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Get up to $20 Back on Your First Subscription Payment to Netflix, Kayo, Amazon Prime @ Revolut (Virtual Card Required)


Just add your virtual Revolut card as the method of payment with one of the below streaming subscriptions, and we'll give you up to $20 on your first payment that goes through.

Choose from:

Amazon Prime
Youtube Premium

Cashback will be paid after the promotion ends. Remember, while you'll need to use a virtual card for this offer, disposable virtual cards are excluded.

Referral Links

Referral: random (226)

$60 for the referrer only ($100 targeted offer until Apr 19 2022). Referee gets $0. Each referrer can refer up to 5 sign-ups. Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required.

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  • Have an upvote for beating uncle to it.

    • +7

      You can beat him with your colander

      • Hiyahhh (Leg down) you have to use the wok-hay and beat him next time.

        • Nice and Nephew. Why you thinking uncle will beat anybody other than aunty Helen? Fuyooo

  • Beat me by a minute!

  • +15

    Under the Promotion, you will receive the value of the Eligible Purchase back from us as a cashback reward, up to a total of $20. This means that if the value of the Eligible Purchase is less than $20, you will receive that lesser amount in cashback, and if the subscription is more than $20, your cashback will be capped at $20.

    • +3

      Not worth it then

  • +23

    $20 discount for Amazon PRIME annual membership, not bad.

    • +1

      Do you think your generic Amazon AU Prime membership would trigger this? I've had it rolling over for few years so I've never experienced signing up specifically for Prime Video - does it just send you through to get a generic Amazon AU Prime membership? If so, fair chance it should work for this I would think.

      • +1

        Not 100% sure to be honest.

        But I don't think there is a specific subscription for PRIME video, so I'm assuming that payment for PRIME membership would trigger this.

        • +2

          Yeah worth a try at least anyway. Going to pay for it anyway so no loss even if it doesn't work.
          Mines not up until mid-Jan. Hopefully some of the other people below report back, although I think the terms said cashback wouldn't be paid until after promo, so might not get any firm confirmation until then.

          • +1

            @tobinm: yeah, I think similar to that 10% food back, won't know it until the after the campaign ended

      • +1

        Offer mail says "Amazon Prime" not "Prime video", so should be all good

    • +1

      My Amazon Prime is expiring in 2 days
      Just in time offer!

      • nice, mine in 2 weeks, will give it a try

    • +3

      but Revolut cards are Visa and Amazon have surcharges for Visas. :D

    • -1

      I get it free with Optus subhub.

  • +1

    If using a referral to sign up best to try to get one from someone you know. Mine didn’t work and when I contacted support they wanted the name and number of the person that referred me. Of course I clicked a random OzB link and I’ve got no idea.

    • +1

      Current referral only for referrer though

    • +10

      Unhelpful advice for you in particular, but good advice for anyone about use the OzBargain referral system for other referral promotions…

      If you save a copy of the referral link (or referral code) and then you require the name or number of the referrer, you can contact the moderators through TWAM with a copy of the referral link (or referral code) and they can send a message to the referrer asking them to get in contact with you. However, the ball is then in the referrer’s court as to whether they will help you.

      • Interesting.

    • +2

      Any random ones you give may work if they can't link to anyone.

  • I have my Netflix (Turkey) linked to Revolut, I wonder if this promo will work. Renewal is mid-January, will update.

    • Even if it work it's probably not worth using with the offer
      as the cashback is up to $20 on your first payment

      Turkey netflix will probably not even cost $10

      • +1

        $10 is $10

    • +1

      How did you manage to link your NetTurk account to Revolut - I've been trying for the last 2 days but no luck :(

      Did you link your virtual card or the physical card?

      • +1

        I had to talk to Customer Service and get them to bring up the credit card form.

        • +1

          Yes! Done it today as well

    • Will revolut work to pay netflix (Turkey). i am currently paying with netflix turkey giftcards.

      • +1

        Yes but you need to get Netflix support on chat and tell them you are having problems adding a credit card to the account, they’ll send you a secure form in chat and you need to enter your Revolut card details there

        • I just tried it now. The customer service guy told me I needed to use alternative payment methods or try another card. I mentioned the credit card form to him, but he didn't want to send it to me and told me to contact Revolut. :(

          • +2

            @beary: Close the chat and try again with the next agent. Ask them to send you the “secure form” via chat to add a credit card.

            • @bauser99: Thanks for your tip! But it's too late now, lol. I thought switching off VPN might work, but I immediate got deducted for a month membership. I guess 2 dollars for a month is not too bad, but I never tried the free trial before. I'm too dumb for this. I will switch my region to Turkey after this month.

      • how do you get netflix turkey giftcards ?

    • Does Netflix (Turkish account) let the revolt card (Australia) be added to the payment option?

      Is it straightforward forward or is there any hack?

      • +1

        See my reply above. It may take a couple of tries using Netflix online agent until you find one that can help you.

  • +1
    • +1

      Have personally received communications from RPA inviting you to participate in the Promotion.

      There’s a notification in the app for me, that counts.

      • I read in on the internet so it must have been targeted /S

  • +1

    Can I just pay one-off payment $20 on Netflix?

    • How? I can see option to prepay netflix

    • +1

      You can make any payment and you will get +100% back up to $20 on the first single payment, your one off $20 needs to be for a direct renewal and not a gift card etc & it should work.

      • +1


      • Hmm looks like you can't make one-off payment on Netflix…

        • +1

          All you can do is change your next scheduled date to use that card, if it's monthly then it will be charged before the promo ends in 6 weeks.

          • +1

            @Jimbuscus: Just saw this: "The Promotion cashback is limited to one (1) Eligible Purchase, meaning any subsequent subscription purchases will not be eligible for additional cashback under the Promotion." So basically would only get cashback for ONE payment ($9.99) I guess?

