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Telstra $300 225GB 1-Year Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit $250 (Was $300) Delivered @ Telstra


The Telstra $300 prepaid plan deal is back for the same prices as before. Not the lowest ever but works out to be ~$20.85 per month.

225GB of data for 12months - 75GB more than the standard plan

Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers.

International calls and texts from Australia. With Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile, you get capped standard international call minutes and texts to selected destinations. A $300 recharge gives you 6000 call minutes to zone 1 destinations, 800 call minutes to zone 2 destinations and 100 call minutes to zone 3 destinations, plus 100 texts (SMS/ MMS) to both zone 1 and zone 2 destinations. View included destinations

Expiry - 12 months expiry.

Actually really good deal if you don't spend more than 18GB a month.

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  • I can get an E-Sim with this, right?

    • Yes

      • Thanks!

      • can i ask how?

        • -1

          As per comments

        • On the Telstra app or instore

    • Yes. Through the mytelstra app after you have registered for an account

  • +7

    Got it from auditech for $231

  • +1

    Cheaper from other resellers.

  • +1

    They removed 5G on this plan and only the $60 prepaid sim has 5G

    • +1

      If you can not after international calls, better to get the jb deal for $59 pm

  • -1

    Seems weird that you don't get 5G access with this and some other plan.

    How does Telstra know which plan I am on?

    • +10

      What? How does Telstra know what plan you are on? They run the billing system and the network.

      • Yeah, but it's not an allocation type thing? Are you allocated a certain amount of data on 5G or something?

        How do they lock you out of a whole network? Is there like a password thing that the $60 plan has embedded in it?

        Maybe I don't understand networks very well.

        • +6

          Isn't this like asking how do Foxtel know which channels you've subscribed to?

          • @eroticdiagram: True. Subscription analogy makes sense.

            I just find it fascinating is all. The phone receives the signal, and somehow the plan (which is just, as you say a subscription) is able to stop the phone from using the entire bands across the network.

            I wonder if the constant access and denial is the reason phone batteries get drained quicker.

            • +2

              @sh4hp: Your phone gets the signal even without a sim card. How do you think you even get on one network and not land on another by mistake

              You seem to be imagining an access system that's either absolutely ubiquitous to the point of being neglible, or so ill-thought that the very notion would have been stamped out decades ago.

              Either way, your battery is being drained by the Facebook app

              • @crentist: I thought that was the simcards function? The chip helps your phone to decrypt the band or frequency to use. Like how ATM cards work.

                Dang I knew the pre-installed facebook app had a catch to it!

              • @crentist:

                Either way, your battery is being drained by the Facebook app

                But the dopamine hits it provides makes it soooo worth it.

    • +3

      People are saying your question is dumb but I can tell you they did a massive overhaul of their backend system a couple of years back to allow data plans that throttle when you hit your data limit. Before that they had no way to do it on mobile plans and would therefore just charge a fee per mb over. That same upgrade enabled some plans to allow 5g and others 4g only

      • Thanks for the information!

        That's what I had in mind initially as well, with the allocation thought. You're allocated a certain data in 4G+5G, when you've exhausted that, then it goes down to 3G which is the slow internet, thus blocking you out of 4G and 5G.

        But 4G and 5G uses the same allocation pool, so that's where the subscription come into the pictures, where on Telstra's side, there is a tickbox for 5G access.

        That's what I understood so far anyway.

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    Unless you need Telstra coverage, I don't see how this is a good deal. The voda one is half the price

    • +9

      Boost is less $ and or more GB and still has Telstra coverage.

      • Also true.

      • +5

        Yeah. I am only considering this as Boost has yet to offer E-Sim.

        I hate carrying two phones, so I'll need dual sim for work and home.

        • +3

          So basically E-sim availability is the only reason to get this plan over boost as it has no 5G access and boost offers more data and the same coverage and features (volte, wifi calling etc) for the same price.

    • Does Vodafone offer international minutes in that plan?

      • No, only limited international SMS

  • +2

    Isn't this a better deal?


    could get it for $229.50

    • How's this website?

      • +2

        I had a pretty good experience.

      • +1

        I bought two SIMs and both perfect

  • Supports One Number?

    • I don’t think any prepaid does

  • +4

    Get a price beat at officeworks for a better deal

  • Is this for new telstra customers only ? or does this also work for pre-existing post-paid telstra customers who is out of contract ?

    • Would also like to know as their other prepaid plans seem to say they are new customers only

    • No requirement to be from another network. It's just a prepaid SIM. I moved over last month from a post paid expired contract.

  • +4

    I don't get this withhilding 5G spectrum rubbish. The government auction it off and yet Telstra deny access for subscribers who pay less than $60/month. It's akin to limiting a road to only vehicles that pay more than a grand a year rego. The asset therefore gets underutulised and other spectrums (across all operators) become unnecessarily congested. Spectrum should be used or returned. It's a limited resource and shouldn't be used to hold subscribers to ransom.

    • +1

      Totally in agreement. It's legit bs.

      • You'd be crucified if you adopted the same approach with Ad Blue at the moment.

    • Very well said

  • Sticking to boost with 300gb for now

    • Isn't that $300 for recharge? Only cheaper with starter pack?

      • +1

        If you're not churning starter packs you're boosting wrong ;)
        And its about $230 from memory

  • +3

    Cheaper here ($229.95 with the code NOVEMBER 1) and here ($229.50 with the code SAVE). Officeworks would only do price beat with Telstra offer bringing the price down to $247.50. They won't price beat the other two as they require coupons. Merry Christmas!

  • +2

    If you don't get 5G, then why go for this one over Boost?

  • Guys does any of you know if you can still access Telstra Plus (cinema tickets etc) just with this prepaid?

    • +2

      You can, and the account holds over after you've left as well.

  • Does 12 month expiry means I can activate the sim anytime within the next 12 months and the 1 year starts when it's activated?


    • Yes, I just received mine and it has a 12 mo expiry window to activate.

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