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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 14" FHD 144hz Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 9, RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $2323 + Delivery Only @ JB Hi-Fi


$376 Cheaper and 22hz better than Centrecom version, and if you bought the JBHIFI giftcard at 10 or 15% discount, its even better.

Key Features

14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz display
AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HS processor (3.1 - 4.5GHz)
512GB SSD storage
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 6GB GDDR6
1 x HDMI port
2 x USB-3.0 ports
2 x USB-C 3.1 port
Bluetooth v5.1
Wi-Fi 6 802.11 ax
Windows 10 Home operating system
Free upgrades to Win 11.

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  • ram degradable?

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      Hopefully not 😜

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      Have the Bestbuy model, same cpu and ram but with 1tb SSD. Replaced the 8gb stick with 32gb. No issues with 40gb (with 8gb soldered ram) in total. 1080p is more than enough for a 14" screen tbh!

      • Did you use a forward shipper? I'm working in Korea and always have my bestbuy orders cancelled due to my forward shippers address (they deliberately block them). Can save a bucket load of cash by buying in the USA, even after shipping and taxes.

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          Use the forwarder that has personal shopping service where they physically purchase the product for you. I did it for this same laptop (slightly different specs) from Best buy and it worked out great. PM me if you want the name of the forwarder.

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          Those do but not a normal 5800 or 5900. Anyway your statement doesn't make any sense, may as well go buy an Athlon and throw a 3090 there. Balance of components is important!

          • @MrChadley: Depends on use case. If I'm gaming, I'd rather not pay for an 8 core CPU when I'm GPU bound. A 6 core is plenty and offers the same in gaming performance.

            If I'm using applications that are heavily CPU threaded and I have no need for GPU acceleration, I can see why having all the cooling being dedicated to the CPU would leave me happier.

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    14" so small

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      insert length comment here

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      that's what she said !

    • Depends on the use case. I have this exact laptop and it's perfect for Uni. The RTX 3060 is more than enough for everything, and the lightweight 1.6/1.7KG allows me to take it to Uni whenever I need to.

      Just like a MacBook and Razer laptop, you pay a premium to have good battery life and build components instead of the usual focus on performance components, seen on budget gaming laptops.

      • +1

        Perfect? Seems extremely overkill for just Uni

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          It helps keep you awake during those boring two hour lectures with some gaming.

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    I think the Blade 14 at just under $2600 on the recent deal represents better value. 3070 GPU with 1Tb storage. And also higher resolution screen. All that for a few hundred dollars is a no brained in my opinion.

    • Got a link for that?

      • +2

        OOS already and eBay code also expired now

    • Except the build quality of the blade is terrible.. so many returns. I personally know of 6 people who have had returns due to issues. 4 if those had multiple returns

      • +5

        Build quality is exceptional actually… i believe quality control is the issue. and razer support is horrible

        • I thought the same until seeing 2 laptops with hinges that made noises from day 1 and 3 of them bending and wobbling on flat tables just from being used daily in out bags etc. Keyboards sticking keys also almost forgot about those.. don't get me wrong they look great but yea

          • +2

            @quikstix: Fair enough, YMMV with razer i guess! I personally have owned a few blades now, 4 in total, 2 being the Blade 14, an RTX3060 and 3070. My only complaint is both had bad speakers, seemingly a hardware issue on this range. But otherwise ive been happy :)

            • +1

              @Mttogo96: Nice! I wanted one until the issues my mates had haha you defo got some good ones!

    • Ya QC on the blade is horrible, I owned one of the early models and it had issues. I bought a recent model thinking it was a one off thing… nope still an issue.

      I know at least 6 more cases personally of friends and family having issues.

      Beautiful laptop. But if anything happens you don’t want to deal with razer.. especially not from Australia.

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    There was a time where I would have bought this in a second if there was stock. But now, a 3060 and a 1080p screen seems a bit behind. The Legion 5 pro seems so much more compelling now unless I really need the portability (yes I know there's a price difference).

    • Agree with this, especially with new 2022 models coming out soon with refreshed gpus.

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    would buy if this was sub $1500

    • I guess they charge a premium for the 14" form factor and ROG branding.

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    Note that the 1080p FHD screens on the G14 and G15 models at Jb hi Fi have HORRIBLE sRGB and Colour gamut.

    • Thank you for the info, I did not know this.

    • Had both screen models and completely agree. QHD screen is miles better

      • qhd on 14 inch though…

        • After using a QHD on 14" its actually really really nice. Everything is just sharp as

          • @Mttogo96: yeah, way too sharp. too many pixels needed at this size is what I mean.

