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Netflix Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$3.68) and Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$2.75) @ Netflix India (VPN to India Required)


Netflix Slashes India Subscription Price on Dec. 14 with Cheapest Mobile Plan and Better Basic Plan.

I got email today stating ”We’ve upgraded you to our Basic plan for the same price!” (I was on Mobile Plan before. But this free upgrade is no use for me. So, I may downgrade to save $1)

New Pricing

  • Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$ 2.75)
  • Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$ 3.68)
  • Standard Plan ₹499 (~A$ 9.22)
  • Premium Plan ₹649 (~A$ 12.00)

I would still consider Turkey or Argentina Price is cheaper. Please check the long running previous deal for additional information regarding use of VPN.

PS: Mod may require to update this post if additional details require. Feel free to add more information.

Mod: From comments, you may need to use an international credit card, or gift cards for payment method, many Australian cards are reported to fail. See comments.

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      • They didn't increase the tax massively. They increased the base massively. The tax has been there for a long while now (I think about 1.5 years?) and it's been the same percentage on top of the base since it was added, which I think is 64%.

  • i would rather choose $5.80 AUD for Ultra Turkey

  • Does changing your existing account location to say turkey affect your content preferences? (I’ve heard it does with YT Spotify etc) or will there be no difference once your paying for your sub under another region?

    • Contents are based on your location regardless of any sign-up regions.

      • ah yes of course, what a silly question I asked, I knew that, I used to get around geoblocking before it become so hard.

  • This is really weird. I just tried to connect VPN to Turkey, and opened up Chrome in Incognito mode and going to Netflix Turkey and tried to log in.

    But it says incorrect password.

    Has anyone experienced that?

    Granted, my subscription hasn't expired yet - cancelled, but still active and will end in January.

    Does that make a difference?

    I tried using PureVPN to VPN to Turkey.

    • +1

      Okay - so looks like which VPN to use matters…..

      1. Tried PureVPN - got incorrect password when trying to login @ Netflix Turkey

      2. Tried Tunnel Bear - got incorrect password when trying to login @ Netflix Turkey

      3. Tried Windscribe - worked! Was able to login.

      Perhaps Netflix has blacklisted 1 and 2, and from googling, ExpressVPN also doesn't work.

      I'll have to wait til my active subscription expires in January though before I "Resume" in Turkey.

      Fingers crossed that Windscribe still works by then

      • KeepSolid, PIA works too..

        PS: If it says Incorrect Password, means VPN doesn't work.

  • Do you need VPN for signing in new devices also or just for sign-up?

    • Only for initial sign up I believe.

      Basically the purpose of the VPN is to "activate" the cheap billing hack, and not for "usage".

      Once the cheap billing is activated - you can use as you normally would but instead of being billed monthly in Australian prices, you will be billed in the cheaper Turkish price.

  • 480p :(

  • Newbie. Can someone do a step by step incl suggestions on cheap vpn that works can l use westpac or cba card

    • +1

      This Comment may help you to go step by step Netflix Sign-up for different region.

      If payment fails (card company blocks international payment), try again, 2nd time works sometime.
      Preferred Cards are: WISE or 28 Degree (check above comments)

      & Currently, Windscribe, PIA or SolidKeep VPN works well.

      • I just signed up to PIA, but can't see how I can change my location which I was able to do with Nord VPN? (I cancelled Nord because it wouldn't allow me to use my Bankwest CC to pay)

        • I've worked out how to change the country to Turkey, however it still won't let me use my card.

          • @d23alf92: Have your card first payment taken to Netflix AUS???

            1.cancel or wait current subscription to expire
            2. log out of your account
            3. use India/Turkey VPN
            4. log in again using your existing account
            5. subscribe again,

  • Can't watch housos vs authority on the indian netflix :(

    • Turn off VPN & you can

      • This was the comment I was looking for re:catalogue - glad it still has AUS catalogue

  • Basic plan has no 1080p or 4k right?

    • Basic 480p, standard 1080p and premium 4K. Hope this helps :)

      • +1

        Pretty bad I won't watch unless it's 1080p

  • Can it be setup with apple pay ?

    • Apple Pay is just a Payment Gateway… Which takes a payment out of your credit/debit card.

  • Can confirm that TL Turkish Lira is $8 for the top tier premium plan (give or take a few cents).

    • After gift card expires does it use saved card by default?

  • How does this work for someone who never had Netflix subscription. Do I need to first sign up locally and then cancel to get Turkish Netflix.

    • This comment may help you. Look for the Step-2 regarding account.

