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[PC, Epic] Free - Shenmue III @ Epic Games


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 3am AEDT.

This week’s freebies- Prison Architect & Godfall Challenger Edition @ Epic Games.

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  • +12

    Great that this is free but man this was a flop! of a game

    • +7

      Boy am I glad I took that refund they (very reluctantly) offered toward the end of the kickstarter due to the Epic exclusive shenanigans.. 🤣

  • +18

    I have been wanting to play this ever since Dunkeys video

    • Never fails to make me laugh when revisiting that vid among his other classics

    • +2

      But the real question is…

      Would you like to play a game of lucky hit?

    • Haha, thanks for the video. Probably have more fun watching it than playing this game, so I'll skip this game.

  • +4

    Rumour is that Epic will be giving out 14 games over December, similar to last year.

    • I saw that posted on a gaming forum also.

    • +2

      It’s not a rumour. I already know 90% off the freebies but can’t post them yet per this ruling.

      • +1

        Most of the 14 games were past freebies?

      • are you allowed to share when it starts?

      • +1

        Can you list the games at least (without dates) so people don't go buying those ?

        • +4

          Who buys PC games these days? We all just s!ut around between steam, gog, and epic freebies don't we?

          • +3

            @Jackson: Except indie games, some of them still deserve out moolah

        • The next one is rumoured to be Fuser + Justin Timberlake addon pack (full game + a music DLC for the game). The guy who posted it is very credible on /r/AppHookup

          Ref: https://reddit.com/r/AppHookup/comments/rhtram/_/hoslczo/?co...

      • +5

        What if you post just the initials of each game so people don't go buying those games that start with the same letters in case they are the same.

      • +8

        I think you misunderstand that post, it means don't post the games as a deal, you aren't forbidden to talk about it.

      • Valid ruling though. Even this post is pretty funny. This deal for next week’s games is on the front page but this week’s free games is buried. Hence the link in the description.

        • +1

          And the moment I say that, this week’s games show up in the “highlighted deals” section. Lol

      • I've wishlisted Inscryption, Wildermyth, Outer Wilds and Obra Dinn on Steam for Xmas, will any of those games be free and hence I shouldn't be asking for them?

        • +1

          Don’t hold your breathe.

        • use one of the $15 vouchers for Inscryption. it's a wild ride but well worth it for that value!

    • Guess that's why they've updated the store front to show "Mystery Games" now.

  • +18

    Kickstarted this game, never played it, now it's free - what a ride.

    • +1

      Same, what a waste of time lol

      From this game Ive learnt to avoid kickstarters

      Funny thing is I wasn't a "fan" and haven't played any of them it just looked interesting at the time.

      • +2

        The 1st was dreamcast was epic in fairness 'for it time' the issue is for modern games it is slow paced and clunky

        Gamings changed so much since the 00s

      • Avoid video game kickstarters. You usually get what you expect with the rest i.e. tech, boardgames…

        I'm on the same boat. I lost interest when they said it wasn't going to be a Steam key… I had chosen it on PS4 anyway.

    • +1

      On behalf of the rest of us benefiting from the existence of the game that was kickstarted by you and those like you, thanks.

  • perfect for all original kickstarter supporters who got refunded

    now you can have it for free!

  • If you like the previous 2 games you'll love this one

  • I really need to finish my 1&2 play throughs to play this.

  • -3

    Terrible game Shenmue is.

    Yakuza games pisses all over it

  • +1

    You couldn't pay me to play this game, buy any of the yakuza games on sale and you'll have an infinitely better experience.

  • Loved Shenmue II on the Dreamcast back in the day. Maybe Yakuza is better but this is where it all began. Ill give it a go.

  • +3

    Free is free, but the incredibly broken, "simplified" combat system in which the button presses are almost meaningless and you instead have to grind away stat upgrades make this very hard to recommend IMO, even for Shenmue 1+2 fans. Definitely nothing like the 70 man battle down at the harbour.

  • Another freebie from Epic that I'll never play to add to the collection.

  • +4

    Seems their site is being hammered this morning. Kept telling me that order couldn't be processed as transaction server was overloaded. Kept trying and now ive been blocked from trying again for 24 hours…Grrr..

    • +1

      so it's not just me. I can't add the game either..high transaction volume.

    • +1

      Page Not Found :(

    • +1

      same, can't place order

    • +1


  • +2

    An error occurred during checkout. Please try again later.

  • +1

    I'm not even getting to the checkout… I go to Shenmue 3, press "Get" on the page, the little wheel spins for a bit then goes back to showing me the "Get" button.

    I've a good mind to demand my money back! :P

  • +1

    Shenmue III - Battle Rally add on was listing at AU$425. Either the best game ever or they missed a decimal point

  • Unavailable?

  • +1

    The website has some problems :)

  • +1

    Finding the website must be getting hammered as well. Getting same things as mentioned above - either dropping back to the 'get' page or error occurred during checkout.

  • +1

    anyone get really laggy site?

    can't even login

  • +13

    I successfully checked out, but it took me a few goes. If it helps, this is what I did:

    • +1

      Following your step after press checkout
      An error occurred during checkout. Please try again later.

      • Try again. It took me two or three tries from the cart to finish the checkout.

    • Thanks! This worked for me.

    • Worked for me too, thanks Dinjay

    • tried doing that and now I am getting "please wait 24hrs to claim free game"… sigh.

    • Thanks for the link - "Get" worked for me first time luckily

    • Yep worked for me after a few tries too~

    • thank you! works after I added it into cart

    • "Get" did not work

      Sounds like Epic launcher doesn't have tests in place for that lol

    • That's the easy part (comparatively). The checkout takes a lot of attempts.

  • +1

    Ooof struggling to get it to work here too. Will follow Dinjay's method and see what happens.

    On another note, another free game is apparently dropping at 3am AEDT?

    • +1

      Yep, it looks like the 15 days of Christmas has started (this is the first?). Reminder set for tomorrow :)

    • Same as last year. Epic is doing another “15 Days Of Free Games” with 24 hours to claim each game. Shenmue III being the first of 15.

  • +1

    Working normally for me now, looks like they're sorted out whatever needed sorting.

  • VEND!

  • Missed out because every time I tried it either failed to complete, or threw up a Captcha and then failed to complete.

    I'm unreasonably annoyed about it. Seems to be working fine this morning, so… ah well.

  • +2

    WTF? Anyone know why they pulled it? Really quite annoyed that i missed this one. Their stupid system locked me out because i tried so many times after failing.

    Edit : See it was part of the 15 days of Christmas. Would have been nice that they'd advised us. Oh well.

    • Missed out too because didn't know about 15 days giveaway.

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