            • @zjz93: I personally like it quite sharp, to each his own.

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    Any big difference between this and the G15 which is cheaper at $2248? All I can tell is the screen size and 3.2 USB C ports. Would'nt that be a better deal?

    • I am unsure of this.
      As through the years, I have used 12" to 17" laptops, I have come to my own conclusion, 14" is perfect size for me, thus I only looking for 14" laptops with 60(eg:GTX970) or above GPU.

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      Fairly sure they are suppose to be close to the same. The G15 will run slightly faster as has a slightly higher power limit to the GPU so will get you sometimes noticeable more FPS

  • The meta laptop ~$2500 is the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro right?

  • +2

    Razer Blade 15 Advanced with 2080 Super (90w Max-Q) is $2899 at Scorptec

    I mean, I will get downvoted on the spot most likely, since it's "only" 10th gen 8 core Intel i7

    but hear me out, 2080 Super, solid 300hz panel with quick response and 100% sRGB, also solid aluminium body that has no give anywhere, glass touchpad, upgradeable ram, one empty nvme slot for an easy upgrade

    I would pay $500 extra to get all that, and forget about ryzen 9. that's just me though. how often will you actually need all those compute capabilities.

    but even then, that's not the lowest price this model has been. wait a bit more and it should drop.


    P.S. I stand corrected, Scorptec was selling 2070 Super model for $2299 earlier in November. still I think 2080 variant should go further down, that model is 2 gen behind now

    • +1

      It's a different category of laptops. This laptop is essentially a fat Ultrabook - 14" is an Ultrabook size, while a 15" with an RTX 2080 is a powerhouse (from 2020 tho)

      • +1

        yeah I am the wrong person to discuss this topic. I am a laptop technician and for years I had a hard-on for small and powerful laptops, but then my interest dropped off completely since I realized that anything smaller than 15.6" just doesn't work for me, I need to see a lot of information at the same time, and I don't like it cramped within a small frame in front of my eyes.

        trust me I tried. I went through hundreds of different models.

        right now I have a 17.3" laptop and at times I wish it was even a bit bigger. so effectively anything 14" and smaller just flat out doesn't exist for me. in the course of my duties I get my hands on them often, and I keep thinking, as I set them up, how da hell do people even read text on these screens. increase scaling in windows? just looks retarded. oh well, we will never know XD

        • Have you considered using a slim external screen, or just any other laptop? Easy to set up a second laptop to be a second screen these days.

          I recently did a trip and since I couldn't bring along my 34" ultrawide monitor, I brought along a Lenovo duet chromebook to add a 10" screen to my 13" work laptop so I'd at least have some extra space. And it worked really well. Those things are tiny but have a very nice display, and the removable keyboard, touchscreen, and wireless connection made it very comfortable.

          I also had my personal 15" gaming laptop, but left it in my suitcase. The 2 smaller screens were easier to manage on the go, and easier to carry around together than the 15" on its own.

          • -1

            @crentist: in fact I have. I tried external usb portable monitors, tried tablets as extra screens, even tried exotic dual screen laptops you probably have never seen (not those consumer dual screen bullshit)

            and it hasn't worked out. trust me on this, I tried. it's clunky, every solution has its limitations, and all in all just not worth the trouble, that's what I have concluded.

            thank you for the suggestion though

  • +3

    I'm typing on this laptop right now. Here's a quick Pros and Cons list:

    - Excellent battery life
    - Asus didn't skimp on the keyboard
    - CPU performance is incredible (future proof)
    - Compact build, powerhouse performance
    - Best speakers I've ever used on a laptop (Make sure to turn on Dynamic in Dolby Atmos)
    - Excellent cooling performance for a 14" with an RTX 3060

    Cons: (and how to resolve some)
    - Fans can't be turned off - third party software named Atrofac fixes this
    - QHD 120Hz screen is a better option imo
    - NO WEBCAM - during these times, video calls will take a hit - make sure you have a webcam handy
    - 16:9 display instead of 16:10

    Hope this helped!!

    • Have you used any macbook pros? Do you think speakers on G14 are better than macbook pros?

      • +2

        No way. Apple still makes the best laptop speakers

        • -1

          Tried this years zephyrus lineup yet?

          Most laptops dont focus on speakers because its not a piority nor a selling point for them. They could have done very well if they've tried, just like what asus did this year. Even Jarrod commented on the zephyrus (i forgot if its g14 or g15) having the best speakers he have tried.

