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Kraken X15 F i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD RTX3070 Gaming Laptop $1999 + Delivery & More @ BPC Technology


Good morning guys! How's your boxing day safari going!

It's been ten months since we launched the new krakenPower Gaming PC series, and We really appreciate your support for the Kraken Gaming Series this year. And today, we are happy to bring you the Kraken Gaming Laptop Series!

1. Kraken X15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(1X16GB) 1TB NVMe SSD $1999 + Delivery
We rec this model as the best value.

2. Kraken X15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 32GB(2X16GB) 2TB NVMe SSD $2499 + Delivery Now $2399
Decent QHD gaming but good value for design students as well.

And the series also come with RTX3060 Models as well:

3. Kraken M15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 1TB $1599 + Delivery Sold out

4. Kraken M15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 512GB $1499 + Delivery

And we have a limited gaming PC prize draw for the laptop purchase as well, don't miss it!

BTW, based on the courier service update, our shipping service will be back to normal from Jan 3th.

Happy Shopping!

BPC Team

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • Are these the Intel X15 models? is the M15 the 3060 equivalent Intel X15? number 3 looks like a crazy good deal!

    • +1

      Yeap, we developed the first Kraken Gaming laptop series based on Intel Nuc X15 Barebone :)

      BPC Team

  • does anyone have any review on these at all?

    • I tried the RTX3070 QHD demo model in stock mode for OW Gaming. Go Lowest setting is about 120-130 FPS.

      Personally, for fps gaming, I recommend the RTX3070 FHD one for a stable 200+HZ Gaming experience.

      BPC Team

      • Can you identify the monitor panel models in these deals?

        Trying to get a sense of the screen performance.

        • +1

          Jarrods tech reviewed a laptop vendor from europe with the same chasis, it used a BOE CQ NE156qhm-ny2 / boe0974 panel (the qhd 165hz model)

          • @Brrrrt: Yeah I figured the QHD models would be fine, and those numbers would be decent.

            It's the potential for a crappy Sharp 240Hz panel that I'm worried about.

  • +9

    Killer deals to be had here, not sure why this havent got any traction after nearly 20 mins-

    For starters before the inevitable intel no comments pouring in, as jarrod tested, the 11800h is definitely better at games thanks to the larger cache albeit it doesnt scale as well as amd at lower wattages and have worse battery life.

    The chasis is neither a clevo, tongfang or guangda chasis. Its designed by intel and definitely is optimised exclusively for the 11800h. The 3070 version is 145w (not sure why it have extra 5w over every other full powered 3070) and the 3060 is also full powered 130w. Both screen panel options are decent with near 100% srgb albeit most probably would go for the qhd 165hz option instead of the fhd 240hz. The x15 chasis also features opto-mechanical keys with per key rgb and an rgb bar on the lower side of the chasis.

    Main downside of this is the lack of a mux switch. But a full powered 3060 (so either the m15q or f) at 1.5/1.6k with a decent screen is a steal as you really arent gonna get the best of everything at this price.

    The 3070 x15f version is also good, albeit it have a single 16gb stick so you would want another one for dual channel. The x15q is also decent, however you can get a l5p 3070 for near identical specs (5800h instead of 11800h and only 1tb ssd but with a mux switch) at this price so its a tossup.

    With that said. If you are prepared to pay more than 2k for a gaming laptop can could wait, I really would recommend waiting for 2022 lineups with 12th gen and 6000 series before making a decision.

    • Thanks for the insights!

      • +1

        NP. Just curious, could you clarify that for the nvme ssd, are they pcie 3.0 or 4.0 and for your x15q model, is the 2tb ssd 1x2tb or 2x1tb. Cheers

    • WRT the RAM I would assume it's x16 based? Meaning even by adding another 16GB stick for Dual Channel won't do much compared to completely replacing the RAM with x8 based sticks (2x8GB or 2x16GB etc.)

