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[eBay Plus] Synology DiskStation DS920+ 4 Bay NAS $744.73 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay


Everyone's favourite 4 bay Synology NAS is on sale for quite a good price. Certainly cheaper than the recent Boxing Day deals.

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    friggin bargain. I'm kicking myself i purchased one just before xmas for full price with all the discounts that have since come out.

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      They go on sale so frequently. Definitely worth the money either way.

      • yeh i did a history lookup and there hadn't been any black Friday sales or any significant drops so I hit the button. But then a week later we've had two $50 off or more sales. I'm happy I got it, but yeh, great to see some sales now happening. I'm guessing the 921+ will be coming shortly.

        • Yeah the DS922+ will be released very soon, a few months from now I believe.

  • i think 918+ is good enough.
    want to upgrade but i hate thinking i cant sell/use my old 1511+ (yeah i know backup of backup but dont need)

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    Nah, I really shouldn't……

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      me too! let's form a support group!

      • count me in!

        • Phew! I think I'm going to be OK, Just looked at my Asustor 302T and I'm only using about 3tb. What are the other 10 steps?

  • Couldn't resist picking one up, thank you OP! Worth 1 month of Ebay Plus

    Crossing fingers a refreshed model doesn't drop within the next couple of months…

    Great review here

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      If they stick to their bi-yearly refresh cycles, a new model should come out sometime this year - covid related supply chain issues / chip shortages not withstanding. That's why we're starting to see this model go on sale steeper and steeper, just like the DS918+ before it.
      Still a very good price!

      • that may prompt higher prices for newer model releases considering the global supply climate. I've been thinking about building my own NAS box instead of a prebuild. My old 716 Synology box is still noisy as hell even with soft-mod applied to dampen the noise on the drive bays. Just a warning, if you plan on buying and going LARGE on the HDD space, be prepared for the noise. Adding a Noctua fan might help, but the clacking of the drives meant I had to put my NAS in another room :(

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      this look a more recent/updated ver of your link (Should You Still Buy the Synology DS920+ NAS?) - Nov 2021
      more good info though, hard to ignore!

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    trigger pulled on this NAS.. thanks OP! Not sure if the right move or not, but trying to spec a build for the same purpose is proving too difficult/time consuming, and i think the NAS itch is worth a scratch as otherwise I'll forever wonder.

    Newb question - do I need to format drives to migrate data over, or can I pull storage drives (eg. Not C:/) out of a windows 10 PC and put them in this?

    • you should get NAS specific drives that are CMR based. Synology will run through a format process and you'll be able to select your RAID or JBOD preferences. I think BTRFS is the usual filesystem Synology uses, unless there's a new one.

    • Newb question - do I need to format drives to migrate data over, or can I pull storage drives (eg. Not C:/) out of a windows 10 PC and put them in this?

      That depends if you want the drives running in RAID or just as a normal drive.

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      appreciate the comments and the downvote from whomever. will look at hdd size needed and sort out a plan to fit it out with CMR drives and its array.

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      If you want to setup RAID or SHR (Synology hybrid raid) so your setup can handle a drive failure(s) without losing data then yes you would need to create/add into storage pool and only then can you put data on it. Any data on the drive before that would be lost during that process. i.e. add drives, format to btrfs, create storage pool(s), last step copy over data (either via usb or network share).

      • Are you experienced with setting up a synology like this?

        If you had multiple drives and wanted to set up a SHR say, 10TB, 6TB and 3TB how would you set it up? Or would it be better to get a larger HDD like say 12 or 14TB and not use the 3TB (due to it’s small size).

        • Have a read of this and use it model how you'd set it up to shape your decisions. BTRFS and SHR allows you to use any size drives and to expand the storage pool array whenever, but depending on the drive sizes some space might be unused. In short, you want all drives to be the same size or in pairs of the same size to avoid this.

          I have 4 x 8TB in my 918+ running SHR and its basically full sadly. In that configuration the storage equivalent of 1 drive is used for protection (and i needed it once, an ironwolf went bad). Im currently deliberating whether to add a big external HDD or 2 (one a backup of the other) via a USB hub to expand my storage, or buy a second less powerful NAS like the DS420J purely for non-4k content and backups… in the scheme of things its cheaper than replacing 8TB drives with bigger ones but tough choice.

    • If you want to use it for its intended purpose and set up a raid, will need to format the drives

      Playing around with the raid calc can give you an idea of space

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    If you guys are not in a hurry, I would wait a few months since the newer DS922+ is due to be released soon.

    • New features or just a CPU revision?

    • will it be this affordable in the next 12-18 months?

    • Synology are SOOOOO slow to give products worth while updates, would not hold my breath, but i hope they offer some better connectivity with the new versions - link aggregation or sfp optic port

      • You can already do link aggregation with the 918+ (and the 920+ I assume) though?

        • I was thinking of SMB multichannel, for getting that full bandwidth on a single transfer (not stable for Linux)
          Regardless, still would like to see 10gb Ethernet or sfp

  • Anyone tried xpenology vs this

    • Xpenology is just a bootloader to use on another platform like in a VM or your own custom NAS box build. They both essentially load the DSM software. "this" is the official hardware.

    • It is said that a new loader support DSM 7.0.1

  • Does Cashrewards or Shopback work with this deal?
    Or is the only discount using giftcards?

  • Good price

  • I bought the 5 bay DS1512+ in 2012,and its been running great without issues since then.
    I renewed the hard disks once, and am only running 4 disks now.

    Synology is rock solid, and I also prefer to deal with Scorptec even though they can be a few $$ more sometimes.
    I just ordered the DS920+ to replace my DS1512+, I may even be able to recoup come costs by selling it on ebay/gumtree.
    Thanks OP.

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    Donno why I read that as dickstation. Then I wondered what if it were true.

  • If you have a 2 bay Synology is it easy to move over to a 4 bay+?

    • I'm interested in knowing this too, I had just bought and setup a DS220+

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      easy. use the synology migration assistant

    • Absolutely, I just got mine yesterday and transferred from a 2-bay Synology DS212j, including update to latest DSM 7. Couldn't have been easier!

      Synology have an official migration guide video here

  • Just double checked my invoice and I got charged $4 for free postage on their invoice?
    Listing shows free Express Post.

    Anyone else cop that charge?

  • Where are you all getting your drives from?

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