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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 $500 off + $500 Trade-in Bonus - 128GB $499, 256GB $599 @ Samsung


Thanks to Tohnio same as this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670276

Samsung Z Flip3
128GB (RRP $1499) - $999
256GB (RRP $1599) - $1099

Trade-in bonus information

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      • Can you let us know please?

        • I bought the silicon case from the previous deal. It's really good.

          • +1

            @channy: This one above is what you would recommend?

            • +1

              @kekw: Yeah, it's spot on. Fits really well and it feels great.
              My wife loves it

    • +3

      Spigen cases are really good quality for the price.. I got this one for $19 using AFTERPAY10: eBay

    • -3

      Check Harvey Norman

      • +1

        I thought talking about HN on ozb is bannable?

  • +1

    Do you have to sent your old phone when you order it, or can you sent your old phone after you receive the new phone? Because I still use my s10e, and want to migrate all my data to the new phone, before sending the old one

    • +1

      They send you a reply paid sticker with the delivery of the new phone. you have like 7 days to return the old phone

      • I didn't get a reply paid sticker, unless it's in the sealed box. No emails from Samsung/Ausurion either. I'm flipping the Flip, so I'm not breaking the seals.

    • A true OzBargainer doesn't send their old mobile in & instead sells it privately!

      • If I dont sent my old mobile phone, I still keep the $500 off bonus, right?

        • +1


          • @Slo20: Yeah but now they changed the terms and conditions saying they want the bonus back if you don't send it in…

            • @ubcool: Where is that….

            • @ubcool: I guess it’s a risk but that T&C’s was in there when I got mine a while ago and never had to repay it.

  • What color is your favourite with this phone?

  • The black and green are sold out it says

    • The cream too, just checked.

      I want the green. Do you think they will honour the current price and let me do a "pre-order" for when green is back in stock?

      • No. I have tried very hard. I can tell you their customer service is shit.

      • Take the delivery and keep the phone sealed and then walk in nearby Samsung store and see what they can do

  • Bloody hell. My black from the last deal still our of stock no eta

    • -1

      Same boat. Frustrating

  • +1

    come on samsung , do this on z fold 3

    • -1

      I rather get oppo find N

  • Funny enough, the credit and the trade-in value are applied if I add the 256gb model but not applied on the 128gb model. 256 now only has lavender colour left. No thanks :(

    • Put a case you can have any colour instantly

  • Only that disgusting lavender colour left.

    • +1

      Language please.. there are children on this thread

    • 😂

    • +1

      Hey! I just bought one of these… for the wife.

  • -3

    Does anyone have spare loyalty voucher please? thanks

    • Comments said not working…. read from top

      • only found the trade-in not working, nothing said about the loyalty voucher,

        • Read again.

  • How do people get the $100 loyalty voucher? The Samsung rep I chatted to was as useless as tits on a bull.

    • +1

      Find another tits.. sorry i mean another bull

      • Miggy (never heard a name like that before) told me the loyalty vouchers ended last week. I'll report back after I speak to another rep. I know most likely the voucher won't even work but I still want to try.

        • Justin told me that loyalty vouchers ended on 16/12/2021. Oh well. No new phone for me.

        • Miggy gave me a code 2 or 3 deals ago.

        • Miggy (never heard a name like that before)

          Indian version of Meggy

    • gotta tell them you are upgrading from an older samsung phone.

  • Anyone knows if upgrading from S21 for $204 is worth doing?

    • Just don't send the phone, sell in Gumtree for better value or just use it as spare

      • I have already not sending all my previous trade ins (3)
        Not sure if that's a bit too much….

        • I didn't send them my s10e which i used it twice (dual sim with 2 imei). So should be good.

          • +1

            @hopper: wow, didn't know you will get 2 imei with a dual sim phone.

            Ya I am tossing between upgrading to flip 3 or wait for s22. However I don't think we will see a $500 off rrp + $500 trade in bonus for a s22 before July next year, so the best thing to do is probably trade in s21 to get flip 3, then trade in flip 3 when s22 is on $500 + $500 off.

    • +1

      I upgraded from S21 Ultra .. Flip 3 is so much better
      .. Snapdragon and the Flip function is really useful!

      • +1

        Thanks!! Thats great to know.

        The only concern I have is whether losing the telephoto lens is worthy for having flipping and better processor….

        • Same, would like to know too

        • I dont use the telephoto lens so that doesn't stress me out ..