      This is based off the Jarrod review of the Acer Nitro that comes with a single x16 8GB stick, he simply swapped to x8 and gained something crazy like 20-30% performance increase in games!

      This to me is a huge deal when buying a laptop and it's next to impossibe to figure out what the deal is as no spec sheets mention it :\

      • +1

        Hi Grish,

        Ram specs are already updated, have a look!

        BPC Team

      • +2

        Yes, as far as I know basically all 2 x 8gb (or single 8gb) laptops this year are doubled sided slower ram due to the lack of single sided 8gb sodimm being produced. This probably wont be an exception but you should consult BPC for clarification.

        The single 16gb model or the 2 x 16gb model is safe since 16gb sticks can only be single sided.

        • Cool thanks for that, I wasn't aware the 16GB sticks are only x8 based!

          So, based on that I will have to assume both the 3060 models are running the terribly slow x16's given they are 2x8GB SODIMM's unless BPC can confirm for us..?

          If they are the x16's they would need to be thrown out (sold..) and replaced.

          For anyone that isn't aware of what I'm going on about; see this LTT explanation and test: https://youtu.be/R7CO9v9rpOk

          These laptops look fantastic…

    • Where does it say 130w 3060 and 145w 3070? Was it confirmed by BPC tech?

      • +1

        You can check Jarrod’s tech’s review for an certain XPG Xenia 15, where he mentions the TDP.

        This laptop, along with the Xenia 15, and marketed under different names by hundreds of small laptop vendors worldwide, all uses the Intel nuc x15 laptop kit as the basis of their machines. They only add in their own logo, ram, storage and windows installation. The actual mobo, chasis and everything in between is designed and manufactured by intel.

    • how do you know about sRGB coverage for the 240hz FHD option?

    • @Brrrrt

      There was some write ups or YT videos on the different type of RAMs. X8 is better than X16? Something about the rank too?

      Noob in this area, care to share your knowledgeable insights as I'm thinking of upgrading the RAM for this laptop. TIA

      • So basically, any new laptops this year with 2 sticks of 8gb ram are the slower x16 ram, since no more x8 8gb sticks are being produced.

        Only option is to get 2 sticks of 16gb ram (as these have to me x8 not x16).

        • So x16 only applies to 8gb ram? Not 16gb or 32gb sticks?

  • Can these be upgraded later (nvme and RAM)?

    • +2

      Yes. Two nvme slots and 2 sodimm slots like most gaming laptops nowadays

  • Interesting can find much about these on the internet.

    • +1

      Because they dont make the laptops. The laptop is manufactured by intel. They just add their own logo n supply the ram, ssd and windows installation. You will see this branded around the world by many different small laptop vendors all under different names.

      Look up intel nuc x15, this is the chasis its marketed under.

  • May I please have some Timespy results for these models?

    • I cant find any online yet and I would bet its not gonna be any high among competitors, for the fact it do not have a mux switch and while both 11800h and max powered 3060/70 are fine the optimus is whats gonna drag the fps down.

      Still a very good price though, for the 3060 models.

  • Are there any monthly repayment options available for this laptop?

    • Had a look in checkout they provide zippay as an alternative payment option

      • yeah, I noticed that as well, however, I'm not sure if it's the standard 3 months interest-free purchase or if they have a longer interest-free period available.

  • Hi, I can’t seem to find the weight of these laptops under specification …

    • Jarrods review for the same chasis had it under 2kg for the machine itself and 2.6kg with the charger

      • Thanks Brrrrt

  • Seems really good value for money! Got a Dell RTX3060 for $1700 and that was considered a steal. Would have bought this instead, damn.

    • Our bad XD, should post earlier.

      • +1

        I can't comment on the original post since I'm a new member, but I'd like to ask a few questions about battery on this device:

        • How long is it for light work on the QHD 144hz RTX 3060 model?

          • Does the FHD 240hz panel have better battery? How bright is it?
          • Can the refresh rate be dialed down to save battery?

