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QCY Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: T7 $10.99 / T5 $9.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ QCY Direct via Amazon AU


Back on again:

50% off coupon for the QCY T7 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Amazon.

Cheaper than recent deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670990

This discount applies to one eligible item at checkout.

T5 link: https://www.amazon.com.au/QCY-Headphones-Professional-Waterp...
(Thanks to @SmiTTy)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +10

    Just beware as couple ppl got DOA

    • Jesus… Thanks for the warning. I got T5s over a year ago and they're great… Would like a 2nd pair but will avoid for now :(

    • how many days warranty for DoA?

    • Thanks for that, did some more reading and cancelled my order.

    • Yeah absolutely dreadful, wasn't able to charge left bud, right bud kept dropping out. I'm not sure I will pick up anything QCY.

  • +3

    Looks like T5 also eligible for 50%

    • Thanks, added.

  • Too cheap to pass up, cheers.

  • Are they really good ? and worth buying?

  • T5 or T7 ?

    • +1

      Prime member? If yes get both and return the one that's less preferable, or gift it to someone?

      From what I can see the T7 seems to have some features over T5 such as USB-C and drivers that are more than twice the diameter than the T5, but T5 has better battery life and low latency mode for gaming.

  • Thanks OP!

    I missed out the last time they were posted but got both the T5 and T7 this time.

  • +1

    Any without smart touch? Like a physical button….

    I always end up bumping the sensor during a gym workout and stopping my music or calling grandma.

  • Had a pair of T2 for a few years now. Still going strong. But at these prices I'm tempted to upgrade just because.

    • +1

      I went from the T2 to the T5 and they are just way more comfortable and lighter in my ears, the T2 always seemed a bit clunky to me

      I've not just bought the T7 - just because…..

  • +2

    Expired? Mine show full price at the cart.
    sorry missed the checkbox for 50% coupon under the price. haha. i thought it ws automatic on the checkout. lol

  • +3

    Loads of people got DOA… you've been warned!

  • Which one is better?

  • “Ze Bwutoof devie is weddy 2 pehhhhhhhh”

  • +3

    Not working for me.

    Keeps saying: "Sorry. You are not eligible for this coupon"

  • +1

    Hi guys, be aware. I posted the deal last time. Actually, I got DOA T7 and returned to Amazon today.
    Not very happy about the quality:(

    • Oh no :( was Amazon able to replace it?

      • No, Amazon offers refund (no replacement available) because It comes from third party seller.

  • +3

    What's the code? The only one I see is for 3% off if I buy two pairs, which isn't nearly as good as 50% off.

    • Try OFF50

  • +2

    Is it expired? No check box at all

    • +2

      looks that way unfortunately

  • Thanks OP!

    Got One, wanna try it

  • +4

    Received mine from the earlier deal.. appears DOA like many others

  • Grabbed the T5s, still available. Don't really need them.

  • +1

    Deal back up again

  • +1

    DOA on previous deal

  • +1

    Now it's $40 for T7s? FFS, make up your mind - is it $11, $22 or $40?

    • +3

      Multiple DOAs from last deal, including mine. So it's probably a blessing to miss out

      • +2

        Reckon you're right - after reading the number of DOA comments above there's no FOMO here, that's for sure!

        • Cant pm you but i bought 2 x T7, if you want one, pm me and can change the address and send it to you as a gift

  • +1

    It's expired, back up to $40

  • QCY T7 - Price is $39.38 and Not eligible for Amazon Prime

  • +4

    You guys will be returning these, so many DOA. Just received a pair, the left ear bud won't charge.

    • Your left earbud won't changed. Mine is the right earbud. What a shitty Q&A…

  • Junk. DOA.

  • It seems like 100% DOA hit; anyone with + experience?

    • Yep, DOA for me.

  • damn, missed again

  • +1

    How do i pair this $h1t?

  • +5

    Received today, DOA, just checked the information on its box, it seems to be manufactured in 2017, it makes perfect sense why it's so cheap and the battery is dead.

    • +2

      Well if they havn't been charged for that long, then that explains why they won't hold a charge. I guess Amazon will be dealing with many returns and negative feedback.

