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HP Pavilion Dv6-6024TX $626.50 @ Myer (i7-2630QM, 4GB, 750GB, ATI 6670M)


Umm. Legend-… wait for it… sprints to the store to get one -DARY.

Most likely out of stock online, Check instore. I will be tomorrow.

Specs: 15" screen

2nd Generation Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.0GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz



ATI Radeon HD 6770M 1GB dedicated

LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support

Wireless 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth


Windows 7 Home Premium

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    Good price for it. Great entry level gaming laptop IMO. You might want to add another 4GB of RAM though.

  • Get "Error: The quantity you have selected exceeds our stock available." when adding to cart.

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      i can't add it either

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    Screen res too low but great price.

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      Mate, when we get lappys with 1920x1080 screen res and decent graphics to run them for $600 or even under a grand i will be one very happy bloke!

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      Wrong choice of words but to me Its a huge let down. Cant stand the low res screens on laptops. Been like that for ages. I had old laptop in 2003 with a resolution of 1680x1050 with a 15" screen yet now nearly 10 years later it's got worse. Apart for the 1080p lappy's over $1000+ which I don't have.

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      For what its worth, it is relatively easy to get an appropriate 1080 panel and replace it yourself.. I've seen the instructions posted online, in a notebook forum somewhere.. can't be bothered looking for them right now but they are out there in case anyone's interested.

      • I'm not disagreeing, just adding a bit of info. For anyone considering buying and upgrading the panel, here's the link: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-pavilion-notebooks/610177...

        Personally I'd say it's not worth voiding the warranty.. also you can just ook it up to an external monitor for a comparable amount of money. But you never know, someone may be interested.

  • cant buy online, error when adding to cart

    • Looks like its sold out. I can add other laptops.

  • Saw that one on the weekend, but settled for this one: http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Com...
    for $483 after pricematch with JB

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      @unity1 - post the receipt here…

      • JB-Hifi have sold out of the laptop so you wont be able to price match.

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          My local OW was happy to price match as long as I could find 1 JB anywhere in Victoria that had stock. So I started ringing all the country Vic JB's and found 2 with stock. Then OW kindly honoured the price match.

      • Can't at the moment as I am at work.

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          only time to read ozbargain then…

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          Maybe he doesn't take all his receipts to work with him?

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        Can't believe how poor the gt 520m is. I lol so hard when people say but it's got 1gb of ram so should be good. So many laptops with this poor gpu, so buyers be smart and research before you buy one with this gpu.

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          I purchased mine purely for internet browsing so graphics card never came into the picture. So it really depends on how and what you want to use your comptuer for.

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          you cant compare gt520m with a gtx/x8/9xx card. you wont find many laptops with those cards and even if you do itll cost you at least $1500

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        wrong videocard, that Samsung has the GT520Mx which is the same core as GT520M but higher clocked, http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-520MX.54717.0... i got one from JB, bargained down even more from $508 to $490!

        • It wasn't on my website, which is easier to view but not as thorough as notebookcheck. Doesn't change the fact they are still in complete different leagues.

        • It's still not much better and can in no way be described as a gaming GPU.

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        Thats a bigger gap then GWS vs North melbourne



      • Fincky wasn't comparing it to a gtx/x8/9xx card but to the HD6770M and neither was I. HD6770M Kills the gt520m 3.5x more.

        PS anything competing against intel hd3000 isnt worth it in my opinion.

  • Be aware of this. I got one of this but the 1st gen of intel. It was too hot and burnt my hdd after 10 months of using. Not sure if this version is overheated or not. Pls google before buying. My experience is being away from HP

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      This one isnt one of those, it was the model before ;)

      • But it's the same chassis design.

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          But different internals.

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      but HP laptop's warmness is a bonus for winter time to keep our legs warm :D

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      Made me think of Gerry harvey in lederhosen.

      Thanks alot :/

  • sounds like a good deal

  • Great specs!

  • Whats the usual price? great post OP.

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    Despite being an HP this sounds like a deal

    • An HP? An hero?

  • Any one able to buy one??? Will check out stores tomorrow.
    Been waiting for a good on an i7 lappy for a while.

    • Hopefully stores are going to have some or im going to be getting some red -'s tomorrow haha

  • I like the USB 3 that's a big plus for me

  • how does this compare to DV6-6025TX? which is 1400$ at OW?

