas similar suppliers in Melbourne cost 10 to 20 and with case 45. (I even tried a single m2 drive which was priced at 22 for postage)

        • Mine were to Toowoomba. I guess we're a big city now!

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            @MisterTree: I'm in highfields lol.. Surely that isn't the difference between the two

            • @Xpaw: That's crazy! Mine were quite recent purchases; maybe they've reduced rates?

    • That's because they don't want to pay for staff to do the click and collect.

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        man they really changed since 2012, they used to be the top-recommended shop and were usually a few dollars cheaper than the other online retailers, hence the reputation, but now there are fees piled on everything they do making them literally the most expensive option for most stock unless only they had the item.

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      That seems a strange reason to boycott a company.

      Do you boycott amazon because you can't turn up to their warehouse to collect things? (and before you suggest it, I really doubt PCCG warehouse workers are subject to the same working conditions as Amazon warehouse workers)

      I'm also bot sure why postage matters — you add it onto the price and if it's cheaper than elsewhere does it matter whether how the total price was arrived?

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        I've always had really great returns with PCCG too, compared to other vendors.

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      This has free postage

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      I don't blame them. Most people rock up to PC shops wanting advice without researching themselves + complain about problems that are completely their fault.
      We've ALL SEEN IT.

      Postage to regional is expensive af.

      We've stopped servicing all regional areas due to the exorbitant postage costs.

      Sending stuff to QLD, NT, WA is the worst from what I hear from most ecommerce retailers.

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      Before the pandemic PCCG where the best, they completely changed during it and their price gouging has been fairly scummy. I used to be willing to pay a little more to use them over cheaper stores, now I'd rather use Amazon.

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        the price hikes started a few years before that I'd say, but it was defs going downhill.

  • If you have ebay plus you can get an RTX 3060 for $900 (with code PLUSSANT). https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/403315019824
    It's $100 difference (from $799) but a single fan. I'm not sure if it's worth it. I will let the GPU experts to answer that.


      RTX3060 is about 36 mh/s on ether at 100-110 watts depending on your silicon lottery
      6600xt is about 32 mh/s on ether at 60 watts (from the WALL)

      RTX3060 has potential to mine other crypto. 6600xt has bad hash rates on other algos

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        Wonder what's going to happen when mining becomes not profitable. Raining GPUs?

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          Might not be as big as people hope, but it would hopefully bring back RRP GPUs. Any estimates I've seen put GPUs used in mining eth in the single digit millions when they ship something like a hundred million GPUs each year. There's still huge demand from gamers, shortages in production and datacentre demand ticking along.

          It would stop retail 3080s being snapped up quickly at absurd prices so the rest of us could get one at RRP and fix the used market so a 1060ti isn't $400 anymore, but I wouldn't expect actual bargains.

      • lol that is exactly where my mind was going too. I love the Mh/W of the AMD cards, my vega56s and rx580 8GB are so much better in that respect than the equivalent generation of Nvidias… but they're just finicky bastards to get tuned, the Nvidias mostly just get turned on and away they go - and if ETH ever goes POS, have the versatility to switch algos.

        60 watts is ridiculously tempting though

      • But if purely just for gaming, which one is better?

        • Most reviews say this is between a 3060 and a 3060Ti and it varies a bit per game. But DLSS may make a big difference depending on the games you're playing.

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    That's pretty good. 6700 XT (Asus version) also appears to be "relatively low" at $1249 on PCCG. + ~55% gaming performance for around 55% more cost than this @ 800. I bought one of those instead, to upgrade my 6600 Non-XT.

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    @OP Free shipping on this and the 6800XT ($1649!) too

    • Oh cheers. You would think they would highlight that! I'll add to the description.

    • Now I look again the main graphic does say free shipping. I'm not sure if they updated it or I'm just blind. I'm gonna say the latter!

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        I think they added it, I didn't see it at first either. Or, maybe we are both blind :)

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      It definitely didn't say this when I clicked earlier - someone from PCCG must have listened to my petulant whinging. Now it's a great deal and I'll give it a +!

      • Perhaps the three of us are blind :)

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    I'm going to hold, prices should drop before Intels launch.

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      or once 3050, 6500, 6400 the budget version are releasing in Jan maybe?

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    I was one of those lucky people that got the 6700XT red devil for $579 on amazon

    • Missed that one. I got the little brother to this one at launch also from PCCG and thought I was doing pretty well.

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        I was hard work - but finally i got them to send me the item as it was a price error - most people just got a $10-$20 sorry for the mistake credit

        • sheesh I didn't know anyone actually was successful from that — pretty insane you actually got the card

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            @snep: I had a plan of attack: I called them twice, emailed them and online chat. All confirmed i was receiving the correct item. I collected all the info. When the incorrect item came they offered my a refund, I then dropped the info on them - boom. They then said i needed to repurchase the item at the higher cost and they will ship it. When they receive the CPU back (incorrect item) they will refund the cost of the purchase. I thought what the hell - so i was out of pocket $1875 - then the item arrived and they received their CPU back and i was credited back $1300 on my card. It took a bit but i got there.

            • @tnarg: Respect for following through. You got probably the deal of the year right there

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      Wow what a score!

    • Ahhh, I remember that one now. 6700xt in the description and a pic of an AMD CPU with the CPU part number from Amazon US. They just cancelled my order and didn't even give me a credit. I should have tried harder!

  • Is this a reasonable upgrade from vega56? Will it run forza 5 on high at 120?

    • Decently better yes.

  • Wait till the RTX 2060 12GB re-launch and you will find all the inflated RX 6600/6600XT prices even more amazing :)

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    Out of principle, don't purchase! Anyone this desperate?

    • I need a gpu but don't want to spend the inflated price :(

      • get second hand GPU :D

  • costs more than a ps5 but at least you can buy it

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    Basically the same as a 1080ti…….just 5 years late to the party

    • Well your not going to like the pricing on the "new" RTX 2060 12GB

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    How far off is AMD from getting RTX and their own DLSS?

    • Both already have both?

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      AMD has both those things now…

      Nvidia does lower rez upscaling (DLLS) a little better because it uses online super computers to fill in frames but this can cause lag and ghosting…

      Nvidia does Raytracing (RTX) better because its their second try at it. been doing it longer but AMD should catch up with their 2nd gen version on their 7000 Series cards

  • i can get to 45mhz

    • sure

  • I would be waiting for the new gen unless you absolutely need an upgrade now.

  • The 6600 XT was going 3 months back around $650 and that wasn’t even cheap. Now $800 is just getting ridiculous.

  • Free shipping and still instock, very strange, hmmm….

  • Back to $899 now.

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