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Xbox Series X Console with Halo Infinite (Game) Bundle $849.90 Instore or + Delivery @ The Gamesmen


Xbox Series X Console with Halo Infinite Bundle

Extremely Limited Stock Available. Limited to 1 Per Customer.

This Bundle Includes:

Xbox Series X Console (standard)
Halo Infinite (game)

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The Gamesmen

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  • +33

    Note: This is not the special edition halo console edition.

    • Saw a post on Reddit that GameStop had restocked the Ltd console in the US and immedaitely came to OzBargain to see if anywhere in Aus was restocked. Almost totally missed this and ordered.

      • +4

        Again, for anyone reading, the linked deal is not the special edition console. Standard black console, with bundled game

  • +7

    Does it come with a pack of RAT?

    • +9

      Nah you have to buy that DLC separately

    • +6

      No need, MasterChief always has his helmet on.

  • +38

    100 price hike for a F2P MP game / campaign on gamepass.

    • +19

      From what I've heard Gamesmen often do this to hike up the price of their consoles. Dodgy practice.
      Constantly see Switch consoles being sold as a special "bundle price" with a game that nobody wants.

      • +11

        Don't like Gamesmen as well. They jack the price up for games and bundle it.

        • +2

          I don't know what the margins on consoles are, but I think they're quite small. Gamesmen are popular, but they're a single store. Ultimately they're not making much profit on the bundles and it's still arguably better than supporting major chains.

          • +1

            @cnut: I've been shopping at gamesmen from back in the 90s.. got a megaCD add on for my sega megadrive along with sonic CD :) good times

      • +8

        They do this all the time for PS5s as well, they add in a controller as a "bundle price" but its RRP (adding the two values together). IMO very anti-consumer which is a shame because I used to like supporting brick and mortar stores, but this is one is off the list.

        • this is pretty much why a lot of brick and mortar stores go out of business due to minimal profit margins - they got to hike somewhere to make some sort of profit.

          • +2

            @BLAIL: Not sure how I feel. Honestly I can't imagine companies aren't making a profit at selling these at RRP. But profit aside, I understand how some brick and mortar stores may have a small bump in price to keep going, and being transparent with that. But the truth is what sets a brick and mortar store apart is meant to be a consumer friendly trust with their customers otherwise why would customers care about them?

            And honestly, if they're not being transparent and instead are being non-consumer friendly and non-transparent (like trying to bundle items together to make more money off your own customers). Well I'm not surprised at all when everyone no longer wants to support that brick and mortar store and buys from major companies that IMO some of which wouldn't even think about trying to make money this way.

            • @trustnoone: Yeah it’s just too much to ask for consumers to pay the price hikes. $20-21 price hike in this case. Maybe the price hike is too large here but we’d need to see what they could afford to lower for the price hike for it to be worth selling off their games - especially if the price of the games goes to $79 whilst they got it at original cost price

    • +15

      Negging on this basis.

      Not only can you get both items cheaper elsewhere if purchased separately, it seems like they are being intentionally deceptive (or at least trying to capitalize on the perceived scarcity of the XBSX) .

    • +16

      Yep. Gamesmen are using the console to get rid of a game you can get for free or cheap at RRP when no one would pay that for the game.

      At $849 I thought this was the limited edition Halo console at first.

    • Seems like Gamesmen and co are negging your comments

  • +5

    Damn thought this was halo limited edition

    • +8

      That's the point. Gamesmen tend to coincidentally bundle certain games with consoles like this, and poor customers who either don't look closely (or are buying this for someone else and don't know themselves) are duped into thinking they are buying the special release.

      Really fine line to being dishonest in my opinion.

      • How is this a fine line? Giant pics clearly show it's a normal console. The game is $100 RRP, so they're literally charging RRP for this bundle.

        • So if they aren't offering any discount and its RRP pricing, I wonder why else they'd bundle it with this particular game?

          Come on mate, join the dots.

  • Order first, ask questions later

  • Go get It!

  • Apparently C&C currently unavailable according to their website.

  • +9

    So they charge 100 for the game stay in game pass forever.

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly…

    • +1

      this such a rip off, we can have 1year game pass with $100 (or less with discount) and play halo games,

      • +2

        They're charging RRP for both the console and the bundle. What exactly are people expecting? A freebie on top of a console that's hard to get in the first place? For which they're only charging RRP. Unlike say computer stores charging crazy prices for graphics cards that are way above what RRP is meant to be.

    • +6

      Just because the game is in game pass forever doesn't mean the retail copy is worth $0 the retail copy is still $99.95 RRP

      • +1

        You are right, but my statement still stands. they are charging 100 for a game in game pass forever . Did I say it worth 0? Also Amazon is selling at 79 from day one. No need to say other deals. Nobody buy at RRP.

  • Does anyone like the new halo, multiplayer specifically,

    halo5 took a while for me to warm up to but loved it in the end, hopefully this is the same, but so far not a fan.

    • +7

      I like both the campaign and the multiplayer, yes

    • +3

      Core gameplay is great. Heaps of issues including terrible map rotations, huge delays between games, slow loading, terrible progression and customisation, random crashes on PC, amongst others.

