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Nintendo Switch OLED Model Neon $489 (Was $539) + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Big W eBay


50 off if you use code SPENDSVE
free shipping with ebay plus. hurry these will sell fast.

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  • +3

    Will they really sell fast though?

    • yes? they are sold out almost everywhere.

    • Looks like they did though.

      • +1

        A few hours to sell 71 isn't very fast.

        I think most people are pretty lukewarm towards the Switch at this point, OLED or not.

  • -1

    Too bad it's not B&W controllers

    • +3

      Beggars choosers something something

      • +2

        Dark side….

      • -1

        haha how is that begging

        my sister won't be begging when she gets it from st. nick

        • -1

          Oh she begs alright

          • @Runite Oar: Begs for a normal life, sure. People online are so narrow minded.

  • +3

    Any recommendation on games? Not Mario ones 😝

    • +6

      Shin megami tensei v

    • +7

      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    • +4

      Hollow Knight .. on OLED .. beautiful

    • +1

      Metroid Dread
      Divinity 2

    • Celeste is one of the few I got into and I've tried a lot of switch games. There's heaps of rpgs if you're into that

    • +11

      I think you should spend your gift cards on Maths lessons instead.

  • So how much is the differences in terms of OLED and NONE OLED screen?

    • +6

      About 13

    • +4

      There are reviews which cover this.

      But I'll humor you… The OLED has better viewing angles, it's higher contrast. The colour is more accurate, also it's bigger. The consensus is that if you already have a Switch it's not worth upgrading but if you don't have one the OLED is worth paying for.

      • +1

        Also depends on how much you play in handheld. I already had a switch but I pretty much exclusively play in handheld. Ended up getting one and loving it.

    • Just the screen is OLED and bigger (7inch up from 6.2 inches). Storage 64GB up from 32GB, some minor changes like cable management for the dock and an Ethernet port on the dock.

      Build quality slightly better according to some reviews.

    • +1

      You're better off getting the non OLED for cheaper and for the price difference buy a 128 or 256gb SD card. Much more worth it. They both play exactly the same on TV.

    • Another handheld exclusive player here. Bigger and better screen is definitely worth it and quite appreciable. I, too, traded my old (unhackable) 2017 one in and reckon the upgrade was worth it (also new battery at the same time).

      • Can you crack this one?

  • Oh good to know. I have already have the normal one so I will just pass. Thanks guys

  • The advertising around the switch OLED has driven me crazy noticing poor contrast in screens everywhere

  • I noticed o***e buying 8 of them .
    A scalper who works for big mac profits lol :)

    • They ended up purchasing 10… That just sucks

  • code not working

  • getting delivered with aus post before xmas is the risk here

    • Remote tomorrow is the last day . Everywhere else Monday is the advised last day for items to be posted for Xmas .

      • there no certainty thats the problem, ive had things take weeks lately. poor state they are in, they should hired earlier more staff

        • Doing the Covid strike periods I had items take 6 weeks same metro to metro ,

  • notice a lot of people brought 2 in lots of orders..
    ozbargain coming in greedy and scaplers. many people brought around 8 each.

    • How do they even make money? I mean if they sell on gumtree they be dealing with other sort of scumbags………not really worth the effect IMHO

  • Thanks guys. Managed to get one. Can someone suggest a game that I can play with my 6 year old please.

    • Mario odyssey has a very easy mode and you can co op

    • +1

      Balan Wonderworld

      • I thought the general consensus was that the game was an undercooked hot mess?

  • still waiting on good guys delivery, going to take a while

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