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Netflix Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$3.68) and Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$2.75) @ Netflix India (VPN to India Required)


Netflix Slashes India Subscription Price on Dec. 14 with Cheapest Mobile Plan and Better Basic Plan.

I got email today stating ”We’ve upgraded you to our Basic plan for the same price!” (I was on Mobile Plan before. But this free upgrade is no use for me. So, I may downgrade to save $1)

New Pricing

  • Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$ 2.75)
  • Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$ 3.68)
  • Standard Plan ₹499 (~A$ 9.22)
  • Premium Plan ₹649 (~A$ 12.00)

I would still consider Turkey or Argentina Price is cheaper. Please check the long running previous deal for additional information regarding use of VPN.

PS: Mod may require to update this post if additional details require. Feel free to add more information.

Mod: From comments, you may need to use an international credit card, or gift cards for payment method, many Australian cards are reported to fail. See comments.

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            • @proudwanderer: Not sure what's wrong!! I just tried to see if my KeepSolid still works, but the subscription expired in DEC. Try this other VPNs suggested by tomsguide.com. Hope it works.

              Furthermore, you have to try with incognito mode. Any browser with current location history will not work, even with the VPN. I got same incorrect password error with Windscribe, did not work. Turned it OFF and again ON. Opened in incognito Mode and it works as charm.

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    Turkey on the verge of collapse

  • Anyone had luck paying with wise or latitude pay using VPN, I keep on getting error with payment.
    I have enabled NordVPN to India but so far no luck, tried Turkey as well. Any help appreciated

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      Did you change your wise address to a (temporary) Turkish address first?
      I haven't done this in past 2y or so, but did read the comments on OB.

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      I've seen issue regarding the browser

      The most common reason Netflix will block your connection via NordVPN is because your browser or apps, cookies and stored cache have created a bit of a mismatch.

      Try in incognito mode or clear browsing history before connecting to NordVPN. Also, disable location services.

      Do not forget to update your card address to that region. VPN & Card Address region should be same, if you are doing for first time.

  • Thank you for contacting Netflix! The system is detecting suspicious account activities for this account. We are ensuring to secure the account so that any information won't be compromised. We won't make any changes on the account even if you contact us back you'll be declined over and over again. To ensure the protection of the account, We're unfortunately unable to make the changes you are requesting. If you need further assistance in the future, You can simply visit our Help Center which is help.netflix.com, Have a good day!

    • Beware, Netflix is cracking down account with suspicious activities.

  • Indian netflix rejecting my aus cc. sad.

      1. connected to Hola vpn
      2. open incognito mode
      3. login to netflix india
      4. tried with few indian cc and aus cc
        but no credit card works..it comes back to payment page with an error..does anyone know whats the solution?
  • Has anyone tried this trick on netflix pakistan? Seems like the new most cost-effective country for Netflix based on https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/countries-netfl...

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