    • -1

      Might be worth taking advantage of this offer:


      Seems the general consensus is that it is better to create an account and verify address/credit card and pay for 1 month membership in Australia first, and then cancel the subscription and then reactivate/resubscribe on Netflix Turkey. That way, you already have a verified address and credit card, rather than creating a brand new Netflix account in Turkey and then having to use a fake address and payment using a WISE card with Turkey address and/or using a Turkish Netflix gift card.

      So the steps would be:

      1. Setup new Netflix account in Australia and verify your Australian address
      2. Using your Revolut card for first month payment, and get up to $20 reimbursed (which is good enough for a free standard plan, or a premium plan but $2.99 won't be refunded)
      3. After Revolut has been charged and refunded, then change your credit card to 28 Degrees (or whichever one you want to use for Turkey)
      4. Resubscribe in Turkey after the 1st month subscription has expired
      • Thanks..Do you really have to wait for a month before resubscribe ?

        • Well if you cancel - it will say that the subscription will end at the end of that first month subscription - i.e. the subscription will be active until the end date of that first month and won’t auto renew and will expire.

          But if you’re keen to have it end immediately rather than wait a month - you can contact Netflix and tell them you don’t plan to use the subscription for the month and want a pro rata refund.


          • Subscribe as new Netflix use today and pay
          • Cancel immediately (it will tell you that remain active for 1 month and then expire)
          • Tomorrow contact Netflix and tell them you want the cancellation to be effective immediately and ask if you can have 29 days refunded
          • Once you have confirmed the account is cancelled and subscription has expired, then do the VPN trick to get Netflix Turkey

          Now, I have not tried this (maybe finding else has) - so I don’t know if there is any difference and whether it will affect doing the Turkey stick if you get Netflix to manually expire your account as opposed to just letting it expire after 1 month subscription has elapsed

          • @proudwanderer: If you take advantage of the Revolut offer you can get up to $20 reimbursed - so the first month is free anyway.

            Unless of course you want premium then you need to fork out the additional $2.99

            Better way - if you don’t need premium immediately is to subscribe to standard ($16.99) and have the full amount reimbursed. Then after you have cancelled and the subscription has expired - then resubscribe via Turkey but select premium this time.

            • @proudwanderer: Thanks

              Unfortunately it's not working. Not sure if i'm doing something wrong in following below steps. Suggestions welcome from any OzBargain member.

              1. Created new Netflix account and mobile number/address is verified. Cancelled the account immediately via chat and got full refund.
              2. Signed up to Wise using Aus address and loaded with $10 using Aus credit card. Changed the address to Turkey.
              3. Used Surfshark VPN to fly Turkey.
              4. Opened Netflix email in private (incognito) browser to reactivate the account.
              5. Tried to pay with Wise, ING debit card, Revolut, Macquarie debit card and Citi debit card but no luck

              Also, tried with Windscribe (insted of Surfshard) but no luck.

              • @Danger: I haven’t tried myself - still waiting for my membership to expire in January. But reading other comments it seems to be hit and miss with Turkey.

                If you can’t get it working with any of your cards, you can either:

                • Purchase Turkish Netflix gift cards
                • Try Netflix Brazil (slightly more expensive, but seems others have had better luck than Turkey)
              • +1

                @Danger: You’re doing the steps wrong.

                You need to add your Wise card (using AUD address) to your AUD Netflix account first.

                THEN cancel the Netflix subscription and get your refund via chat.

                THEN change address to Turkey.

                THEN VPN and reactivate account.

                THEN change Wise back to AU address.

                • @Diplomats: Thanks mate..It's little late to try your suggested steps..I have already signed up using Gift cards

                  • @Danger: Where did you buy Netflix turkey gift card from

                    • @Hirolol: Bought from www.Turgame.com

                      Bought it four times and no issue so far in getting it delivered and redeeming at netflix

                      • @Danger: Did you try adding your card to see if it will work?
                        Would be cheaper would t it?

                        • @Hirolol: No..I didn't try adding card to see..Yes, it would work out little better than buying gift cards but I couldn't be bothered. I'm also sharing this with one of my mate so little extra cost doesn't matter.

                          • @Danger: Ok thanks mate

                          • @Danger: hey mate, when you use gift card does it ask you to verify mobile number?

                            • @Hirolol: No, It doesn't ask for mobile verification…Only verification they do is to check you are not a bot..i.e. click on the "Bridge" out of nine pics, click on traffic lights out of nine pics

  • +1

    we need vpn for sign up only ,correct ?