          My friend with a highend alienware get much worse sounds than my zephyrus duo. The twin tweeter+twin woofer setup rocks.

          • @Brrrrt: Few months ago tried them in JBHiFi. They were good since they were top pointing, but the mids just isn't as smooth as apple's

            • @zjz93: fair enough, guess asus just didnt tune them as well. sounds fairly good to my untrain ear :p

        • +1

          Yeah MacBook Pro’s don’t really have any competition when it comes to laptop speakers. People hate on Apple but there’s quite a few areas where they destroy the competition and speakers is one of those things. The new MacBook Pro speakers are phenomenal.

      • I've made a custom EQ and honestly, mine do sound a bit better than my friend's 16" MacBook Pro.

        It's a very close match up tho, and I know I'm really pushing the limits of these speakers. The MacBook Pro with an EQ would beat the G14 tho

    • You can turn off the boost to keep the fans quiet. I've done that and its awesome.

  • is this LHR?

  • Hey guys couple of questions for the gamers here. Son wants a gaming laptop and after looking at this deal questions are

    What is the minimum graphic card you guys would recommend is 3060? He plays cod etc

    Amd or Intel as a processor? If so what is the minimum in each one ie Amd ryzen 7/9

    Does screen matter if he will be playing on external screens?

    Anything else worth noting?

    Much appreciated in advance.

    P. S he will also use it for schooling (apparently lol)


    • +1

      I'd say this is one of the best laptops for both gaming and school as it's very portable and still powerful too, should be able to play most games very well.

    • +1

      3060 would often be considered the minimum to really game well though for the right price a 1660ti is still powerful if you don't need max settings. Or any RTX 2060 SUPER + if a good sale is found.

      (For the next 2 weeks) AMD >>> Intel mainly due to far better battery life. Ryzen 5 5600H is fine if they only game don't really need the 8 cores of R7 5800H but obviously R7/R9 are better just not a must have.

      Screen will matter for school as obviously he won't have his monitor in class. But otherwise no not really I have a laptop that's in the Dell 27DGF almost 24/7 because of lockdown so I don't mind it's sub par screen at all

      Other things are ports, weight and battery for actual day to day usage. Ports can be solved with dongles but generally if that is avoidable it's just more convenient.

      Weight is don't underestimate 2.7KG when carrying to class it weights you down for sure but these G14/G15 are light enough.

      Battery is harder to judge and varied on laptops generally AMD CPUs last far longer on battery best check Jarrod's Tech on YouTube for Battery and more details on performance

      And the TLDR is both the Asus G14 and G15 would tick almost all the boxes can reccomend just pick the screen size essentially. Besides webcam but strongly recommend an external one or to use your phone with a webcam app anyway as most laptop webcams suck for any important calls anyway

      • Thanks for taking the time to outline the above. Really appreciate it mate.

    • +1

      1) There isn't really a clear minumum, since there will be something of a graceful degredation in performance on games as you drop in GPU quality. It also depends on a lot of factors like the resolution you are gaming at. You can get a 'minimum specs' for a given game by googling, but this will generally refer to the desktop model so might be worth buying a model up in a laptop, or googling to find the roughly equivalent mobile GPU. This particular laptop will play essentially any game on high graphics settings.

      2) AMD/Intel processor doesn't matter for you. Get whichever is in the laptop you want for other reasons.

      3) Whether the screen matters is hard to generalise about, and will depend on how much your son cares about screens (I personally don't - I grew up with crappy monitors and have never gotten aclimatised to good ones) and how much you want to use the external monitor.

      I guess I'd say that if this laptop is in your budget then it's a great choice. Also your son is very lucky. It is a really nice laptop and probably what I would get myself if I was buying a windows gaming laptop right now. You do pay a fair bit for how nice it is though - screen, keyboard, battery life etc. If 90% of your son's use case is having it plugged in to the power and a monitor, you can get something that performs as well for a lot less (or maybe even a desktop for gaming and a cheap laptop for school).

      Hope that helps.

      • Also thank you for taking the time to provide the advice

        • I bought one for my son for school + gaming. No complaints so far. It heats up and fans get loud but I guess that's normal for a gaming laptop.

          My only suggestion is to buy a slim power pack or maybe a usb-c charger pack because the original one is quite heavy.

          • @deale: Okay thanks. Great advice much appreciated

  • Finally, been waiting on a deal for this model since March. Figure the 1080p screen will be an upgrade from my 1366x768 while still allowing the GPU to make the most of the 144hz!

  • +1

    +1 upvote for the 14" form factor. Don't see many gaming laptops this portable.

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