        • How do I get a battery replacement after a few years? Will your store be selling them? Do you know of any reliable places where they can be bought? This is important as batteries can't be bought internationally, eBay batteries are…questionable, and I want this laptop to last.

        These questions sound strange but I'm basically just considering this for the battery and power at this price.
        Thank you for any help in advance :)

        • hatshiba, JarrodsTech says about 6hrs of YouTube playing on battery for this similar QHD 144Hz laptop but it has a RTX3070 https://youtu.be/3AmtDtw2XtQ?t=390, so maybe longer with a RTX3060.

          I would think the 240Hz refresh could be dialed back to save a bit of battery, and FHD would use a bit less power than QHD but don't know for certain… I have bought the cheapest one with the hope the battery will last a day on light work for my son's school, guess we'll see :)

        • Hi hatshiba,

          Hard to define 'Light work', but I tried office use on the 3070 QHD model, which runs approximately 4.5-5.5hrs depending on whether you watch videos.

          You can adjust the refresh rate in the Nvidia Control panel, but Windows could also adjust that in the monitor options.

          We don't offer the battery replacement service as Intel will take over all the barebone warranty services.

          BPC Team

  • +1

    looking to get another laptop. this 3070 or the L5P 3070?

    • +4

      If you can wait, I would say neither, wait for CES2022 before making a decision, the deal ends on the 15th and CES runs from 4th to 6th.

      Out of the box the l5p 3070 will get you much more frames since it have a mux switch but if both are hooked up to a monitor this will net more frames. The 11800h is slighty better than the 5800h and the 3070 here does have 5w extra. The l5p have a, ranging from slightly better to better screen (depending on which model here you look at) and better battery life since its amd, but this have the per (opto-mechanical) key rgb+rgb underglow, thunderbolt 4 and is lighter and the 2.5k model have 1tb more storage than the 2.5k l5p deal.

      • +1

        Thanks for the informative replies/comments thus far. I was wondering if it might be possible to disable iGPU in bios (I was able to on my Aero 15XC)? If so, would that help boost FPS when gaming, or not quite up to the level of a MUX switch?

        • +1

          No worries. This is not possible for this machine, unfortunately. The only way to boost your FPS is by connecting the laptop to an external monitor.

          By the way, your Aero 15XC have a mux switch, in fact, it got the best mux switch implementation-advanced optimus, this meant-and you probably already used it-that you can turn the igpu on and off at will in the gigabyte software, without the need to restart your laptop.

          • +1

            @Brrrrt: JarrodsTech seems to think its not possible (https://youtu.be/pgASMgvJDfk?t=112) to disable optimus but I can definitely disable it in the bios (I think there was an update?) I don't recall seeing it in Gigabyte software. Unfortunately I can't check now as I'm sending it back for a screen fault..

            • @AFM7: hmm thats weird, because I am referring to the official gigabyte webpage here that clearly stated, if you scroll down to 'Max-Q Tech Support List', that aero 15 XC is the only gigabyte model that supports advanced optimus.

              Or unless yours is the aero 15 OLED xc? That is not indicated to have either advaned optimus nor a standard mux switch

              • +1

                @Brrrrt: Oh, I should have clarified. I have the 10870H version, not 11th gen. Maybe that's why? Either way, its pretty sweet! I'm only considering this one because of the QHD screen, I think this one is quieter, lighter, newer processor and I think the max-q 3070 will be only a little better than the 130W 3060.

                • +1

                  @AFM7: Ah yeah that might be why.

                  And yeah this is definitely not a bad choice by all means, especially at this price, the 11th gen is also a pretty big step up from 10th gen so in demanding tasks you will definitely feel the difference.

                  • @Brrrrt: Thanks, I think I'll probably get it 🙂

                    • +1

                      @AFM7: no problems mate, let us know how the laptop feels if you did went for it in the end ;)

  • When does this deal last until?

