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[VIC] NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Android TV Streaming Media Player $249 (Pickup Only) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro - Tegra X1+ 4K Streaming Media Player with Remote
NVIDIA Shield TV Pro - NVIDIA® Tegra® X1+ processor with a 256-core GPU and 3 GB RAM, 16 GB, 4K HDR Ready, Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 + LE, Captive Portal support, Android 9.0

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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • +1

    Just bought

  • +2

    Good deal, great device. Worth it. Merry Xmas all

  • +4

    op username checks out!

  • +2

    Just cancelled my Amazon backorder!

  • God damnit I own a google tv Chromecast…

    This is so tempting

    • +2

      Go for it! I've got one plugged into a projector. PQ is perfect due to Tegra magical processing. And the remote! Turns on/off Receiver, Projector and Shield all at the same time. Just one remote controls everything. Love it!

    • +1

      Go on. Do it! You deserve it.

    • +1

      Do it!

    • I upgraded from mi box 4. Definitely worth it. Just a much faster, more stable experience. The upscaling is also good. You won't regret the purchase.

  • -3

    Wow. It just keeps getting cheaper. When it hits $200 I'll tear my hair out having paid $350 last year.

    • +1

      Me too but , I enjoyed using it for year 🤣

  • Damn just bought from Harvey Norman the other day. If only it was closer for a return.

    • +2

      Could try on their live chat for them to do price guarantee match, they say they will if it's within 7 days (I'm waiting on the live chat now)

      Edit: According to their live chat, it's too significant a price difference ($268 to $249) and they won't match it, so uh yeah, 7% difference thanks Gery

      • +8

        I'm getting the same, definitely going to fight this as they don't mention any such T&Cs on their Price Guarantee page. It's false advertising. It goes against the very meaning of "guarantee". Definitely taking this up with regulatory bodies.

        • +1

          Yeah, Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value seems to be the one they use as its pretty broad, but come on its 7% lower price than you're selling it for

        • +6

          Are you really surprised? It's Harvey Norman, probably the worst retailer out there.

      • Never buy from Gerry Hardly Normal. For this and a multitude of other reasons including preying on the less tech literate people. Always price match them if required

      • Damn Harvey Norman. Should have bought from centrecom online and still try to return HM out of principle.

  • So what's the TLDR for NVIDA Shield? Is it basically something that just turns your TV into a "smart" tv?

    • +6

      It's basically the best tv box u can get.

      • Without actually playing free to air TV!

      • What makes it better than Apple TV or Chromecast?

        • +9

          Really good AI upscaling, can run a plex server off the pro model, faster than the chromecast models, can stream games from a PC.

          If you're only streaming 4k direct from streaming services it won't be much different. If you're looking at lower res content or have any local content it's really good. The ai upscaler is miles ahead of anything else that claims to do upscaling.

          The advantage of the Apple TV is some of the calibration stuff (for non dolby vision etc content) and potentially spatial audio if you have things like airpods max.

          Google TV with Chromecast can do HDR youtube which I don't think the shield supports in this edition.

          Biggest drawback of this model is that it doesn't have an AV1 decoder capable of doing high bit rate 4k decodes (not that much of that is around content wise yet) and I've had some issues with local dolby vision files that might or might not have been to do with the audio stream. Those are really the only things I'd be looking to improve in a replacement model.

    • Poor mp4 playback though.

  • I just bought one thanks so much for posting, been on the fence so long about these but apparently they pair really well with LG Oled so gonna use it to stream my steam games to my 77" CX

  • +12

    Bugger the Mrs. I'm buying one.

    • +4

      Brave. I salute you.

  • Thank you all for liking the post :)
    I have nvidia shield tv and also the latest mode of Apple TV 4K. I have experienced my atoms speakers come to life with Apple TV.
    Does anyone knows if Apple TV is advanced for atoms over Nvidia shield? As the same movie with on shield doesn’t pick up my atmos speakers

    • +1

      What app are you playing the movie on the shield? Make sure Dolby Digital + and TrueHD is turned on. Atmos can only be played thru this two sound formats. Most tv modern boxes (Google/Firesticks) have Dolby Digital+ but not all have TrueHD as it requires better hardware.

      I can play my Atmos movies on Plex and Kodi with no issues.

      • I’m using Disney plus , and the atmos speakers don’t have any sound coming out if using sheild , same movie works well on Apple TV 4 k with the atmos speakers working.
        How do you enable the true he option in shield?

        • +1

          Disney app is a funny one. Your TV needs to support HDR and/or 4K it's only then it will trigger Atmos in the app. Try to move and test your shield to a 4k which has HDR. It should then play Atmos. My 1080p/SDR does the same as yours does not trigger Atmos.

  • Amazon should march the price!

    • +1

      Pretty hard when they don't sell it.

  • Do we still need a set top box for free to air? I'm in Adelaide and watch TV via a projector using Vodafone TV, which has lots of bugs

  • +4

    sold out online, boys

  • What in store only now. Hopefully Amazon price match

    • Only listing on Amazon is third party and currently $520.