            • @Swiftz: That's right, you get up to $20 on a single next charge from subscription, it's just a cap of $20 on a single payment.

  • Where is Revolut getting all these money from?

    • +15

      Probably burning the cash they raised from their PE/VC investors… Lulzzz…

      The exec is probably trying to hit some sort of KPIs (source: trust me bro/pure speculation)

    • Crypto exchange fees.

    • Maybe by selling your marketing profile. I guess we're the product.

  • +3

    Hope this work for Amazon Prime, mine is due to renew mid Jan 2022

    • Same will wait others comment if prime membership really gets $20 back and how long

  • +4

    According to the promotion terms using the Physical card is also excluded from this offer. OP please update the post with this (may not be immediately obvious).

    The terms also make it sound like this offer may be targeted. Ie. if you sign up for an account now you may not get it?

  • Will this work with the Argentina YouTube premium hack?

    • Save another $1.64. Not worth trying to add the Revolut card to GPay.

    • -1

      I would highly recommend using Up for any foreign currencies, no requirements to get nil-fees & it's a direct MasterCard rate.

      • +1

        So is revolut…

  • +2

    Payments using the card details from a physical card or a disposable virtual card will also not be captured by this Promotion.

    avoid using the physical card or the DISPOSABLE virtual card. Virtual only card should be ok.

    • What’s the virtual only card? Aren’t there only 2 types of cards with Revolut - the physical and disposable virtual card?

      • +2

        There are 3 types, both the Virtual (not disposable) and disposable is listed under Virtual cards on mine

  • Is Prime as good as Netflix better or worse? I only get 1TB of data for my internet and Netflix can chew that fast

    • +1

      Prime has a slightly smaller/worse range than Netflix but is a third of the price, and it has some really great exclusives (I actually watch them more than the Netflix exclusives).

      Plus it comes with fast shipping and some free music and video games.

      • +2

        It's a much smaller range…. but Netflix pumps out so much awfully bad crap it shouldn't even count as content.

  • I signed up to prime but revolut froze my payment and said my expiry year is wrong.

  • +1

    Do revolut cards actually work for youtube premium? Every time I've tried (Aus, India, Argentina) it always gets declined so I assumed YouTube didn't accept them.

    • +1

      You need to add the card first to gpay and validate it. it would work on youtube afterwards. I had to do the same two weeks ago for youtube to accept my revolut card.

  • +2

    Just in time for my Amazon Prime renewal on 29th Jan 2022

  • The $60 referral looks very appealing, but it doesn't appear to have any benefit to the referee, it's hard enough getting others interested in my quest for deals.

    Does anyone know if the referee actually gets something?

    I'm going to use this $20 deal for a year of Amazon Prime when mine runs out in 10 days, I'll transfer $59 over via Google Pay, it has to be the main card and not the virtual cards.

    • +1

      referee doesn't get anything, but you can always offer to split the $60

  • I didn't get an email from them but then again I have unsubscribed. Hmm not showing in the app either.

    • +1

      I received the email and a notification from the app which I opened but you’re right I now can’t find it in the app.

      • +2

        It will be in your app Inbox (bell icon)

  • +1

    Get another month of Binge free so ms sween64 can watch the new S&TC with the girls 🤮

    • yes, good timing with this deal to sign up for the free Binge trial using your Revolut non-disposable virtual card :)

  • I signed up under a month ago for the Mastercard prime membership for 3 months free.

    Two things

    • Renews this week, only one month , not three months as promised

    • cannot press cancel member ship button , it’s greyed

    Anyone else with same problem ?

    What do I do. ?

  • Targeted.

    Who is eligible to participate in the Promotion?

    In order to participate in the Promotion, participants must be an Eligible Customer of RPA. To be considered an “Eligible Customer”, you must:

    Have personally received communications from Revolut inviting you to participate in the Promotion.

  • Sweet, doubled up to get 2000 Qantas points when signing up to Binge!

    • Ends today!

      As a new BINGE subscriber, enjoy a 14-day free trial then earn 2,000 Qantas Points (instead of the usual 1,000 points) when you sign up to an eligible subscription between 12.01 (AEDT) 29 November 2021 and 23.59 (AEDT) 13 December 2021 and 50 Qantas Points each month you keep your eligible subscription (including your first month). Eligible subscriptions include BINGE Standard ($14/mth) and BINGE Premium ($18/mth), but exclude BINGE Basic. This offer is only available to BINGE customers who haven’t held a subscription in the previous 12 months. Customers that have started or previously completed a 14-day free trial with BINGE will also not be eligible to earn points. You will not earn Qantas Points in conjunction with any other BINGE offer (excluding the 14-day free trial) or via third party sign-ups. Cancelled subscriptions will not be eligible to earn Qantas Points. BINGE terms and conditions apply. Your billing will be managed by Streamotion. Streamotion owns and operates BINGE and is the billing entity. Dolby Digital compatible device required.

  • Tried to change my YouTube Premium to Revolut. What a pain in the arse.

    Went to add the virtual card and it said I needed to verify it in the Google Payment Methods page. Ok, no worries. Got a temporary transaction with a code on the card. Entered the code. Google said it was verified and I could now use the card. Went back to add it to YouTube and it still said it needed to be verified. Went back to check the payments method page and it said I needed to verify again. Tried to get a new code and now it's saying I have to verify with a photo of the card and government IDs. Screw that!

    I'll try Netflix

  • +1

    Looks to be targeted? it says you needed to have received the offer directly?

  • how do i pay netflix?

    • You will have to go to the Netflix account webpage and change your payment method to the Revolut virtual (non-disposable) card, it will charge you when your next month is due. Promo is for another 6 weeks.

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