      Still worth playing

      • +1

        Annoying bugs I have noticed that isn't yet fixed is when switching weapons it can intermittently switch to the same weapon. So you have to press the button two or three times for it to actually change weapon. And quick resume had crashed twice. It gets stuck on the pause screen and unable to resume the game, having to force quit the game.

    • I enjoyed the campaign it was fun, multiplayer however not as much.

      I like big team battles but they don't give you the option of slayer big team battle. It's objective based. Same with ranked, I don't like oddball, ctf sometimes, but I'm thrown into more ctf and oddball matches than slayer. Which is annoying as I just want to run around killing people, but i force myself to play objectives and get bored. The battle pass progression sucks you always get 250xp regardless of your performance for every match and have to complete annoying challenges which they set for you to get more xp. E.g. One of them was playing two games of fiesta which I absolutely hate or forcing you to kill a player with a certain weapon which is annoying when you don't like certain weapons.

      The multilayer vehicles spawns also suck they spawn vehicles throughout the match as opposed to each side starting with a warthog, a scorpion and a wasp. Which I enjoyed when I played halo 3. Haven't played much multiplayer since reach tbh. Only did warzone in 5 and they messed it up with loot boxes. All in all for me specifically, It sucks and I don't have a good time when my experience is controlled and am forced to play within certain boundaries.

    • +1

      Halo Infinite was my GOTY and MP is the best in the series, F2P also so theres no reason not to try it.

      • Totally agree. I have not touched any other game since the Halo Infinite story dropped.
        I finished Battle pass the other day. Also my GOTY

    • Both are Amazing! The year delay helped it 10 fold…
      I have un-shamefully completed the Battle pass and going through Campaign on Heroic now… Grapplehook is a game-changer for Halo!

  • Increased price over retail kinda reminds me of graphics cards… MUST HODL!

    • +8

      Console is $750 retail. Game is $100 retail. How is this an increased price over retail exactly?

      • Technically console RRP is $749 and game RRP is $99.95 = $848.95

        But I think the point is, a bundle usually saves the buyer money. In this instance Halo Infinite can be easily bought under $80 from retailers like Amazon ($74.90 with free delivery) and JB Hi-FI ($79 + delivery).

        However, most are seeing this as a way to move inventory of a game which many are enjoying via GamePass for the campaign, or playing the multiplayer as a free to play game. The game is where Gamesmen will be making the significant portion of their profit, and others are pointing out that they're taking advantage of the demand for the console by making the purchase of Halo Infinite mandatory.

        More so, given most are buyers move quickly as stocks are so limited many might be misled in believing that this is the Halo Infinite limited edition console which also included a copy of the game too at $849.

        • +9

          does gran turismo have many halo features? what a stupid comment lol

    • +13

      why would you buy this when GT7 is coming out in 2 months?

      Especially when you consider the price of eggs in China.

  • +6

    $100 for Halo is a joke… (profanity) scalpers!

    • and $19.22 Shipping to VIC, horrible pricing

      • That's even more outrageous!

        • +1

          You looked into how much it costs to post a $800 item, including insurance from NSW to Vic? Good luck doing it for $20. Sure they're a business with high turnaround, but $20 isn't that bad.

          • @cnut: Insurance on top

            • @spc12go: AusPost charge about $20 to insure a $800 item alone. Sure you can't compare apples with apples given Gamesmen have cheaper prices due to higher volume, but $20 isn't bad.

              • @cnut: Aust post doesn’t charge $20 to ship to Melbourne. Given the volume gamesman have, they would be in band 5. So it would cost them around $11, plus $3 for registered post. And Australia post would come around to do the collection.

                The shipping they charge you don’t include insurance. If you want insurance you need to fork out money on top.

          • @cnut: I arranged shipping an XSX from QLD to VIC and it only cost me around $15 with TNT Road Express.

          • @cnut: Not my problem, this bundle is a total rip on top of the $20 postage, so not sure what you’re going on about cheaper prices.

            Also $20 is a rip off compared to buying direct from Microsoft or even Amazon and JB etc.

            • @Sidog: Well if people can find stock elsewhere, they can do it that way. But as it stands, they’re selling the items at RRP which isn’t a rip of at all.

              Paying $1,200 on eBay for this is a rip off.

            • @Sidog: Yeah these guys are all huge companies that get shipping discounts and can afford to absorb the shipping costs, if they don't get shipping discounts.

              • +2

                @BLAIL: This isn’t OzCharity mate, if they can’t compete on price it’s not my problem.

                • @Sidog: Yeah and that attitude is what got us in this mess in the first place. Now you see around your local community a lot of brick and mortar shops closing up, (don't know if you actually do, but i have) and it sucks seeing that. Soon enough there won't be any brick and mortar Stores or probably just be run by robots/big companies only.

                  • +2

                    @BLAIL: Mate Video Stores were pretty cool as well but they didn’t adapt and they got replaced. If brick and mortar video game stores want to see out the decade they can’t just rely on peoples goodwill and trust me charging $20 for deliver on top of a $100 copy of Halo to get a console isn’t the way to go about it.

