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5x Free PPSR Car History Checks (Save $2) Australian Mobile Number Required @ Budget Direct


Orly knocked it out of the park with six and out on this one.

Here is an opportunity to SAVE $2 and get up to 5 FREE PPSR car history checks from Budget Direct - you don't need to be a customer - tested and working.

Find out whether the second-hand car you’re buying has any money owing on it or has been stolen or written off. Get your free PPSR report now.

You must provide consent to Budget Direct to contact you occasionally about their products and services.

What you can check

Financing owing
Reported as stolen
Has been written off
Takata airbag recall

Other checks

A PPSR search certificate tells you a lot about the car you’re buying. However, there are other checks you should do before buying it, including:

  • get an independent mechanic to carry out a pre-purchase car inspection (they can confirm the vehicle’s identity by checking the VIN or chassis number has not been tampered with)
  • ask the previous owner for the car’s service manual, so you can check the odometer readings are consistent
    ensure any car modifications are legal.

REV checks

The PPSR checks have replaced searches of the state-based Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REV), or REV checks.

Tasmanian stolen vehicle information is currently unavailable from this service. For information about the status of Tasmanian vehicles, go to:
https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/MRSWebInterface/public/rego... (Note: you will need to provide the vehicle registration plate number to search this site).

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  • Nice find. No point in buying 10 as i probably will never use the free 5

  • thanks OP, bought 10!

  • +22

    Ridiculous this is not free already. If I buy a playstation some guy can't come along and take it because the seller owed money on it still and I didn't pay to check some website

    Should just make it jail to sell property with a lien on it save people so much hassle

    • +3

      it's not how capitalism work

    • +6

      Actually they could.

      It is effectively stolen property, as the guy who sold it on to the new buyer doesn't own it; the one who originally paid for it does (which is the finance company in this case). So the playstation analogy would be like some thief steals it from you, then onsells it. You find out where it went and are able to claim it back. The alternative is it's too bad, so sad for it to be stolen away from you even though you paid for it.

      And yes, in both cases the thief/reseller is the real one in the wrong - but it doesn't give the new buyer the entitlement to goods that weren't the property of the one they bought them from.

      • It's not stolen property it's just got a lien

        The cars can just have a lien and not be stolen

  • +3

    Absolutely the best deal ever. PPSR is a must when buying a car. So many dodgy wreckers fixing cars and selling them at high price

  • Thanks OP

  • Interesting! Thanks!

  • +1

    glad its going to some free. i remember when resellers were making $15-$20 off a single search. understanding databases need to be maintained but god dam, its not hard to see when they are in it for a profit.

  • +2

    Maybe not worth getting minor freebie from Budget direct if I don't want to be their customer again (ever).

  • +5

    So you save $2 for handing over your data? Then bugging you about offers?
    I'll stick with the government site for $2.00

    • -2

      So you save $2 for handing over your data?

      Only if you give them your real data. Plenty of ways to give them fake data.

    • All that's needed is a valid phone number. Pretty easy to get a burner Sim card (even for free) and then get rid of it.

  • Anyone know when they reset the 5 count? Is it monthly/yearly/lifetime?

  • I tried doing it. Doesn't work for me. Says its not available

  • Got one for our current vehicle.
    We're with BD anyway.
    And I wanted to check that there are no other interests on the vehicle — the financing has just been completed last month.

  • If there was a deal to sell some company your information including your number, would it be a good deal? Maybe but not for $2.

  • I'm not sure if it's worth having an insurance salesman call you for a saving of $2. I'm guessing the mobile number is required for them to send you the results (so you can't get away with a fake number)?

  • Site doesn't work? Just refreshes back to same screen. No email rec'd in inbox/junk

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