    • +1

      same here, I charged it for an hour until the case indicator turned green. Paired and connected the first time in the case with the lid opened; but as soon as I took one of the earpiece out the connection dropped. Tried a few times straight after same problem.

    • +1

      Same DOA

    • How do you tell it was manufactured in 2017. I got both the T5 & T7 and the only thing remotely date related "Perform Standard Q/HL-2-2017 Q/HL-1-2019

      I'm currently charging the T5 as I'm having problems with the QCY app recognising, but BT pairing works fine.
      The T7 has no problems being detected and recognised on the QCY app.

      • battery is fine on T7? 100%? not 10%?

        • You might be onto something, just re-checked the T7s, they're showing as 20% charging in the case. Case battery shows 100$, so soon as I pop an earphone out, i get a 10% battery low notification from the android system. Hmmmmm this is not looking good. Might have a DOA on my hands. I'll explore a bit later tonight when i have time.

        • I did my checks and got 2 out of 2 DOA, see my post down the bottom… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/folder/list/c?tid=11500984

  • +1

    Junk Crap DOA

  • T7 DOA. The right one seems to work, the left one flashes red a few times, then blue then turns off
    T5 work perfectly

  • bought 2, returned 2

    is it even legit to sell defective items on Amazon?

  • Received mine, DOA. Trash!

  • Seems like many critical reviews on this earbuds, is it deserved to buy?

  • Seems like many critical reviews on this earbuds, is it deserved to buy?

  • Received the T7 today and right bud isn’t working. Another DOA here.

  • haven't had a return before, do we just send it back in the oversized box?

  • I wonder of these are fakes of QCY. I'm checking the T5 set that I got.

    The T5 on the box has model listed as In1933 - however looking at online PDF manuals, that's the model # for the T5 Pro, the base T5 should have a model # In1925

    Even the QCY website says In1925 for the normal T5 - https://www.qcy.com/products/qcy-t5-bluetooth-5-0-true-wirel...
    QCY website oddly has the T5S with model # In1933 and can't see any model # listed on the website for the T5 Pro. so much confusion….

    Still need to look at the T7 set closer….

    • +1

      Well, I looked at the T7 box and thought the colouring or pictures seemed a bit faint. Who knows, maybe they were fakes or maybe sitting on the shelf for too long. Either way, they are DOA and junk.

      • I agree, junk, probably fakes. I got 2 out of 2 DOAs. gonna return them, maybe force them to honour and get me some working ones.
        no idea what a seller has to gain by doing this?

  • Received today, mine is DOA as well

  • Did anyone got a working set of T7? I bought 3 and the 2 pairs I've tried so far seem to be not functional.

    • +1

      none, 2 out of 2 DOA and I've returned it this arvo

      • do they give you new packaging at the post office or do you have to use the original box?

        • +2

          considering there's 2 return (QR) codes for each item, I asked if it needed to be sent separately but the Aus Post guy said just put both together in 1 box then he slapped both return prints (after scanning the QR code) on it.

      • Are they offering replacement or just refund?

        • resolution looking like this and honestly i wouldn't want a replacement from a seller who sells so much defective items

          • @jamessong: Yeah was going to say, dont want to deal with a seller as dodgy as that all over again.

  • +1

    2 out of 2 DOA. Different models!
    The T5 I stress tested and they are rated for 5 hours run time, cranked it up full volume.
    The left bud ran out of charge after 1.5-2 hours, the right one still was reporting 70% battery at the 1.5 hour mark, and it's still running.
    Might re-test tmrw to make sure it wasn't user error from not charging the left bud, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I scratched the panel for authenticity and you enter the number into the QCY website and says it's authentic, but what's to stop a counterfeiter from replicating it over and over.

    My T5 authenticity 20 digit code ends in 240…. anyone else get the same code?

    The T7 are junk, they wont hold charge, get varying reports in the QCY app of the charge level 10% 20% and got 100% at one point (that's only from 5 mins of charging in the case, which is impossible) but died almost immediately when removed from the case. Ha!

    The T7 authenticity code ends in 923….anyone else get the same code?

    Want to see if there's are mass produced fakes with the same "authenticity" code. Unless something it put into QCY's webserver end, that makes the look up of a code invalid on subsequent look ups, there's nothing stopping using a legitimate code over and over.

