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North Bayou F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $29.95 Delivered @ AZAU


As part of "Mad Monday", one of OzBargain's favourite monitor mounts is on sale and cheaper than all previous deals with free delivery nationwide.

One per order.

  • Universal Fit for 17-30 inch monitor
  • Supports monitor weights from 2-9 kg
  • VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
  • Upright lift distance 260mm
  • Tilt Angel from -30 deg to +85 degree
  • 360 degree landscape rotation
  • Swivel angel ±90 degrees

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  • +3

    I got the F100A and couldn't be happier. Easy installation and good cable management.

    F100A for $56.95 here

    • Is the only difference really that it can hold bigger monitors than the one in OP?
      I've got a 27" just want to make sure there's no reason I should be getting this one instead.

      • +1

        more weight and bigger monitor than OP's link.

        I recommend the F100A if you got 27"

        • Great thanks

      • FYI, I use H80 to hold my 32 inch monitor with no issue

    • Thanks for the Amazon link. Is $56.95 a good price for F100A or has it gone lower historically?

      I'm shopping for one for my xiaomi screen but not urgent to get one yet.

  • Anyone use this with Xiaomi 34inch curved monitor?

    • +5

      Get the f100 for larger monitors.

      I have the f80 originally. While it holds a 34" UW it was abit sketchy. Swapped to a f100. Rock solid.

      • Thanks for the advice.

        • +2

          I have the Xiaomi 34" with an F80 and it's perfectly fine. Nothing sketchy about it.

          • +3

            @Yoo: its sketchy when you full extend and swing it to the side.

            • +1

              @Jaduqimon: Agree with this. Couldnt get the up and down motion right with mi 34 inch using f80.

      • How about the 32 inch monitor?

  • Great price, thanks OP!

  • Anyone know of a mount to use to stack monitors on top?

    I have a bunch of F100A's and I want another row of monitors above them.

    • I used a H160, but theyre limited to 27" monitors with bottom one mounted quite low., and reduced flexibility.

      I initially tried using 2 x H80's, but the pole is shorter than the H160.

      • I guess it's a limit of physics, hard to have a really long pole clamped to a desk.

        • +2

          Nah it’s just the limits of the pole and arm given in that kit.

    • Wall mounting is probably your only option.

      • My desk isn't facing a wall unfortunately.

        • -2

          Move it to a wall

  • +2

    anyone using this on a standing desk and can let me know if they wobble too much? Will be used on 27" screens.

    • -3


    • +1

      it actually hold up 32 inch monitor with no issue. 9kg is the key stat to check.

      • It really isn't.
        I have ones that hold the screens weight fine but they wobble too much to use with the desk up.

        • I am using two of these to hold the two LG 32inch monitors(LG 32MP58HQ-P) on my desk.

          The only issue is my wood table top from Ikea won't be able to hold two monitors. (Same as your situation, the table top is out of shape and causing the wobble arm as it's no longer leveled) and I have to replace it with a solid wood table top purchased from eBay - then all works well.

  • Will this fit AW3821DW?

    • Would like to know aswell if this mount supports 38inch monitors tho I wouldn’t risk it tbh

      • +6

        Spends 1k+++ on new monitor. Penny pinches when it comes to monitor arm (ie the one thing guaranteed to (profanity) your monitor beyond repair if it fails).

        Pay the extra $$ and get one rated for your 38" monitor's weight.

      • I owned the F80 paired with an MSI 34" and that was at best, on the cusp of the limits of the F80. It worked but I felt like it wasn't robust. Due to WFH, I've upgraded to the AW3821DW and swapped out the monitors. The F80 while did hold the 38" it couldn't do much; you couldn't adjust the height high enough and the tilt mechanism had to be on super tight to keep the monitor from tilting down. I wouldn't recommend F80 for 38".

        This is where the F100A comes in. Upon fitting and doing final testing with the AW3821DW, it can now go up higher than before without struggling, and it feels very sturdy. I can now swing the monitor further out into my face without the monitor drooping. Overall, F100A with AW3821DW no worries. In fact I've also modded the Xiaomi Mijia monitor light bar to fit on the monitor and the F100A handles the extra weight without an issue.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • What are your guys' thoughts for 2 x 27" monitors: get 2 x F80 mounts, or 1 x F160 mount?

