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Hisense U9G 75" 4K Mini-LED ULED TV 2021 $2245.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking through the JB 75" TV list and noticed that the Hisense U9G was $1000 off (retail $3495) and then another 10% stacked with the code on-top.

I know Hisense in 2021 cops some bad press for reusing some model numbers from international and changing the specs for local but hey if you were looking at this anyway it's almost 1/3 off. Decent specs though in terms of format support and Mini led fald

Edit: removed questionable copied specs, linked to Hisense own spec sheet instead:


Original Coupon Deal

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    Waiting for Samsung 75" Neo at this price.

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      Enjoy ads do you?

      • What ads?

    • I always think Samsung when I'm looking at TV's. I've owned a couple too..

      I hate them. The software is so shitty it's never worth it. Picture quality is fine, but not really better than the main rivals.

      Just my feedback. Life lessons from an old man

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    Where u getting 120hz, no hdmi 2.1 on this

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    *Does not feature HDMI 2.1 input and [email protected] through HDMI. All HDMI inputs are [email protected]

    • Which 75" 4k in 2k price range has hdmi 2.1?

      • TCL C825 was 2350 or so during black friday when i posted it. It has 2x HDMI 2.1 ports, VA panel, VRR etc iirc

    • +4

      I can't bring myself to buy a TV over $900 nowadays without that. I'll continue to wait until these are common features.

      Just like HDMI 2.0 was rare once and HDR was rare…

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    Great price!

  • I'm a huge believer in Mini-LED after seeing the new MacBook Pro screen. It's much closer to OLED than I imagined possible.

    • do not expect as many dimming zones as Apple displays in this price range (MBP owner and yes, I agree that display is fantastic! )

      • Haha yes that's a good point. The MBP display is exceptionally good, very hard to notice any blooming.

      • This TV has over 1200 dimming zones… Not as much as Apple, but still crazy high for a consumer TV at this price point!

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    3000nits peak brightness????
    I'd say max HDR brightness is 1000 nits

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      I recall reading someone on whirlpool had one tested and it was well above 1000nits.

    • Peak brightness is only for short periods of time

  • +1

    The 65" for $1525 seems alright? It's not a bad option if you don't need HDMI 2.1 right? I only really use my TV for Switch games but it's sporting some big coloured bands across it.

    Edit: JB don't even deliver here, rip.

  • deal is over? it’s now showing 2600+

    • +2

      Still shows $2495 for me, minus the 10% coupon.

  • I bought it 10 days back from JB HIFI for $2495
    I heard they return the difference if the price drop in the next 30 days after purchase.
    Can I ask back for the price difference, as this is a price reduction through a coupon not a direct price reduction on their website?

    • Can try, they can be lenient

      • or maybe i should order another one and return the new one under the previous order…

  • Only 8bit colour?

    • Hmmm.. I'm not familiar with 8bit + FRC, but RTINGS:

      However, many modern 8-bit displays use a technique called 'dithering', allowing them to produce as many colors as a native 10-bit panel. 'Temporal Dithering' (also known as Frame Rate Control or FRC) produces certain colors by cycling between the adjacent shades.


  • Hard to buy this TV when they don't have one instore to check out. Or any reviews. Like the price though.

  • +5

    I've had this TV for a few weeks. Contrast is amazing, only really notice blooming with black background and white text. Also gets very bright, even in my bright lounge which gets plenty of sun still get good contrast and anti reflection glass works well.

    Upscaling could be better, but maybe this is because I came from 65"…..

    Judder can also creep in, but not enough for me not to not love the TV.

    • Thanks for the feedback, it's quite hard to find any reviews on this model and as far as I know, no stores have them on display.

  • Is this considered better than Samsung q85a ?

  • My last Hisense lasted 13 months.

    • i don't have a Hisense, but don't they have a 3 year warranty? Aus ACL is pretty good , so if they're being a pain in the butt, just go back to JB and say you deal with it for me.

  • -3

    buy a second hand oled. why waste money on this trash?

    • Oled isn't long term, especially 2nd hand

  • Nothing but issues with Hisense and usually software just avoid them all together, after a week and multiple people reporting the same issues they totally ignored us and i had to threaten fair trading to even get my money back.

    They are decent for what the price is but I paid a little extra and the quality was SOOOOO much better and worth it.

    Pick a better manufacturer you wont regret it

    • What model did you have?

  • +2

    My 2c:
    I had reservations about Hisense. Wanted Sony 9500 series but when Q8 was on special (1/2 price compared to Sony) I have pulled the trigger. I have since purchased Sony 9500 as well.

    Honestly i would say that they are neck to neck in most areas.

    PQ is excellent on both TVs (once fine tuned)

    Sony has better motion and interface/apps.
    Hisense gets much brighter, has better remote and the picture seems more natural (motion and VIIDA are both acceptable)
    Hisense has crashed once in 9 months while Sony had crashed 3 times in 6 months. (where I had to unplug it from the wall)
    Sony needs to iron out some small bugs like when using built-in Apple TV, it plays your video while retaining sound from FTA channel in the background)
    Love them both equally.

  • +1

    Why is everyone hating on Hisense? There top tier models are quite underrated IMO, they really need more exposure from reviews, I have a Hisense Q8 & Sony X95H, both the top 4k model for each brand last year and in all honesty the Sony at ~2X the price is obviously going to be better overall but not by much, give the Hisense Q8 some quality HDR content from Netflix in a dark room and it will outperform the Sony! The FALD is simply way better resulting in far less blooming, deeper blacks, punchier contrast & the Dolby Vision calibrated modes appear very natural and accurate, only complaint is the trailing edge red shift issue, VIDAA OS seems ok too but I still use a Nvidia Shield.

    • "Why is everyone hating on Hisense?"

      That comment from above? "Nothing but issues with Hisense and usually software just avoid them all together, after a week and multiple people reporting the same issues they totally ignored us and i had to threaten fair trading to even get my money back."

    • +5

      A lot of the hate this year is because the U8G in Aus is underspecced compared to the US version (different panel). But they still kept the exact same model number, which is misleading when the US version has such great reviews on Rtings etc.

      From what I've researched the Q8 was very good value, so you were lucky to get that

  • +2

    my 65p7 is still going strong 2 years on. I love it. Was only $1100 bucks too. love that hey have 3 year warranty when the usual brandname stuff only has 1.

  • What's the difference between mini LED and OLED?

    • Same difference between led and oled. Backlighting.

      Mini LEDs just have a sh*t ton more control over the backlighting in order to control blooming and improve contrast ratios.

  • Our Hisense tv only lasted less than 3 years - so YMMV.

  • Looks like the Australian version doesn't have android TV like the American version

  • Is this the best deal for a 75” TV at the moment in or around it’s price point? I’ve spent hours today looking at JB and Harvey Norman online etc, and can’t decide. Not expecting 120hz and HDMI 2.1 in the price point of course. Any better deals within a couple of hundred dollars if necessary?

  • Available to Metro only

  • Did anyone buy this TV and have any feedback. I have a Q8 have had 0 issues and I'd recommend it to anyone. However I'm struggling to find reviews on this TV but would be comfortable if it was at least as good as the Q8.

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