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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from $699 (after $500 Discount + $500 Trade in bonus, $100 Loyalty, $50 Newsletter) @ Samsung


Deal back on and cheaper, loyality voucher and newsletter code stacking (at the time of advertisement).
S21 Ultra 256GB Retail $1949 - Get it for $799

Note: Few user reported, samsung not issuing any new $100 loyality vouchers after last Friday. Some mentioned to send front and back photo (with IMEI) of samsung phone to [email protected] for code.

Trade in offer page

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  • Got waiting for approval on my order.

    • Is this via email?

      • On the order in my account and in email said is currently being reviewed.

  • How are people ordering without getting the trade in error?

    • using ALL CAPS letters worked for me

      • As in all caps for the email?

  • $144 for a S21+. Noice!!

    • how, what did you trade-in?

      • S8 - got $5 for it. Had a $100 "loyalty" voucher too.

  • +3

    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

  • +4

    Tradein APP is crashing.

  • hehe, looks like someone is getting fired for Christmas if the extra $300 bonus wasn't meant to overlap with the $500.

  • iphone x, xs, xr none eligible for trade up

    • Iphone X im trying is saying Please try again! :'(
      Wow now it's saying Iphone x is ineligible!

  • -3

    can someone share the $100 loyalty code?

  • +1

    Traded galaxy s20 FE 5G for 185.
    After all discounts paid 364 for s21 ultra 128gb without subscribe and save and loyalty. I am happy. I think it was a good Christmas present for myself if it arrives before Christmas.

  • +4

    getting a Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

  • +2

    Look like they are fixing double trade-in bonus, can they just cancel your order if you got thru?

  • Bonus
    $300 offer ends 10 January 2022
    Promotion applied to your order
    Your trade in discount plus your $500
    trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus
    $500 offer ends 20 December 2021

    Total trade in bonus $800,
    would the order be cancel?

  • +2

    Tried - Trade In Service Crashed! "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment".

  • +2

    the trade App has crashed, what to do?
    Customer service online and the phone don't care.

  • +2

    Not sure what happened but traded in an S21 128Gb for an Ultra 256Gb for $179.

    • That's insane value!

      • True. And the best part is I got the s21 for $340-ish around a couple of months ago from a similar deal.

    • Can you keep your phone after they offer trade-in value?

      • +1

        You can but they'll charge the trade-in value ($470 in my case) to your card.

        • my understanding from other comments in the past is that only phone value will be charged back, not the bonus value for trade up

          • +1

            @Bot: That's right. Just the trade-up value, not the bonus.

  • Still can't get them to send me a code yet. App keeps saying please try again.

  • Is this something you can get on the spot at a Samsung Kiosk? Or is it online only?

    • online issue

  • Been trying for a while to use the trade-in app but I keep receiving the error everyone else is getting.

    • same .. error all time..

    • Hope its not game over.

      • I'm not proceeding with the sale if I miss out on the bonus $300.

        • Same. Hope the app starts to work.

  • My s21+ 5g is ineligible for trade :)

    • Something is wrong with the Samsung Trade-up app at the moment.

      • Yep I can't get it to work either

  • How long is the expiry on the loyalty voucher? Got it about a week ago… waiting for the trade up app to start working again before I try it

  • Sorry to ask, but any one has $50 off code to spare? I am waiting for mine to come over and will swap with you once I have it…

  • I have S21 on my cart with all the trade-in discount. Can't checkout.. Getting " Failed to place the order" message.Been trying in the past 10 minutes.

    • i have been on it for 30. lol

      • correction 50

        • As long as the discounts on my cart doesn't change, I'm happy to wait. :)

          • @Natsky: good one, thought the system play up so i remove from cart and start again and now trade in app is crash DOH!!

            • @khmerunited: Cart has now been updated. The $300 extra discount is now gone.

  • The trade up app just asked for an identification by taking photo of a driver's license which I didn't get from my last deal.