    • +5

      2xF80. More flexibility.
      Also, check your monitor first - recessed VESA mounts don't play well with the F80.

      • The North Bayou G32 Seems good too. Seems to have a bit more capacity than the F80/F160 mounts, if what I'm reading is correct.

        Edit: The F195A looks like a dual mount F100A, which I've seen another comment here suggest for larger monitors (27"+), so I reckon I will just commit to this one. I've only got a small desk so I want to limit the size of the monitor mount if possible (i.e. don't want some huge skeleton structure hanging over the back of the desk, or out from the sides, if it's not necessary.)

        • +1

          Dont get the double, just makes everything harder.

          • +2

            @Jofzar: In what sense? Can you elaborate?

            I can see the individual F100A have the ultimate flexibility, being able to move the clamp itself. But the dual mounts are convenient in that you only need to affix one clamp.

            • +2

              @jsilbz: For my experience, yeah having a double seems nice like more organized, but its a pain in the arse if you are trying to say flatten both monitors against a wall as you invariably need somewhere for the back of the arms to stick out to keep the monitors next to each other, and then you find out you can't get it as flat to the wall as you wanted to.

    • 2 F80 is better. I have F160 eating dust in my storage room

  • +1

    Would you guys recommend this as a laptop mount?
    Of course I would still need to buy a vesa base to hold the laptop

  • I'm rocking a 32" Kogan Ultrawide… the mount i have at the moment has carked it. Which one should i get?

  • How accurate is the 9KG rating? My monitor weighs 6.7KG (34" Ultrawide)

    There is a review here from May last year , it shows the box and the box says it only supports up to 27" and 6.5 KG

    • It's a bit peculiar, I have seen varying weight limits and specs across the amazon pages vs other websites.

      I would say you would be OK - but probably get a more heavy duty mount - i.e. F100A, as other commenters have suggested for bigger monitors.

    • +2

      Basically there's an old and new version. Old supports 6.5kg and new supports 9kg.

  • Can this be easily screwed to a desk if the clamp won’t fit? Not too concerned about the desk itself, probably a good excuse to replace it.

    • +1

      Drilled a hole in mine as it's a corner desk - works well.

  • two F80s or one F160?

    • 2xF80

  • Anyone have recommendation for vertically stack mount for 27" monitors, one that has decent min clearence off the desk?

  • I need to mount a 27in and a 24in on. Stand up desk. Better off with 2 of these or a dual?

    • Saw other comments. 2 seems way to go

  • There's a limit of 1 per order

    • +2

      Place 2 orders then. Shipping is free anyway.

  • Will this fit the recessed Dell monitors? Which model fits the recessed Dell monitors?

    • +3

      I have a S2721D, P2314H and S2421HS - all recessed, all fine

    • I'd like to know too, I have two S2721Q's I'd like to get an arm for.

    • +1

      I have a S2721DGF and S2721DS. Both work with this arm.

  • good price

  • Can these be manoeuvred to have the monitor close to the wall?

    The desk is up against a wall with no space for the arm to run behind the line of the desk.

    • +1

      I bought the H80 recently, and have managed to get it up against the wall. You’ll just have to have the clamp towards one of the sides and have it fully extended outwards in the opposite direction.

  • anyone rocking a 43" monitor? I'm using the PG43UQ. looking for a good reliable monitor mount.

  • H80 plz. How much?

  • Should I buy two of this one if I have two monitors? or should I buy something like this one which holds two monitors?

  • OOS

  • Any1 got their order shipped?

    • Mine arrived today

    • i have yet to receive anything except for the order confirmation email, is it just me?

  • Terrible instructions

    • Yes, youtube is the life saver.

  • Anybody who placed two orders so they could use 2x single mounts, have you received tracking information for both orders?

    I've only received tracking information for my second order, and not my first, but I've been charged, and have an email and paypal receipt for both orders.

    Just hoping they bundled them together in the same shipment, and it's not on back-order until who knows when.

    • I have 2 orders placed on 03-Jan-22 but none has been shipped yet. It is still showing "processing" on their website. Not good.

      • I just received both my orders on the same delivery.

  • Received mine today. LOVE IT!

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