This was posted 8 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Saxbys Ginger Beer 8x375ml $6.60 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Maybe not the best historical price but still a bargain if you enjoy them. $0.82 per bottle.

Diet ones are the same price.

Don't forget to add a free can of Coca Cola No Sugar (although it seems you have to get three minimum now, making it $10.10 for everything).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Too much sugar…

    • -1

      Not my cup of tea either.

    • +11

      Live a little. A bit of sugar occasionally wont lead you to try harder carbohydrates

      • +5

        It's the softer chewier carbohydrates that get me… Allen's pineapples are dangerous

        • I could get and stay fat on Allen's candy if I wasn't careful. I wish there was a drug that made you feel like you just stuffed yourself full of candy without any calories.

        • Pineapples are the best.

      • +3

        Drinking your calories is such a waste. I'd rather a chocolate bar and a no sugar soft drink.

      • Yeah, I ditto. If you had to choose b/n this or coke but not neither, I'd choose this.

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    Thanks OP, bought a few of the diet version at the same price;

  • +4

    There is only one ginger beer.

    • Which one is that??

      • +3

        Starts with a B end with a G?

        • +5

          Beer Ginger!

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    Also, same deal at Woolworths if you want to get it straight away.

    • Perfect, thanks for that! Saves me trying to get to the min order value in Amazon, and waiting for shipping. I'll just pick one up from WW, easy!

  • Still made in Purfleet (Taree) N.S.W.?

    • +1

      Yep made in the mish still.

  • How do they compare to Bundaberg?

    • I find this isn't as sweet as Bundaberg

    • +2

      1. Bundaberg
      2. Kirks
      3. Saxby's

      • +4
        1. Bundaberg
        2. Bundaberg
        3. Bundaberg
        • +1
          1. Water
          2. Coffee
          3. Tea
    • Sharper ginger taste and less sweet, personally I prefer it

  • -1

    Water is cheaper and better for you

    thk me later

    • +1

      I'll thank you now except when you have indigestion. Ginger is supposed to be good for that.

      • +1

        Not sure if you supposed to take ginger with like 5tsp of sugar to help your indigestion thought.

  • I can't find ginger in the ingredients list. Anyone knows if this uses ginger or some form of artificial ginger like flavouring? Please don't answer with yes. :P

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      natural flavours derived from whole ginger and blended ginger extracts

  • Worth a try, cheers!

  • Bundaberg is insanely sweet, is this better?

    • +3

      i would say this is sweeter.

      try the diet bundaberg.

      • Try Capi. Bit costly, but really good imho

  • You can buy the diet saxby's ginger beer, same price

  • +3

    Diet is now out of stock.
    At least coles still has 2x Bundaberg 4 packs for $8.
    Not quite as cheap, but available NOW. ( And without the hassle of the amazon packaging)

  • +1

    Bundaberg GB Diet 12pk $10.80 with S&S.

  • Not sure why I can't get myself to drink anything other than Bundaberg. Too good. Expect for the ginger ale

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