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Sony X85J 85" Bravia 4K UHD $3795 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


Thinking about pulling the trigger at this price, looks to be of decent quality for a mid range big tv, though biggest complaint seems to be no local dimming.


This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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    No local dimming? Just squint your eyes…😆

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      Isn't the 85 model different from the 75 and below?

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    Not mid range, this is entry level. Mid range is 90j

    • So whats the difference between this v/s 90j v/s 90h?

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        90h is 2020 model. 90j is 2021 model. Both have local dimming = bloom. x85j does not = poor blacks.

        • Blooming is suffered with IPS/ADS panels Sony is still using VA

          • @Dezeption: As someone who owns the X95j, you definitely get bloom with local dimming on a VA panel.

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              @bobmonkey17: You should return it. I have last years model and no issue of blooming

              • @Dezeption: X95H?

                "This TV has a good full-array local dimming feature. In normal content, there's more dimming than blooming around bright objects, but not to the point of crushing small highlights or losing detail. Highlights don't stand out as much and are handled a bit more evenly. While there's still some blooming, it's much better handled than on the Sony Z9F, but not as good as the replacement Sony X95J."


          • @Dezeption: Are we talking about the same thing?

            Blooming is unavoidable with anything other than self emitting LEDs.

            The fewer lighting zones, the more glaring the problem.

        • Thanks I have the x90h!

  • Read in the newspaper that it was free delivery over 75inch in store

    • yes no stock anywhere to be delivered, these are pre-ordered for now then delivered later. They will try to get rid of stock now as newer models come in Feb.

  • I thought the X80J was entry level. They made the following X80->X85->X90->X95. X80 is no longer available so you may be right

  • LG C1 OLED is a great TV however the price hasn't dropped for 77" and 85" if if you are in the market for the best blacks and you have heaps of $$$ lying around. OLED however risk permanent burn-in and if you are looking for value for money without compromising the quality and you are a loyal die hard SONY fan then this is a good deal. Sony usually doesn't drop below $3800 for 85" TV's.

    • I believe x90h 85inch was below this price recently. If budget is an issue, best to get a clearance model

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    The 85 x900h was on sale for cheaper than this, and that’s a better TV. Probably not available anymore though.

    But local dimming is the key feature that separates an entry level TV to mid/higher end TV.

  • Damn wish I got the $2600 Sony 85" a couple of months back from JB

    • Try again in March dude, that's about the time they clear the previous models at heavy discounts.

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    Advice based on experience, spend a little extra and get local dimming. If you're prepared to spend ~ $4K may as well get something you enjoy for a longer period of time.

    • Absolutely this, local dimming is critical. I'd rather get a top line 75" than a 85" without LD.

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    what is local dimming

  • Extra 5% off via eBay plus through bing Lee or the good guys

  • Sony with slow Android tv interface is not worth it.

    • The X90H (2020) seems fine and this model uses the same Mediatek chipset.

      • It's likely not the TV, just the slow software instead. Plus updates are hard to come by and some apps have discontinued support for older Android tv software. Disney+ app doesn't work on my TV anymore.

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    Ridiculous buy x95j flagship model instead for one thousand dollars more if you don't want to be disappointed or if picture quality is your main concern.

    • Where can you get 85” x95j for $4800?

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        Talk with sellers bargain with them offer cash use your gift card 15% discount or buy one if its still valid or wait for next year as they will get rid 2021 stocks.

        • Yeah, I got mine 2 years ago for $4800 or a little less. I found it hard to bargain down very much with most retailers but got JB to take off $100-200 just to beat HN. Better just to time it at year-end or January when prices hit their low-point, but then stock can be an issue.

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