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[QLD] $9.90 Eye Fillet Steak, Prawns, Chips and Salad at Kitchen at Treasury (Star Club Membership Required, Free to Join)


January MEMBER SPECIAL (from now to the end of January 2022)

Members of The Star Club can feast on this eye fillet steak and prawns, with chips and salad for just $9.90

Happy new year and enjoy!

Free to join, must be 18+ years old.

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Treasury Brisbane
Treasury Brisbane

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  • +10

    good deal with covid as well

    • Is that as an entrée or desert?

      • It's the bombe Alaska.

    • +11

      it's likely a side-dish of Covid is included everywhere you go

      • So far this year in Sydney 4 of the 6 places I have been to have had covid cases while I have been there. By next week it's probably going to be 5 of the 6 as the last one was Woolies yesterday morning.

        • +4

          That's if anyone uploads data about their home positive RAT… At this point it can be 100% of places you visit and no one would know…

        • qld isnt even doing contact tracing or reporting anymore because AP let it rip

  • +1

    That's a bargain

    • +3

      dunno about you, but I can get covid for free

      • -3

        Whats that got to do with anything? Surely ur not afraid to eat out atm? No one is dying to this strain. In America it was discovered in the water ways. So we are going to get it anyway so why not have a cheap meal. When did we as a nation become so scared to live

        • +1

          Let me guess, you never finished high school but now know more than doctors?

          • @doubleplatinum: I love how u guys always come back with that. When did i say i knew more then the scientists? Where? Everything i said is what the science is saying now. Not what im saying.
            We have shifted from stopping covid to living with it. Right or wrong that is what is happening

        • Several people died overnight to this strain in Australia

  • The steak is super small. 100 gram?

    • +1

      A double serve for under $20 would be a good meal.

      • -1

        Then too much chips not good for your health

        • +2

          Just ask for no chips on the second plate? Restaurant isn't going to say no to saving money lol.

        • +11

          Here's a tip - Don't eat all the chips

  • +10


    MEMBER PRICE $9.90


    • Thought only WoW had a membership/subscription model but I'm onboard for the idea of this too

  • +1

    Went there for the December steak, definitely worth it! Too bad I live in the Gold Coast, otherwise I'll visit this place every week.

  • -2

    yeah would rather stay home and not get covid but thanks for the deal I can't go and get.

  • Considering the savings of this deal, if I'm flying from Sydney and would eat this for lunch and dinner, how many days would I have to stay to actually save money?

    • I'm pretty sure it's going to be a complex number of days

  • The Treasury Casino is a depressing dump of a place these days, you couldn’t pay me to go there.

    • They still doing $2 daiquiris?

      • +2

        $2 daiquiris and indoor palm trees was the golden era of the Big House.

    • Hopefully better when they move next year.

      • The new one is opening next year? Wow, I honestly thought that was still years away.

    • What is up with the weird shape of that steak? It's like 2 finger shaped canyons.

  • This looks amazing. Too bad I now probably have covid. Can't get a rat and definitely not in a state to wait in line for a PCR.

    Hopefully those healthy life rat tests come in the mail soon. Ordered on 30/12/21 and still waiting unfortunately.

    • +3

      I still got a few prawns left over from Christmas if you want them? I’ll drop em in your letter box for you.

      • Nah still have a sense of taste, although I do need to lose some weight after the holidays?!

  • +1

    went to Bris to visit family for a week and we went here 3 times in 3 days

  • +13

    So I went there tonight for dinner. Steak was cooked perfectly (medium rare). Prawns a little overcooked on the flame ( but hey $10 right). Chippies nice and crunchy. Additionally you can get a beer, bubbles or house wine for $3. They checked for your green tick on the app and they sprayed and wiped both the seats and table after every guest. Good spacing between people

  • Weird how Brisbane gets decent specials.

    The main ones in Sydney have the same sort of deal. BUT there's are only valid for lunch, and only valid Sun-Thu. So basically useless for anyone except if you're not working and in the area.


  • +1

    I'm actually staying at the treasury right now.. here for 2 nights.

    And enjoying free drinks all night at the platinum and Diamond members sovereign room.

    Might go have a look at the deal for lunch

    • Drinks shout from Archi, see you at lunch

    • Nice humble brag haha

    • +1

      Get a table in the sovereign dining room and have it delivered - won’t have to line up for an hour downstairs at kitchen

  • Guessing you need to be vaxed, as well as a member?

    • Correct - they will check at the Star desk when receiving your card and also when you go to the restaurant

  • Great news! It's near my work, lunch is sorted this month!!!

    Bad news! We're working from home now… Oh well, back to mi Goreng noodles for me

  • Was hoping some of you local brisbanians can recommend a good yum cha in Brisbane.

    • Landmark, Golden Lane, Haoke. I think they are all in Sunnybank.

      • -1

        So you haven't been to any of these places.

        Thanks for the help.

        • Prefer golden lane over landmark. These two restaurants are close to each other in the Sunnybank Plaza shopping centre near to the cinemas. Never been to Haoke.

          • @ankor: Haoke is always fairly quiet. Taste and value is fine. Note that they have had to shutdown before due to qld health finding them particularly unsanitary

  • +1

    Been here for dinner today with 2 mates, finalising the sign up takes about 5 minutes at the counter if you have signed up on the website but only a single member was needed to take this deal for everyone. Had to wait 30 minutes for a table but you can leave your phone number on the waiting list and the staff will give you a call. You get 2x$25 drink voucher when you sign up to Star Club (which was also a killer deal) so we went to Livewire bar for free drinks. Each one of us got 2 plates and this is a banger deal for $9.90, prawns were big and fresh and couldn't fault any part of the meal, especially at $9.90. Was a banger deal with free drinks too, thanks OP.

  • +3

    Dined here this Sunday night. Only one membership needed to order 8 x $9.90 steak specials for friends and their kids.

    Kids can eat here until 8.30pm on weekends (10pm week days). If you stay later than 8.30pm then it’s fine - once you’re done they’ll just escort you out a side door located inside the restaurant so that you don’t wonder through the casino with a minor after you leave the restaurant.

    180gm eye fillet steak and three decent sized char-grilled prawns with crispy beer battered chips and salad is a good sized meal for hungry teens. I ordered two plates for myself so the 360gm of steak + 6 prawns and two baskets of chips for under $20 is a good deal. You’ll easily pay close to $40 for that at other venues.

    Tip: My first steak came out medium instead of medium-rare so I ordered the rare cooked steak for my second plate and it came out medium-rare just the way I like it. Prawns are packed full of savoury, garlicky, buttery flavoured goodness.

    I paired with $3 sparkling white wine. At this price I’m tempted to go back again next week.

    Service was very fast too. Took less than 10 mins to get our food. I guess everything was ready to plate up except for the steak since almost everyone was ordering the steak special. I reckon they served well over 100 of them in the two hours we were there.

    Wait staff were very polite and attentive to our requests. This is one of the few good dining experiences where we didn’t need to pay hundreds for 5-Star service and food.

    Thanks OP for the heads up!

  • Is this Wagyu?

    • Lol - no

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