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Toilet Basketball Set Slam Dunk! $5 (Was $10) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Something for everyone to enjoy during their lonely time. Useful to perfect your targeting skills. Something to do during the times you mistakenly get locked in the bathroom. Maybe sanitize it after use, for the next person. Good for dreaming about 'what if' you were Michael Jordan.

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    Better than mobile :-)

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      Slam dunk when dunking? Double dunk

  • +13

    This is as shitty as the Rockets.

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      As a Rockets supporter, this is true

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    Mount it above your toilet bowl and see how much a pro you really are.

    • +4

      Been throwing up bricks for years

      • +5

        They're not meant to exit via your mouth

        • Red Hot Catholic Love

    • +13

      “From way down town!”

      • +6

        Nothing but cistern!

      • Grabs the rebound!!

    • That ball hang time

  • +10

    Ben Simmons has nothing better to do these days.

    • +7

      Laying 2 different kinds of bricks at the same time!

    • +2

      Did u forget he has Maya Jama

      • Importantly, will she improve his game? Is Ben a simp or a chad

  • +1

    Single use?
    Gonna need that mat if you're planning to slam dunk.

  • Something for everyone to enjoy during their lonely time.

    And silly me thought that’s what pr0nhub was for…

  • +5

    lucky i didnt buy when it was $10

  • +11

    I am here just to read comments, lol.

  • +27

    Go for the slam dump

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  • +4

    Thanks OP, got 4. Just incase I slam dunk too hard.

  • +5

    "Note: Do not aim at eyes or face."

    Not quite sure where to go with that one.

  • +28

    Alley poop.

    • I've found the poo-jogger, Officer.

  • +26

    now I go from shit at basketball to shit and basketball… thx OP!

  • This is extremely useful when you run out of toilet paper. Keep playing until you can stand up without leaving any mess behind LOL!

  • +1

    Catch the rebound. Lol

    • +1

      Go for an assist. Lol. Yuck

  • What happens if you missed? Game over?

  • +1

    Bit of me. Shting guard, barely hit rim.

  • aim for but not at shit.

  • +2

    Lebron has one of these in every one of his MJ themed bathrooms. That's as close as he'll get to true greatness.

    • +2

      Lets Go Brandon!

  • +5

    Nothing but bowl.

    • +4

      Or bowel😅

  • +6

    Deal for Toilet Basketball Set at ozbargain. What a time to be alive.

  • Challenge yourself to one shit per one shot made, otherwise withhold.

  • -1

    Bing Bong!

    • +13

      Use the toilet brush to bring the ball closer.

  • +2

    Hoop 'n poop.

  • +3

    I am not good at multitasking

  • +3

    I need to hook this up to the smart toilet seat. Every goal triggers the bidet.

  • +1

    Hemorrhoids time

  • +1

    I do a reverse throw every time I have a pee.

  • I'd probably pinch at the wrong time and make the clean up messy

  • Pleasantly surprised to see what this deal ended up being for after I clicked on it.

  • All we need is a third hand now…

    • +1

      Three sea shells will have to do until nuclear fallout and genetic mutations of WW3.

      • +1

        Demolition Man is actually a very underrated movie.

        Or if we want someone with three arms maybe just send them to Mars to mine turbinium and they can have multiple arms, three breasts or look like Rachel Ticotin.

        • I was going to go there next.
          Baby, you make me wish I had three hands.

  • +2

    Four point play if you can make the free throw while sinking a long bomb, just don't foul yourself

  • Landfill

  • +3

    Perfect for those who prefer not to dribble all the way to the bucket

  • Steve Smith could have done with a set.

  • +1

    The $2 bath basketball looks like a more hygienic game to me

  • +5

    How has this been up for 5 hours and nobody has said "my wife is always telling me to aim better in the bathroom".

  • How big is this thing? Thinking will stick it on one of the trampoline poles for the kiddos. Anyone done that?


  • +1

    wait. what do you do with your phone if you're playing basketball on the toilet?

  • +1

    Seems like a bacterial party

  • +1

    A lot of husbands are going to get divorced over this

  • This would have been a great silly santa gift for my work colleagues

  • +4

    Adult supervision is recommended

    Umm… I'd rather not.

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  • What happens in the loo, stays in the loo.

  • Unsanitary

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  • Surely there is an Australian national team for this sport. The Dunnies? Time to get training…

  • Hold your shit until you score. Can only continue if you score. DO IT like a pro!

  • Don’t buy this if you can’t dunk in the toilet

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