          …. but the camera is noticeably dodgier than the S21U and N20U and P40 Pro and P3XL.

    • Your really getting $704

  • Can we change or exchange for different Color at store once I receive this

    • You will need to return and order a new one.

  • Flip3 is my favourite phone of all time

  • I have a Galaxy S8 that bricked itself. How do I go about trading it in without downloading the tradeup app?

    • Can't, they won't accept bricked, damaged, faulty devices

    • +1

      Borrow another S8, download the app, use the imei from the bricked S8, follow through the process.

      Just note that this way, you wont get any trade-in value as you be sending back a bricked phone (or might as well dont send it back) but you will still get the $500 trade in bonus.

      • Use the IMEI, dont send the phone. I put my S8 in as perfect condition and only got +$5 lol…

    • Only way is to use the imei of the phone (if u still have the original box) and a friends s8.

      On the trade in app just input ur imei and get the code

  • Will there be more colours at physical stores? Only lavender left..

  • Anyone have luck in buying a really cheap phone for trade in? Unsure regarding the trade in and not sending a phone through…

  • I am consistently getting the below error! Is there any known solution to resolve this error?
    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • the imei must not be already in their system.

  • My wife has a S20 FE 5G

    Does anyone know how much trade-in one gets for a S20 5G? I'd like to surprise her, not wanting to install the app on her phone.

    • You need the code the app generates for the trade in, so you'd need to install it anyway.

      • Oh ok. Didn't know that… Have to wait until she is distracted or asleep. Is the deal open for 24 hours?

        • you need to do it asap as stocks are running out. You just need to get hold of her phone for 5 minutes, get the code, buy the phone, uninstall the app.

          • @kekw: I'm not home, and neither she is. Work at different places :(

            • @DillanP: welp, if your work place has someone with s20, then all you need is the imei from your wife :)

              • +1

                @kekw: Good thinking mate! Let the search begin!

              • @kekw: Or find different wife?

    • $184

  • I still haven't received my phone from the S21+ deal

  • +1

    Good phone and good price

  • Was wondering has anyone tried using this offer twice in the same samsung account (with different trade up phones of course)? Does it work or will I need to use another account?

    • +2

      I done this 4 times on my samsung account, each time with a different trade in phone.

      • -2

        And it worked fine?

        • +1

          Yep, no problems.
          I've purchased x2 S21 and x2 Z Flip3. All using the trade in process.

          • @Miyagi: When last time you did it ?

            • @ubcool: First 2 early this year.

              Did 2 about 2 weeks.

              Just did another one yesterday.

  • -1

    Is it not including how much they would buy your phone for?

    $500 bonus on top of the money for my S21?

    • +2


      • +1

        So with $500 off, $500 trade in bonus and $470 for my phone, the phone comes down to $100 something

        • Sounds about right, it'll be $29 for the 128gb one

  • Are any of the phones on offer (flip, flip bespoke) is dual sim?

    • Dual in the sense it is 1 physical and 1 eSim

    • One physical, one esim.

  • -2

    Anyone able to resell this phone on the Market and what would be the value?

  • +3

    Just sharing my thoughts on the phone from the recent offer (~2weeks ago) coming from Huawei p20
    ~its pretty snappy
    ~the crease doesn't bother as much as i initiallly thought
    ~96Hz screen mmmm so good (yes i know its 120Hz)
    +slam shut my phone to hangup
    ++for speakers they are pretty good
    +++SUCH POCKETABLE SIZE (a few times i thought my phone was missing to realized its actually deeper in the pocket XD)

    things could be better but not deal breaker
    -that battery life… mmmm… its okay… but if you really having a BIG day-out with loads of feed scrolling + listening to music + occasional YouTube yer gonna need a power bank.
    -Cabled Android Auto drains battery at a rate of ~1% every 10mins [previous Huawei kept phone charging whilst AA]
    -alot of bulky cases around.
    -applications management (Huawei's RAM management was aggressive) i wished this aggressive too to save on the battery life.

    • huh why you have huawei ram management ?

      • I meant more from a previous phone perspective. i wished the way samsung approached its Memory/RAM management a bit more aggressive or perhaps give us basic options like: conversative/aggressive management.

  • Does this come with free clear case ? Saw that in one of the YouTube review

    • +3

      nope. no case no charger

  • +1

    All sold out now for me.

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