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Samsung The Frame 2021 65" UHD TV 2021 LS03A + Bonus Bezel Add-on $1899 Delivered @ Samsung Store


Add a Samsung 65" Frame to cart which Samsung seems has matched the other retailers pricing of $1899 (RRP $2549)

Add a Bezel for the frame at $149 - this will then get deducted from the price of the TV so essentially a freebie.
HINT- click through this link it shows the full range of frames https://www.samsung.com/au/tv-accessories/all-tv-accessories...

Price includes delivery and 1899 points if you are a rewards member.

Sign up to the $50 off your first order to bring this down to $1849 delivered which is a pretty good deal at the moment

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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • How do you sign up for the $50 off offer?

    • It was on a pop up for me and took about an hour to get the email.
      Just done a quick search and this might be a bit of help

      • thanks. signed up but still no $50 off voucher yet. sad.

        • Same here, no voucher yet.

        • +1

          @hibijibis I just spoke with Samsung on the phone and they told me the promotions team "manually" sends out those emails, and they only work on weekdays! I will wait for tomorrow to get my voucher as the Sale goes for 3 days

          • +1

            @Anon257: thanks for the update. i'll wait for tomorrow as well. hopefully something gets sent out tomorrow as i'd like to pull the trigger.

  • +1

    these might not have FALD but have fantastic contrast and black uniformity! I have 2019 model and has been great.

    • Why do I need fald?

  • +2

    Cheaper here with 10% off ebay deal (use coupon BD10OFF)


    Comes to $1664

    Bezel is 149 anywhere

    • Only 4 available. Good price. I bought direct from Samsung, prefer to eliminate the middle man for any issues.

      • +1

        Over $80 delivery for me too

        • Free for me. I'm guessing it's a Sydney thing.

      • +1

        I hear ya. I'm having a little buyers remorse after I bought the ebay one.

        • +1

          yeah, but its powerland, bought from them many times before, easy to deal with as well. Considering all come from the same place, even though i've moved away from warick farm, still relatively close if anything happens

          THANKS FOR POST!

        • +1

          Nah I’m sure it will be fine, saves a few bucks too especially if you are not after a bezel

          • @jjno41: agreed. i got it.

          • +1

            @jjno41: I wouldn't of been able to convince the other half if not for the bezel!

    • +1

      Thanks for posting - I got one the one from Ebay.

  • Can you only get the dark brown or white bezels?? I was hoping to get Beige bezel with the 65 inch

    • +1

      Try this, they had brown, white, Teak and beige wood when I just looked in modern, red brick and white in classic

      • Thanks, the site was a little buggy before. Just had to click on 'Teak', clicking 65" afterwards made it bump the price up for some reason.
        Just waiting for a $50 code to come through :)

        • +1

          Yeah just be aware the code took about an hour for me

          • @jjno41: When did you apply for the voucher? I just spoke with Samsung on the phone and they told me the promotions team "manually" sends out those emails, and they only work on weekdays! Looks like i'll have to go without the $50 off cause the boxing day sales will end before they can send me a code :(

            Also do you know if that voucher can only be used once? or something you can give out for multiple people to use like a promo code??

            • +1

              @Anon257: It didn’t look like a generic code, was sent today about an hour after I signed up about 11AM Perth time

              • @jjno41: Thanks! I'll hold out till tomorrow morning for a code. The website says the sale should go on for another 3 days

  • Does anyone know a good installer of these TV's in the northern suburbs of Melbourne?

    • I’d put on airtasker. It’s pretty simple and due to the 1 connect box you don’t need to run power through the wall for it

      Just bear in mind with the bracket it needs to go directly into studs and has little room to move unlike normal brackets which may restrict where you can put it

      • Thanks chrig for that great advice.

  • Purchased through eBay also, thanks!

  • I can't seem to add the bezel for free? Any tips?

