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Lenovo Smart Door/Window Sensor $15 (Was $39) + $5.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Picked up one of these yesterday.

They're wifi so the battery will only last 6 months according to Lenovo. Good solution if you don't want to worry about getting a Zigbee or Z-Wave hub.

These are just rebranded a Tuya Wifi-101 so it works with the Smart Life App. Looks like most of the reviews are to do the delayed notifications, the terrible instructions (took me 30 minutes to find the reset button), and the limited functionality with Google Home (it can only really tell you if a door/window is open or not).

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    Oohhh the ZigBee!!!! Wait a minute, this is wifi d'oh!

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    For those interested in a smarthome…
    I cannot recommend zigbee enough as the backbone of this (e.g lights, remotes, sensors etc).
    I have both wifi and zigbee.
    Zigbee is more robust (doesn’t die with wifi or cause contention), they are better on power, they can be paired directly with groups.
    If you’re contemplating a decked out smarthome. Zigbee for the devices that fall under ZHA will be less headache and more reliable.

    The Aqara ones often go for about $20 a pop with bang good deal.
    They are smaller, will get a year on battery and most definitely have a bit less lag because the controller doesn’t have to wake up and negotiate a wifi connection

    • what would your recommend for a zigbee hub?

    • how do you automate them via? hass.io?

    • Not sure what's your set up but zigbee isn't as robust as wifi, not even close. And once you venture into compliance device like xiaomi then reliability will fall off 2 step further. I still have sensors falling off the network and need a restart every second week or so. And some will eventually fall into oblivion. You will have some that consistently perform and other just pathetic, and this is device specific not brand related (but some brand do better than others overall).
      Wifi devices on the hand is at the mercy of the router and if you invest into a decent router like asus merlin then every clients will perform consistently well. Powering them is your only concern.
      the only claim from zigbee is battery performance but it is not all rosy, devices like motion sensors chew through them like no tomorrow and you might need to rethink once that $8 a pop battery replacement due.
      And speaking of z-wave, I can only comment on the exorbitantly overpriced hardware and the tech is going to be betamax or hd-dvd soon.

      • so would you recommend using these lenovos at all?

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        My Conbee setup with phillips hue lights in every room has been rock solid

        • philips hue is decent, same as many other main powered zigbee, the issue is with various other sensors using battery, xiaomi aqara is notorious for this.

      • Hey @lgacb08 you might want to check out some areas of your setup - your experience isn't typical.

        Might want to check for a start if your wifi channels or other nearby access points are conflicting with your zigbee channels. (google zigbee channels vs wifi to see the overlaps, and use a wifi scanner app to see what channels access points in your area are using.) That will cause interference for your zigbee devices and cause the symptoms you are mentioning. Also consider getting some zigbee power points or other mains powered zigbee devices to reduce the transmission distance of your battery powered devices (e.g. motion sensors) so they are consuming less power.

        I noticed a massive difference once I tweaked my wifi and zigbee channels both in battery consumption and reliability. I've got door motion sensors that ran for about 14 months or so , and IR motion sensors for over a year.

        • I have all sort of zigbee nodes (countless of end device and a few router spreading around the house) so network range is not an issue, channel is ok. It just come down to several particular bad apples that fail. And the xiaomi range is just plain bad, you'll have one fail after a certain period because they're just non-compliant. But for the most part it run fine, just be prepared when one fail.

      • I've been running a combo of some wifi and mostly zigbee for a few years now, and find the exact opposite. Zigbee is rock solid, fast, and I can't actually think of a time when it failed. Battery life is also great, well over a year.

        My wifi is decent, so wifi devices have been pretty reliable, but unless you're running a separate wifi network just for IOT (smart bulbs etc.), then you asking for trouble security wise.

  • The price is good though, do you know if these are ESP8266 based and this can be flashed?

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      No it's not

  • i felt like a dumb ass when i tried setting this up. was looking for the reset button for ages, didnt realise the back of the cover slides off. Couldnt see the guide or any one mentioning this.

    • Exactly the same problem I had. I only found it by chance when I gave up and decided to "open the thing up" and the plate slipped off - terrible instructions.

  • Does this work with the Genio app? I have the mirabella genio WiFi power plug as well as the LED strip light in the kitchen near the entry door. Could I sue this sensor to trigger the strip light? I wish there was one app that could streamline everything!

    • No you’d likely need to flash it to Tasmota…
      Although they’re tuya they each are a different white labelled tenant .

      Home assIstant does the trick nicely

  • This looks like just an open sensor rather than a open/close sensor

    • if its not open then its closed

  • I have Lenovo smart plugs and globes.
    Very happy with them.
    Also Mirabella lamps
    Use Alexa to run them all.

    I bought an Echo in the recent Black Friday sales as that has Zigbee hub built in

    • so you able to connect Alexa to your lenovo globes/plugs?

      • Yep, Google and Alexa

  • wifi is ok until you flood your wifi network

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