    • Try a d*** pic.

      Doesn't seem to check what you photograph.

  • come on samsung , do for z fold 3

  • Even if I was interested, I got nothing to trade in :(

    Pixel 2, or a Samsung Tab!

    Can I trade in my mums iphone? Just dont send it in right?

  • My device (iPad Pro) is listed as an option in trade-in, but when I installed the trade-up app on that tablet, the app asked for my device model and said it's not supported for trade-in. I guess it's because the iPad Pro is bought in China, the device ID isn't listed. Is there a way to get a discount anyway?

  • -1

    i doubt any of these orders will go through lmao and if they do yall lucky. im tryna do it and it would be -$800 bonus -$565 s21 plus, they would literally owe me money

  • How was you afternoon? Great…..just spent the last 5 hours refreshing the Samsung trade in app. Got to keep off ozbargain me thinks.

  • Wish I had waited for this - just got the S21+ delivered yesterday!

  • s21 ultra out of stock rip

    • Rip. They found out about the 300 and trying to fix I reckon… there goes a cheap s21 ultra

  • +1

    got through
    edit- i lied nvm

  • Is this working, or not?

    I don't wanna go to all the effort, I am getting confused by what prices people are getting!

  • Trade in app telling me my grey import dual sim S9+ is ineligible for the trade up program. But I did try in the past and it was OK..

    • Same problem here unfortunately. On their trade-up page it says "International or overseas device models are not eligible for the Trade-Up Program."

      • Very disappointing. Must be a recent change as I last tried it only about 2 months ago.

  • Looks like the double discounts are off!

  • +1

    every single order being cancelled inc..

    • Probably… sorry guys we are "out of stock and unable to fulfil order"

  • Can't get trade in app to spit out the code, it keeps saying "Sorry, we are having trouble executing your request please try again." for last 20 min. Anyone get past that? I managed to do the diagnostics all fine and estimated value $310

  • Crazy deal

    Unfortunately I don't have either Samsung or iPhone to trade in.

  • Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment..

    phone s21 ultra in cart :s

  • Trade up app doesn't seem to include s10+ as eligible

    • it allowed me s10+

      • When did you try?

        • Just did again, no luck

          • @chb: i did it today :s. it worked and i have tradein id too

          • @chb: was able to get an OTP email for a moment, but the app still crashed, so not much progress

  • The website is f***ed. I got charged for 284 and it is pending but order not went through. Damn it.

    • +1

      Same lol

      • +1

        LOL We are not lucky enough. Now waiting for the amount refunded. Not sure how long it would take

    • That's normal I think. I bought a z flip 3 and it is still processing even though they've taken the money

      • -1

        But the order was not confirmed. I don't have email confirmation so it not went through their website. Meaning I dont have order number to follow up with them.

      • -1

        Mine didn't even get to any confirmation stage, tried PayPal, didn't work, afterpay didn't work then card payment went through but didn't actually confirm anything

        • -1

          Same, tried Paypal did not work. Then CC, the payment page return " Failed … " but then I check the card activity, the money was taken. What a GREAT ecommerce website!

    • Same issue here, do we know if we should try again until we get that confirmation?

  • +1

    Can't get code. Trade in app says Please try again :'(
    Deleted trade up app, reinstalled. Now says Iphone X ineligible for trade up!

    • Oh yeah I have the exact same issue today…

      I did it on another Huawei phone last month and it was all working fine.

    • Trade up seems to be down.

  • Looks like it's $500 bonus for the S21 Ultra and S21, and $300 for S21+

  • I think the site is glitching. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?
    (256gb phones used in example)
    S21 Ultra $1949 - 500 samsung discount - 500 trade in bonus - 100 loyalty - 50 newsletter - 510 galaxy s21 trade in value = $287
    I've had my s21 for 1 month… and wondering if this is correctly and worth the upgrade for camera and battery..

    • Sell the S21 for more than $287

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