    • Amazon do not do price matching.

      I was able to get a price match with Harvey Norman through their online chat. A very quick and painless process. Plus I paid with a gift card bought at 5% off. The downside is that HN don't match delivery fees.

      • How did you access the online chat? Might try for C & C - this doesn't work - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/live-chat

        • I just went to the product page and clicked the floating chat bubble in the bottom-right of the page.

          • @kranix: Ok - thanks - it wasn't showing in chrome - anyway you got lucky. I got this message from them "Unfortunately, I can not price match with items that are priced significantly under recommended retail or market value as per our T&C of exclusions for price match guarantee. Please refer to the link for all the T&C for our price match guarantee.
            " Fairly typical of my experience with hardly anyway.

      • +1

        The other downside is you're supporting Harvey Norman.

        • As odious as I find Gerry, he's got nothing on Jeff.

          • @kranix: So stick with the original deal and go to Centrecom?

  • Bah. In store only.

  • -1

    Excuse my ignorance, what's the difference between this and a chromecast tv?

    • +1

      Not much as far I know. Chromecast with Google tv will do 90%. Shield just has better hardware for upscaling and emulating games. Google can still stream games from PC using Nvidia. There are a few ui and software and controller differences too.

      • +2

        Great for plex too

  • +1

    Im trying to get hardly normal to price match too and went down a rabbit hole of them not being truthful about why they can't price match, and ended up getting this:

    "regardless of our terms this item is below our current margin of selling sorry for the inconvenience"

    So there you go, their terms and conditions mean nothing.

  • Hopefully it means new model is coming out soon… maybe at CES?

  • Does it support HDR with Amazon/YouTube?

    • No but my understanding is that's a YouTube problem due to the encoder YouTube. I use SmartTubeNext on mine, an ad free YouTube. I'd take ad free for free over ads and HDR.

  • When is nVidia supposed to release the new version?

  • Regarding the AI upscaling feature, does it work with standard free-to-air TV, like say sports on Channel 7 or whatever - or does it only work with apps accessed exclusively through the UI on the device?

    • +2

      Yeah it works through apps like 7plus for live TV (and can make a big difference IMO), as well as live Kayo etc.

    • We personally use media boxes as a transport to the Sony OLED TV for video and the Onkyo receiver for audio. Leave the settings on auto or pass through and let your more expensive DAC's do the upscaling. OTOH if you have a cheap TV, the media boxes upscaling could well be superior.

  • A fantastic price for the best streaming device on the market today.

    If I already didn't have two of these I'd be all over this deal

    • +1

      I brought my third today, bedroom needs some SmartTubeNext

  • I want this, but the 2019 model can improve in several ways, I think I might hold out for what better be a 2022 model.

  • What advantages does this have over VodaTV box or firestick, I don’t do media sharing. Game on PC/Oculus, so if i’m not gaming/streaming local files, any real reason to replace those?

    • It has superior hardware to both those devices. However if you're not viewing video in FHD or 4K, you might not see much of an improvement.

  • Annoyed I didn't jump on it before it sold out online.
    Is the non-Pro version worth it for simple Netflix streaming and Gamestream at $189 from Centre Com?

  • If you guys ring the stores for stock confirmation and been told OOS, please let me know here and I’ll put it in the description, will save time for the others. Thanks

    • No one is going to pick up the phone this is centrecom we are talking about

    • I got through to Geelong store and they told me they were sold out

  • Someone tell me why I would need this?

    I don't play games but I watch a lot of movies.

    • It can AI upscale your movies, so your Full HD movies will looks slightly better than normally on your 4K TV. You can use it as a PLEX server, so you can connect a HDD to it and play movies from it. It also supports a lot of codecs, so it can play your downloaded movies.

      Honestly, I don't get why people are so excited about it. Fire TV stick is much cheaper and will do 80% of it, and it even supports HDR10+ that is not supported by NVIDIA Shield.

  • Is shield TV pro new or the cylinder version newer?

  • Basically sold out everywhere, went to Richmond at 11am, nanawading at 12, apparently beaten by 10mins on both occasions. Urgh.

    • Ahh shit. Knew I should have gone in early. Went back to sleep for a longer nap. Goddamnit.

  • I’m hoping that other retailers will follow the price soon enough!!!

    All the best

  • would this be good to get rid of Foxtel box? I don’t get great tv reception so that’s why I have Foxtel iq3 box, to get the basic free to air stations. I like the iq3 rewind and pause and record features though. I probably just need to get a new tv aerial.

    • If you have the apps for all your free to air channels, then yes

  • Harvey Norman have them for $268 if you can find stock

    • Can’t find the link for this item with HN

  • Hi guys just a heads up, it doesn't work with Alexa. Only supports Alexa in the US.. Google assistant is fine.

  • I thought this had a micro SD slot? I can't see one on it now it's been delivered?

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