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[eBay Plus] Apple iPad Mini (6th Gen) Wi-Fi 256GB (Space Grey/Purple/Starlight/Pink) $878.40 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


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  • -3

    That's a lot to pay for an ipad mini…

    I think I paid around $300 for mine a few years back.

    • +9

      Before the current gen mini, the ipad mini was stuck in years old tech.

      • -6

        They still work fine for me…

    • The real problem was the button. Took up too make of the area screen should’ve been.

      • +1

        Affected your grammar in the process too.

        • Nah, that was typed on my iPad Pro. I seem to have channeled Yoda. Never press send without rereading.

    • +1

      Exactly. The mini should be entry level. Once they get rid of the home button for the iPads, am I expected to pay 1K for them?

      • The should be cheaper as they no longer need to manufacture home buttons out cut holes into the screen.

      • +1

        They put a very good chip in this mini for a change.

    • +2

      Why are you the way that you are?

  • +2

    Not a gamer, i just stream and browse. My 64gb ipad mini 6 has consumed 17gb storage so far.
    256gb is perfect if you want to have lots of offline storage and games on device

  • +4

    You can get same price from edu store if u dont have ebay plus

    • +1

      eBay allows you to use discounted gift cards for further discounts

      • +4

        Edu stores allows you to use Apple ID balance.

        So EDU price - 10%.

        • +1

          How do you do this?

          • +1

            @ferno-aus: Buy Apple gift cards at a discount (ranging from 5-10%, typically, depending on the promotion and retailer). Load them into your Apple ID account balance. Use your balance to buy stuff from the Apple online store.

  • Damn. Would love the 64gb one.
    Is it also actually in stock? There's a shortage everywhere!

    • quick, costco online have some stock

  • Add 200 bucks and you can get an 11" M1 iPad Pro (granted, with only 128GB), 120 Hz screen… is there something I'm missing which makes the Mini worth it?

    • +5

      It mini

      • -2

        size does not matter

    • Comes in pink?

    • The couple of people I know who are in the market for a Mini are not in the market for an 11", they want a small tablet.

    • +1

      The iPad Pro doesn't fit into my small backpack or handbag.

      • Absolutely, I have an 11” Pro but would’ve preferred a full screen mini.

  • -2

    I never really understood the purpose of an ipad without having cellular. Isn't the whole idea that it's portable and can be used anywhere.

    I know you can hotspot from your phone but it's not the same.

    • +1

      I’ve “hot-spotted” all my iPad’s. It works really well. The only issue is you can’t use them as a giant GPS.

    • If you have wifi, they work just as well in home, and plenty of games work off-line too (although yes, a lot don't). Unless you are running around with the ipad exclusively (no phone), then why pay extra per month for yet another device to do its thing.

    • +1

      Not really. It's a media consumption device for most people (web browser/streaming). Lots never leave the house.

      • +1

        Mine leaves the house, in fact it is my main browser when I travel overseas. However, hot spotting it works best for me,

    • +1

      I use my tablet primarily around the house, and for remote control of my cameras when out at shoots, both of which require just wifi, have never once required cellular.

  • The jelly scroll really annoys me!

    • Stop scrolling like a mad man.

      • You don’t need to scroll “like a mad man” to realise it.

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