    • Hi Haryem,

      The promotion ends on Jan 15th.

      BPC Team

      • Am I able to pre purchase (pay in full) this laptop but get it delivered / invoiced out 1 week later i.e. 23rd Jan? (with the invoice date say >23rd Jan)?

        • Hi khoed792,

          The invoice will be generated once we receive the payment so that it won't take long.

          Based on the current schedule, let's say if you order the laptop today or tomorrow, the order most likely be delivered by Jan 20th if you live inside Victoria.

          BPC Team

  • I am just wondering what the fan noise is like and also the temp when it's underload? Thanks

    • +1

      I played about 1 hour OW, would say the noise level is pretty average, the maximum temp around 73 - 75 degrees celsius.

      • +1

        Does it come with Windows OS? What are the specs for the webcam? Thanks.

        • +1

          would like to know this too

  • Keen to know what the thermal solution is like

  • What’s the weight of these laptops? The spec sheets claim they’re thin and light but don’t list their weight.

    • in jarrod's vid for the same chasis, its just under 2kg for the lappy itself and 2.6 with charger included

  • is this basically this laptop here? https://youtu.be/3AmtDtw2XtQ

    But with a 240hz screen instead of 165hz?

    • +1

      Pretty much yes. BPC seem to provide both 1080p240hz and 1440p165hz options.

      • +1

        Oh wow..in that case, this is a steal. This laptop beats some 3080 laptops!

  • I have pulled the trigger on a M15 F for my son as a beasty BYOD for school. I received an email saying up to 2 weeks lead time and up to 10 days postage so now I'm worried we might not have it in time for him to start school at the end of January. I paid an extra $20 for insured (up to $1500) Fastway delivery. Fingers crossed 🤞 my nerves are telling me I should have just hit the boxing day sales. But then again this deal was too good to not try as I was looking at piecing together an rtx3060 X15 NUC on my own with awesome ram and gen 4 m.2 ssd and it was going to be about $1000 dearer. Could be too good to be true? Hopefully BPC Tech comes through for us! I'll post an update when I get one…

    • Hi Aqueous,

      We will make sure your order will be shipped asap, and we hope your son will like the laptop once it arrives :).

      BPC Team

      • Thanks for replying BPC Team! I hope he likes it too :)

  • What are the screens like on this? And when is it likely to be delivered if I order today? (I'm travelling on the 13th of January so it must arrive before then)

    I bought this Acer Nitro 5 (11800h, RTX 3060, 16gb Ram) a week ago and was very happy with it until I saw the third model (3060 with QHD screen) of this post, which seems like a better laptop for only $100 more.

    So I'm thinking of getting rid of buying this and getting rid of the Acer. Better to sell it on Ebay or deal with Harvey Norman?

  • Hi BillybobBarmcake,

    It's an IPS 16:9 display QHD 165hz screen. If you live in Victoria, your order will likely arrive before 13th Jan. If you live outside Victoria, we would rec 5-15 business days for shipping.

    BPC Team

    • Thanks for the response! I live in Brisbane so whilst there's a good chance it would arrive in time, there's also a chance it would arrive when I'm in a different country so I'll probably have to pass. Shame I didn't see this last week!

      • No problem! Have a good trip!

        • Decided this was too good to beat so I just pulled the trigger and am getting it delivered to my Mum's house just incase! If there's any way you can speed up the delivery that would be much appreciated. Cheers!

          • @BillybobBarmcake: The process of gaming build & gaming laptop order is our top priority, but if you chose express shipping definitely helps :)

            BPC Team

            • @BPC Technology: I have been notified that it's about to ship, which I'm happy about! However I paid $20 extra for Fastway Courier service, but the tracking says it's just being delivered by standard Australia Post parcel service? Can I get a refund of that money?

              • @BillybobBarmcake: I've been notified of QC pass and ready to dispatch, did you get another email after that?