    Never mind, I think the Teak bezel is sold out for the 65"

    • +1

      It does look like the teaks sold out but the beige wood is still available, looks quite similar. It deducts the price of the bezel from the cost of the TV & charges you the full price for the bezel as a seperate item
      TV $1899 - discount of 149 = $1650.
      Bezel $149

      • Thanks so much!

  • $50 coupon from Samsung never came through, ended up calling up HarveyNorman and they price matched this deal with free delivery as I was also getting something else delivered.

    • Did they include the bezel?

      • +1

        my harvey store didn't have a bezel in stock so they knocked off $130 off the current sale price for me.
        GoodGuys were also happy to give me free bezel but delivery was going to be in Feb

  • +1

    I was waiting for the code - never came through since yesterday. Now the TV is OOS… bugger. I called local GG to match, and they will, but according to him, no stock anywhere and Samsung is OOS, so would be Feb delivery at earliest.

    • +1

      Hey mate, had the same experience. GG was out of stock till feb.
      I called Harvey and they had no stock on the bezel but knocked off $130 from the sale price so I can get a bezel later. Tell them what GG is offering you to try drive them to a deal.
      Might be worth giving Harvey and JB a call to see if they can do something better.

      • Was this for the 65"?

        • Yep got the 65" for $1770 from Harvey. I'll buy a bezel later

      • Thanks - I might ring around. It looks like all the stock is in NSW but not VIC, so I suspect you are having more luck than me.

        • I'm in ACT, got lucky as my local GG was also out of stock till Feb

    • +1

      It is back in stock! Just ordered, 1st week of Jan delivery

      • +1

        Yeap, I noticed the same and ordered earlier today for delivery 5th of Jan (hopefully). Still no $50 code, but didn't want to risk it again :)

  • dang. called harvey but said they wont match the samsung store cause its out of stock. zzz

    • In stock now….

      • looks like 65 in stock. but I'm looking for the 55 sadly.

        • Think the 65" out of stock too.

  • any other stores doing a deal with the bezel?

    • doesnt look like it. sad. the question now is bite the bullet and just get the 1495 offer with no bezel?

      • Haha yep exactly what I’m trying to decide! Or how to convince the wife to go 65”!

  • Ugh I think the free bezel deal is over now? Even tho the 65" is back in stock?

    • It says the in the t&c's that the free bezel offer ends 31 dec. But for some reason when you add them both to cart it doesnt apply properly with certain bezels. I ended up giving up and getting the 65, but have to contact them to apply the offer manually i think.

      • +1

        Thanks for your help. I contacted them via live chat, and they simply told me to write an email. The wait continues.

        • I had the same experience PotPlant. Did you get any joy from your Samsung email? I've sent a couple and got nothing back. And also wasted 1/2 hour on their online chat getting no closer.

          • +1

            @seano: We actually ended up purchasing the 65" Serif. Appliances Online had it on sale for $1650, then JB were happy to do a price match, so then paid with JB gift cards bought through shopback, so the final out of pocket price was $1600. Wife likes the look of The Serif. And I am happy with the PQ, from what I have seen instore. Its a very unique looking TV! Haven't actually picked it up from the store yet, will do that soon.

            And yep, Samsung live chat and email correspondence was absolutely useless. Gave me absolutely no new information I didn't know already. I'm not the smartest guy on the block but Samsung treated me like I was a 5 y/o buying a TV!

            • +1

              @PotPlant: @PotPlant: Thanks for the heads up. I liked the look of the Serif too but mentally couldn't go through the comparison process :)
              My Frame has turned up and i'm pretty happy with it. Would have been nicer with a Bezel but I think I'll have to let that go. I'm not sure I'm actually talking to a real human on the end of the Samsung chat - it's like a 2014 AI chatbot. Enjoy your new TV!

  • For the people who think the eBay deal is better, the order through Samsung website actually has free delivery and FREE MOUNT INSTALL. Plus, they take the package away after the installation. The mount install was done professionally.

    Therefore, by paying $1849, you actually got the TV, a free frame, deliver and wall mount install. This is an incredible deal I believe and this should be way better than ebay one.

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