    • Absolutely.

  • how does this work with an Australian CC? can you pay with paypal?

    • Check the above comments.. you get charged acc. To region rate + foreign exchange fees if your using Australian bank card. PayPal can’t be used.

  • Any issues with letting family use my account at a different address? I know this was ok in the past, but keep hearing Netflix are cracking down.

    • i've been sharing netflix with my family in overseas for 1yr. no issues (yet).

  • Had issues using my WISE and 28D card on an existing Netflix acc - seems like the cards might have been banned or something. Ended buying gift vouchers from Hepsiburada using Wise CC so guess I'll just wait a few hours for the e-gift card to arrive….

    • Even for Netflix Australia? - 28D card doesn't work for Netflix AU subscription?

      Or do you mean you only had issues with it when trying to switch to Netflix Turkey?

      • Only with Netflix Turkey, worked for Aus when I tried to re-subscribe and cancel right after

  • What's the cheapest VPN that I can get

    • Use FREE TRIAL just for Sign up process. No need to pay. Recommended Windscribe

  • Hi, signed up to wise. Paid $10 for the card but still no way to get past the payment window saying something went wrong. changed address details in wise as well as ensured I was in a VPN that was for Istanbul. Even used the digital card option in addition to the physical card (still on its way). Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

    Anyone else come across this lately? I'm just wondering whether they changed their setup somehow…

    • Have a look at this comment similar issue as your.

      You need to add your Wise card (using AUD address) to your AUD Netflix account first.

      THEN cancel the Netflix subscription and get your refund via chat.

      THEN change address to Turkey.

      THEN VPN and reactivate account.

      THEN change Wise back to AU address.

      • +1

        Thanks mountains! That helped.

        • Hey mountains, things have been working well since I got it working but it appears that I've been kicked off my plan now - could it be due to the Netflix price up in Turkey?

          I tried to resubscribe but Netflix is asking for a local sms code confirmation.

          Any suggestions on what should be my next step to resolve it?

          Thanks in advance.

          • @Kahuna: Did you have your AU mobile number linked before you switched to TR?

            • @johnmelb: Hi @johnmelb I don't believe so. I don't believe I had any number linked.

              • +1

                @Kahuna: Hi All, I'd actually given up a day or so ago on sorting this access issue out but I got pinged this morning by my Wise bank that Netflix had deducted another month's worth of subscription and I thought, wait a second, something is not right.

                So I contacted Netflix (with VPN to turkey on) and jumped on a live chat with an agent and he said that my account email had been compromised and told me that if I gave him another email address, he could transfer the account to that email and I should be up and running. I did that and long story, short, it all works again!

                They only asked that I gave them the numbers on the credit card I used before as verification and the alternate email address. No mobile phone verification or address in Turkey needed.

                • @Kahuna: Interesting, thanks for reporting back.

                • @Kahuna: Glad you sorted out, somehow I didn’t get notification earlier re this comments!!

  • +1

    I bought a 75TLR gift card for about $10.50 AUD using that I didn't have to give my phone number.
    When the subscription money runs out they're meant to send a nag email to add funds and at that stage they'll except any credit card apparently.
    Should be able to confirm in about 2 weeks time.

    • With Nord VPN ANZ credit card isn't being excepted

      • has your subscription money finished?

        • Yes, trying different solutions now.

          • @porsche804: Thanks jizmo will try that

            • +1

              @jonathan111: mine ran out 3 days ago renewed yesterday. Had to use 5sim to verify Turkey number ING wouldn't go through Revolut disposable worked but virtual card wouldn't ( I think they're flagged)

              • @jizmo: Thanks Jizmo!!!

                How much was 5sim?

                I might also consider using a new email address when the gift card runs out and start an aussie account first, as I have wise card already with funds.. but got to verification stage with it, but couldn't get further…

                • +1

                  @jonathan111: Go Incognito makes it easier 100 rubles is about $2 AUD minimum top up and about 8R or 20 cents to receive the sms. If you don't get the SMS within 19 minutes. Cancel before time runs out and you wont get charged for the SMS and start again.
                  Your Browser has a finger print just keep that in mind when you try to do something. What you do Netflix MIGHT read previously and Reject payment based on your history.

                  • @jizmo: Apparently, Netflix support won’t go easy on you if they find out something suspicious sign-up activity. They will cancel and refund your money.

    • Did u create a new netflix account using vpn to Turkey, or did u just load netflix turkey GC to you existing account. How did u create your account? In Aus or through VPN to Turkey?