                • @Aqueous: Hi, yes I got an email saying it has shipped with an Auspost tracking number! (Which says Pending- Not yet scanned) so not sure what's going on!

                  • @BillybobBarmcake: Ah I didn't get that far, I haven't received anything else since my QC Pass ready to dispatch email… probably holidays getting in the way. The OP mentions Jan 3rd for shipping to get back to normal

                  • @BillybobBarmcake: Did you get any further?

                    • @Aqueous: Yes, the tracking is working now. It's saying its on the way to Brisbane, and it should arrive as early as Friday and as late as Wednesday.

                      • @BillybobBarmcake: I have tracking now (woohoo!) but it's through Aramex not Fastway and could take from 6-8 days Melbourne to Brisbane due to covid delays. Makes you wonder if express is worth it…

                        • @Aqueous: Hey there, did you ship with express delivery? If you didn't, how long have you waiting for tracking information to show up?

                          • @Person 1653: Yep I chose Fastway express delivery because I need the laptop asap and it said it had $1500 insurance as I had never bought from BPC before. I ordered late at night on the 27/12/21 received an confirmed order email the next day saying build time could be two weeks. Next I received a couple of emails on the 30th, the final one saying QC Pass ready for dispatch so build time was faster than worse case scenario.
                            I then received an email yesterday 06/01/22 saying shipped with tracking through Aramex. I have no idea if it is still insured (?) but tracking is showing "in transit", due in Brisbane 12th-14th. It is a busy time of year, staff on holidays etc, and covid doesn't help, I'm hoping that Aramex is faster than they are stating in tracking, 6-8 days from Melbourne to Brisbane I thought would be regular post speed?

                        • @Aqueous: Also, how can you track your order. Do they send you an email? I have never ordered with BPC.

                        • @Aqueous: Oh that's weird, I paid the extra $20ish for courier delivery too but they ended up just using standard parcel Auspost instead. I sent an email asking why and they said it's because the courier only insures up to $1500 and the laptop is $1600, but I'm not overly happy about paying the extra $20 for no reason.

                          • @BillybobBarmcake: Yeah Billybob did you ask for the $20 back or is it being delivered express auspost?
                            What does you tracking say now? Or have you already got it delivered?

                            • @Aqueous: I've asked for it back but I haven't received a response yet, and no it's just standard Auspost parcel. Strange how they kept the courier for you and swapped it for me!

                              As far as tracking, it hasn't had an update since Wednesday-

                              In transit to next facility in BRISBANE QLD
                              Wed 5 Jan

                              So I'm not holding out much hope!

                              • +2

                                @BillybobBarmcake: Got it delivered yesterday and am using it now. So far it seems like an absolute bargain and outclasses the Acer Nitro5 I bought a month ago that I was already very happy with or the price, but this is another level, in particular the premium feel, it weighs less, the screen is WAY better, the battery much bigger. Absolute bargain!

                                • @BillybobBarmcake: yours is also QHD, right?

                                • @BillybobBarmcake: Nice to hear that you like it! Super excited for mine :) Btw how is the keyboard? And does it have customisable RGB?

                                  • @Person 1653: I prefer the keyboard on the Acer Nitro so far, I've missed a couple of letters typing this out and seems you must press a bit harder, but it's not a major issue by any means and I'll get used to it quickly I feel. Not a deal breaker, I think a lot of people may prefer it, I've never used a mechanical keyboard before.

                                    It has custom RGB once you download the NUC studio software. It's barebones so doesn't really tell you any of this but that software is the key to customising the RGB, power, fans etc.

                                • @BillybobBarmcake: Nice still waiting for mine… 🙄
                                  Have you checked out the RAM?

                                • @BillybobBarmcake: Happy to know you like it mate :)

                                • @BillybobBarmcake: Thanks for your feedback, can you confirm the laptop comes with Windows preinstalled & licensed or did you have to handle that yourself? I can't work it out from the site. Thanks :)

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