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Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not cheapest ever, but very good price for very decent passive bookshelf speakers (for the price).
They will work well and sound better than a lot of soundbar options for a TV setup, and will work well as PC speakers with a cheap Chinese amplifier.

You will need some form of amplification for these bookshelf speakers.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    OMG this deal is amazing ahhhhhhhhh

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    Has anyone used these as high wall mounted speakers for atmos?

    • I would also like to know how people find these as satellite 5.1/7.1, and also if anyone has compared then to the Pioneer ones that are a bit more expensive when on sale

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    What's a decent cheap amplifier that works well with this product?

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      Your $100 Chinese amp on amazon.
      I would suggest go for a entry level AVR(Yamaha) and set your surround system

    • I used this amplifier for about 12 months. With different speakers, though.

      Surprisingly good considering the very low price.

      Douk Audio G5 100W Bluetooth 5.0 2 Channel Amplifier Mini Digital Class D Stereo amp. $60 on Amazon.

      • Is there any risk with running a powerful amp with these speakers? The spec sheet says they only do 20W each, so would it be dangerous to run the amp above 40%?

        • Trust me , that amp does not put out a 100w. It would be more like 30.

          It was pleasant sounding, well and truly loud enough and never even looked liked getting hot.

          Only reason I didnt keep it is because I got a deal on an new old stock Harman Kardon amp.

          If needed though, I would definitely buy another if it was needed.


          • @revheadgl: Thanks. I'll probably get that or some rebrand of it if it's cheaper :D

            • @Void: No worries, it looks like they are are all made in the same place anyway.

    • Or use any old stereo with an output if you don't mind 2.0 sound

    • I have the same speakers and use a fosi audio T20 amp I bought through amazon. Drives the speakers without an issue. Spent around 100$ on it.

    • Maybe something like this will do the job


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    Great deal,

    On a Unrelated note i am desperately waiting for the s3000pro to go below $600.

    • 100% worth it mate. Incredible speakers.

    • yes, I am waiting,checking amazon/ebay/catch everyday.

    • I got a set for $560 on the eBay black friday deals. F**king phenomenal. Love them.

      • The Black Friday just past? I was waiting for it but didn’t see anything at that price as it was still over 600 even with discounts.

        • +1

          You prompted me to double check what I paid and it was actually $639. Got my wires crossed! Still worth it at that price for me

          • @Oz80085: Ah yes that makes more sense. Are you using them for your desktop or TV? I'll be using it with a TV so I'm thinking I'd need stands too.

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              @ChillBro: For TV and music (Spotify through a chromecast). Got it connected with optical. They're sitting on top of an entertainment unit. Sounds great to me.

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              @ChillBro: I bought it last year but found it too big for my desk, happy to sell it for $550
              Used once and back in box since then
              And yea, it goes so deep in lower frequencies

              • @Amr911: That's a shame to hear. I'm also based in Syd and I'd be keen depending on your location!

              • @Amr911: Would be interested in buying (Perth) - ordered some in last sale, but it's just been confirmed lost in the post, and now the current sales are all expired so can't reorder!

                • @applefan33: Hi
                  Will be about $30 using Sendle (door to door)

  • I'm not an audiophile so genuine question. Why would this be better than a standard soundbar for a tv setup? I thought soundbars are intelligent systems which bounces sound off as if you have multiple speakers for a proper surround? This only has 2 speakers. How would be beat that?

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      The best thing you can do is go compare the listening experience in store or at friends places. The key disadvantage of a soundbar is no matter the 'smarts' the speakers are all in the middle of your screen. You will never get the feeling of true surround with a sound bar.

    • +3

      Soundbars can’t even do real stereo sound as they aren’t physically to your left or right, so really soundbars are inferior in every way except convenience and visual appeal.

    • because soundbars dont surround
      whatever they say is just gimmick

  • Do I need speaker wires?

    • Yes.

  • good deal

  • Would these be much of an improvement over the ones included with the Yamaha 5.1 home theatre package from bing lee?

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      sound quality is often subjective and i dont know the specific model speakers you have, but if you sort amazon reviews by most recent there is one review from Oct 16th that said it was a big upgrade over their yamahas. I bought them specifically just to see how they go, if i like them i may add more for atmos etc

  • Thanks OP grabbed a pair, was looking for some cheap speakers to pair with a vintage(70s) amp for ambient low level tunes, unsure how the 77db sensitivity will pair with 35watts in practice, let’s see.

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