  • Does anyone know if we are able to use wise transfer to pay for Netflix subscription?
    Any help on how to set it up from Wise side of things would be appreciated

    • You need to add your Wise card (using AUD address) to your AUD Netflix account first.

      THEN cancel the Netflix subscription and get your refund via chat.

      THEN change address to Turkey.

      THEN VPN and reactivate account.

      THEN change Wise back to AU address.

      • Tried, but getting the error that the card and the country do not match

        • Have used Aus Address and Aus Netflix Subscription?? For 1st step to sign up.

          You need to add your Wise card (using AUD address) to your AUD Netflix account first.

          However, If you use Aus address and try sign up with India/Turkey Netflix subscription via VPN. This may happen

          error that the card and the country do not match

          • +1

            @mountains: Yes, will try again after a while to see if this trick works
            Thanks for your help

  • I bought a indian netflix gift card on MTC games…. and I don't think they accept gift cards lol, can't see it anywhere. I may of just lost $11.53. Any help on what to do? I think i'm just gonna go try Turkey.

    Tried on https://www.netflix.com/in/redeem

    But from a photo of the receipt given to me, it seems like my Pin Kodu or serial number doesn't work as well.

    • India region don't accept Netflix GC yet!!

      • +1

        Thanks mountains for all your helpful comments. Very helpful and patient you are mate. cheers thumbs up

  • +1

    Bought crypto.com card..staked some dollars of tokens &..got it for lifetime free..

    • just wondering if you used your crypto.com card to pay for a turkey/india netflix account? or you just on standard plan with Aus?

      I'm waiting to upgrade to ultra, but the crypto.com card has a cap on the monthly netflix bill…

      let me know.

      • Just tried today. Didn't work.

        crypto.com card saved in account prior. Mobile phone number saved and verified prior. I waited out the month.

        Subscription expired yesterday, and then today I tried to "resubscribe".

        Seemed to accept the cryoto,com card, but then it asked me to put in a mobile phone number for SMS verification, and I don't have a Turkey phone number.

        Anyone know how to get around the phone number part?

        • Yeah, I did the same thing. Asked for number and I couldn't get passed it.

          I tried disabling the VPN until the payment screen as suggested, but payment when through as AUD.

          • +1

            @SeVeN11: I wonder if it is worth trying Netflix India or Netflix Brazil or Netflix Argentina.

            For those like us using the crypto.com card and want 4K Netflix - the only requirement is for the subscription cost to be below $13.99USD. Aus Netflix Premium is $22.99AUD - so will be a $3-4 out of pocket after the crypto.com reimbursement.

            Doesn’t need to be Turkey. I know Argentina has exorbitant tax fees but as long as the total is below $13.99USD then technically it will be free on the Crypto.com card.

          • @SeVeN11: Many ppl had similar issue, they are able to bypass by talking via Netflix live chat.

            • +1

              @mountains: Did you try it?

              • +1

                @proudwanderer: Nope, CC is working fine for me.. Just sharing fellow OZBer comment, who made it worked via live chat

                Just an FYI OP, you can bypass the mobile number requirement to update payment method within Netflix by live chatting and asking for the secure payment method update form to change your payment method. I had the same issue and bypassed it using this.

            • @mountains: i don't have a payment issue, i have a mobile issue.
              that said, thanks for the tip… i didn't actually read about this bypass. I might try again next month

  • I'm wondering if I purchase a Netflix GC and pay that way. Will it accept it? I tried everything and all recommended steps and my Aussie cards won't work, inuding 28 degrees.

    • Yes, you can get discounted Netflix GC from third party websites. Make sure to get correct region and setup via VPN for that same region. However, you are still paying more than CC method. But less than AUS Netflix subscription.

  • Does anyone know if there is a free VPN that works with Netflix India? The free version of Windscribe includes Turkey but doesn't include India.

    • I used KeepSolid, worked well.

      • Thanks. 7 day free trial?

      • I just tried KeepSolid - doesn't work - for both India and Turkey.

        I get the "incorrect password" error.

        How did you manage to get it working?

        • Not sure if they have changed recently.. But for sure, it won't work on any iOS or mac devices.. I tried via iOS device first, did not work, then changed to Windows, and tried again. It worked. Make sure location services are disabled.

          • @mountains: I tried on Windows 11 PC.

            How to disable location services?


            I managed to turn off location services in windows - but didn't make a difference though.

            KeepSolid doesn't seem to work on both India or Turkey - get the incorrect password error.

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