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      you can get two of these for that price and keep your wife happy as well :-)

    • anyone try price matching OW on this one? pretty much same laptop, not sure how anal OW would be 6024 to 6025..

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        the dv6-6025tx have 2GB more ram and a blu-ray player. Everything else is the same. The blu-ray player and the 2GB extra ram worth nowhere near $800 but enough reason for OW not to do a price match.

  • How would this go with playing LoL>? very well or average?

    I think I might buy one tomorrow :D

    • I'd say very well. I have a similar model and everything I've thrown at it has played quite decently, eg Skyrim at highest details at native res.

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        i see your point. I could be just a complete hag that had it coming.

        or the boyfriend is just rotten. =D

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          wbeer I think you did it the other way round. Lol.

          Acer < HP < Asus

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      Maybe you should stop giving them viruses.

  • Suggest anyone considering purchasing one of these do a google search on "hp pavilion overheating"

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    Receipt as requested: http://i41.tinypic.com/2zspa4k.jpg

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      receipt for a SAMSUNG… why?

      • people was asking for it but may be he should have post as a reply to the question

      • Because someone requested it. And what's wrong with it? Can you show me any reviews whereby you can show me I just wasted $500?

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    never buying HP again no matter how much price is alluring

  • Ww were at Myer on the day they marked many of their laptops down and got a HP dv6-6137TX for $696. 2 in fact ( their last 2 ) - Pac Fair - Gold Coast Also had a Blu ray player on top of all the previous specs……..

  • About 12 Months ago I got this laptop from Officeworks for $680 after price matching. I found the quality was appalling. After swapped another one, I decided to refund it.

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      what was wrong with it?

      • Maybe my memory is getting vague. But if not 12 months, it would be 10 months ago. Guys do you remember the time when Harvey Norman and Domayne doing half price HP laptop sale? I price matched at Officeworks.
        The problem is that the screens were pinkish, speaker rustled, one of the webcam flared and went black from time to time. Screen edges are sharp as knife. Another laptop's mouse pad buttons are not even level! Luckily Officeworks staffs were kind enough to let me refund it after opening 2 stocks.
        Good luck to those who have purchased this laptop and hope I don't wake up your picky nerves.

        • I posted this 8 months ago…

          4023-tx (same specs, except hdd); The edges are rounded and smooth (not sharp or squared?), how does one cut themselves on the edge of a laptop screen without looking for it anyway???, the screen has no pinkish overtone for me (bad luck??), speakers were comparable to any laptop of its size (i used headphones with bass+ anyway), etc etc.

          This laptop can run Battlefield 3, Starcraft 3 and a range of other new performance demanding games without any lag with high settings (not maxed). Cold boots to the OS loader in 3 seconds and battery life even today (8 months lator with daily use) still gives me 1.5hrs on full charge. The only concern I have is when running (AND only when) GPU intensive games, the gpu/cpu start working overtime and the metal shell conducts the heat on the left side. Almost cook an egg, but hey thats an added accessory right. Just keep it ventilated and its manageable.

          Great value laptop, with power and performance to boot.

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      are u sure? i mean i found this thread and kind of find it hard to see u bought it for that cheap, not saying your wrong though.


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      i also find this hard to believe that you got an i7 a year ago for $680

        • Older, overheating model, yes.

        • its still a 2nd gen, infact its the same cpu and this is only to show getting an i7 a year ago for 680 was a plausible scenario.

        • that was 8 months ago he said 12, 4 months can make a lot of different in laptop pricing
          Plus 12 month ago hp was trying to get out of the consumer pc business so their laptop pricing wasnt that low

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      I find it hard to believe you didn't post the deal. Ozbargainer no More

  • I have a hp and it does ok, i bought a cooling pad as i would buy for any laptop and mine doesnt over heat at all. Although my brothers one is crazy for overheating~ depends on the material i guess.

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      I can't have children because of my damn overheating HP laptop.

      My guys never stood a chance.

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      Nvidia gpu has been an issue for most laptops overheating. I had an old laptop die cause nvidia 7 series forgot exact model gpu died of overheating. Since then I've always been weary of nvidia.

      • This is AMD/ATI GPU. Red not green :P

        • Yes I know, amd all the way so thats why I was pointing out the nvidia flaw as he said his brothers laptop overheating so that = Nvidia as I know allot of people with same gpu problem.

  • Just bought Lenovo >_M

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