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[eBay Plus] New Wahl Extreme Grip Pro Cordless Hair Clipper $24 Delivered @ Shaver Shop eBay


45-minute run time off a full charge
Non-slip grip for more control when cutting
Detachable, washable blade
Rotary motor gives the power for a smooth cut and quality finish
Lightweight for easier handling

New Wahl Groomsman Pro Sport Beard Trimmer $24.95

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  • +18

    I thought DeWalt just had some new products from pic lol

    • Haha… Same for me too for a second I thought it is from DeWalt.

      Quite a few hair clipper deals lately, it is like stock up now for next incoming lockdown.

      • Stock up on materials to build a guillotine or some rope more like it. (May as well solve the real problem: tin foil hat conspiracy theorists in government.)

  • +15

    Extreme grip, when you need a hair trim in a cyclone!!

    • -5

      We can't blame marketers for this… they'd have done their focus groups and discovered that a significant portion of men are absolute idiots.

      • +5

        Yeah, only an idiot would want to avoid dropping something while trimming their hair..

        • -1

          If you were regularly dropping your toothbrush because the grip wasn't X-TREME enough, then yeah, you have multiple sclerosis and a realistic need for this type of claimed feature on your clippers. If not, then you're an accessory to the crime of everyday products needing to be marketed to you as though they're so powerful that they can cut a car wreck open first go.

      • I mean marketers have a skewed view of men.

        These must be targeted for men in ads that have families or with girl friends in the market for sanitary products.

    • +2

      extreme grip, for times when you're working….you know…..down there, hit me up on the website……for that!

      • +1

        A little J.C.-esk

        • ha ha ha! ;)

  • Good deal will sell out in no time, guessing it's not a lithium battery but who cares.

  • +1

    Any clippers for dogs on sale too? Thanks.

    • +2

      Wondering if these can be used on dogs

      • They're not interchangeable. An old goat down the road from us tried to use human clippers on his dog. They got stuck in its fur and it bit him.

  • Is this noisy?

  • It’s $34 now… but still a good deal.

    • Need to use eBay coupon for $10 off

  • OOS

    • +2

      It's back. Just bought one. Pls check

    • +1

      Now says Limited quantity available.

  • +1

    Just checked, still available at 9:58.
    Edit: I removed OOS.

  • Yep just bought one but said 5 remaining

  • Thanks Op!

  • Too bad not water proof

  • It's back. And there are other Wahl clippers on sale too with the $10 off deal.

  • I bought one of these for $30 at their last sale, RRP was $99 lol

    • FWIW this was $29 for most of November, so now a $4 saving from last month.

  • OOS again…and back in stock now.
    Seems to be flipping in and out

  • +1

    Any good for moostach trimming?

    • Keen to know as well

  • Yay, just got some. Wanted cordless recently, thanks op

  • Thanks OP - bought!

  • +3

    Unless they can be used while plugged in i wouldn't bother, the battery isnt lithium and when it dies it becomes landfill.

  • Not showing like that for me

  • Good for trimming down below?

  • Does anyone know if it can be run off mains (eg. if the batteries shits itself)

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