  • +2

    Garbage quality. DOA. Will not charge, will not pair. Free return thanks to Amazon. Definitely will not buy again

  • Got a 7 and a 5. The 5 is working fine, pretty good for the price and more comfortable than my galaxy live buds. Haven't tested the 7 yet, it was a stocking stuffer.

    Tested on Android. Makes me wonder if Bluetooth system matters - are all users with issues on Apple?

    • Re-check your T5 for battery longevity See my comments above re:testing. I'm on android, it's not a Apple Vs Android issue.

      • My T5 battery lasted for 2.5 hours on first charge. That's fine for me for $10 dollar earbuds. I'm not going to return them.

        They sound OKish, not good for music but great for podcasts and the low-latency mode for gaming is actually pretty impressive. I wasn't expecting them to be good enough for gaming, but they are for me.

        The T7 set appears to have no power and won't charge though.

  • Mine T7 arrived yesterday, left earbud doesn't work. No lights flashing and no sound, it's not even charging. Time to return it

  • Same, got a few for the nieces and nephews. 3 out of 3 don't work

    2 won't charge, shows 10% battery and disconnects when taken out of the case
    1 doesn't show up in the bluetooth at all, so i am assuming its DOA.

    Will return all 3 as a matter of principal.

  • The pair of T7 I received will not power on. The case is charging yet not the earbuds.
    *Refunded by Amazon, no return required

    • +1

      My T7 set appear to not charge like yours. Did you go through amazon chat or the standard return page? I'd rather not have to go to the lengths of boxing it and printing off the label to return this one.

      My T5 set works well enough though.

      • +3

        I went through online chat and mentioned that all the T7s sent out to Amazon customers are faulty. Good luck

        • +3

          Thanks – also went through online chat and didn't have to return the item.

    • +1

      Cheers got the same… took a bit of cajoling though.

  • Got T5 today. Quick test, but both buds working and charging. Will monitor battery life as per @digitalterrorist

    T7 is DOA, surprise surprise.

  • oh dear ..

    got email asking for review ..

    Sorry, we are unable to accept reviews for this product. This product has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity.

    • I gave it a crap review haha. The review must be getting reviewed and blocked…

  • Received them yesterday. They would not hold charge even for 2-3 mins. Looks like most if not all of the stock was faulty.

    • -1

      Yep, thanks to this thread I checked a gift for functionality….
      Left bud is completely dead. right bud shows 90% charge in the case but drops to 10% on removal.

      A bit annoyed with the people who knew about the DOA issue and commented as such, but didn't Neg the post to highlight the issue.

      Also annoyed with Amazon that they haven't recognized the issue and just waived the return process outright.
      It's not like the postal system needs a bunch of extra (useless) parcels further clogging up the system!

  • Product review also had been disable by seller

    Sorry, we are unable to accept reviews for this product. This product has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity.

  • yeh pretty clear dodgy clearance of faulty stock. gave it a crack for $10 whatever…

    left one works, but right has a descending melody soon as you pop it in like its out of battery. never seems to charge. not sure if the right bud faulty or right side of charging case. genius of these headphone case designs being their asymmetry… lol.

    • I have the opposite problem.
      Don't think it's the case, I think it's the buds.
      As both buds do show some level of charge, but that drops precipitously once you remove from the case.
      My left bud shows 20% charge only and makes the descending tone on removal.
      The right shows 90% charge in the case, but drops to 10% charge once removed.

  • Yep, another DOA pair here as well. Got the QR code for return.

  • +1

    Hi All, QCY reached out to me today. I don't know if it's because I requested a refund with Amazon (received QR but have not send back DOA earbud yet) or because I did not leave any feedback, but they have offered a T8 or T11 as replacement.

    So if you still have the faulty earbuds with you and prefer a replacement instead of a refund, try reaching out to the seller.

    Screenshot of convo with seller.

    PS: I am not cancelling my refund request until I receive a working replacement.

    • Yeah I had the same offer. Went for the T11. But if they don't work I'll be requesting a refund.

      I've had the T2C and T5 with no problems so it's strange these were such a pile of crap.

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