                    If Gamesmen represent some nostalgic idea of local community run brick and mortar stores then bring on the robots I say.

      • +1

        So don’t buy it, simples

  • +7

    Gamesmen and their rip off bundles. Sorry, have to neg this deal.

  • -1

    (Mod: Edited) and they're dodgy 'bundle' price

  • +5

    If you want an Xbox Series X now, you are more than likely going to pay a fair bit more than $849.90.

    Doesn't matter if it includes a free game or not.

    • -1

      Lol got one before Christmas at EB Games for retail was ezy.

  • While def not a deal, It's not a total rip off for a physical retail store.

    That award belongs to https://au.webuy.com/product-detail?id=sxsx1tbb001&categoryN...

    The sad part is I know they are moving stock as I keep an eye on their inventory :(

  • 100$ extra for a game you are going to get for free anyhow on game pass isnt a great deal, but I guess its better than scalpers. I put my name on a list at JB and got mine 4 weeks later, so that is an option too (and with 5% off JB vouchers even better price).

  • was going to pull the trigger will i got over 20 for shipping bad enough they charge 100 for the game but to not include the shipping cost is just extortion

  • +2

    Didn't anyone tell them Xbox owners don't buy games anymore

  • Some people are astoundingly entitled. They're charging RRP for the bundle. They're asking $20 for posting a somewhat heavy item which includes insurance costs for its value (Australia Post would literally charge you nearly $20 to insure the equivalent item for that value). The console itself is hard to get, yet people are complaining that they're charging RRP for it.

    To top it all off, the pics clearly show it's a standard console. Unless you're blind, how can you mistake this for the limited edition one?

    You could buy this, sell Halo on eBay for whatever and still come out way cheaper than paying scalper prices.

    • +6

      I dont mind postage..

      the fact they trying to bundle an item, no one would normally buy, is the issue..

      Happy to pay RRP for a controller… at least that is of some use..
      but $100 for a game, that you can buy for $75, or get for free with game pass, which most existing Xbox users have, reeks of pure scalping.. and trying to take advantage..

      Bough lots of stuff from Gamenens in the past.. (including my XboX series X console with the expensive postage and insurance option.).. would have liked to continue to support the small bricks and mortar stores..

      But I will now think twice about buying anything of them again… with this sort of behaviour..

      • Nobody is making anyone buy this. They’re a small company that have limited stock of a limited item. In order to not actually scam people and sell above RRP, they try to make some profit by bundling with a game that they can actually have a margin on.

        For a small business this seems totally reasonable. Consoles and hardware have really low margins by themselves.

        • -1

          That's newegg style scalping mate. Which is despicable.

    • +2

      Just ignore 90% of comments on Ozb, too many normies and sheep who just upvote/downvote based on trends these days. But never form their own decision by thinking.

      Any one with half a brain can identify whether this is suitable for each individuals purchase decision.

      The fact that people downvote you in an attempt to censor you for just saying it as it is proves my point.

  • +4

    Typical gamesmen behaviour… This should be the price for the limited edition Halo console… Not their price hiked bundle. Filth.

  • +2

    Not special edition. Scalper price

  • Need more PS5

  • +3

    Bad price for what you're getting. You can play this game on Game pass for ~$16.

  • yeah game pass is good use it on my pc all the time.

  • +4

    This is the equiavlent of Newegg bundling flammable Gigabyte PSUs with Videocard, in order to shift stock they couldn't sell at RRP..

    No one in their right mind would pay the $100 RRP for the game..

    Pretty much, trying to scalp their stock at a hgiher price..

    • -3

      No it isn’t. This console sells like hotcakes at RRP. You’re trying to compare it with an item that they had to sweeten by including something else in your example. This isn’t it.

      This is a case of trying to make some profit on a hard get console with limited margin. It also prevents scalpers from simply flipping these on eBay for an instant profit.

      • It's the EXACT same as newegg style scalping.

        A hard to get item at RRP (GPU / XBOX) is being sold with an unwanted product they couldn't sell by itself at RRP (Gigabyte PSU / Halo Infinite).

  • +2

    Bad price, plus shipping.. Would be ok if its the limited edition, but its not.

  • +2


  • Too late, Sold out!

    Took 1.50 hours to sell out so it seems like demand is slowly dying

    • -1

      Good 1 I would have taken em all/1 if alerted .
      The thread full of clueless to people to market conditions .

  • +1

    Good riddance…

  • +3

    Gamesmen price hike items in demand and sell it above RRP.

    They even sell used items at eBay scalpers prices .

    • -5

      Yes and if they didn't they'd be out of business

      • +1

        Not really an excuse, hey. RRP should be the max any retail store charges for something. I know it isn't a law or anything, but in the court of public opinion it may as well be. You could excuse all types of bad business practices by saying "if they didn't they'd be out of business."

        • -1

          If you look at Google for Halo Infinite, the only sellers selling it for RRP or above are the small Aussie Businesses that have brick and mortar shops. I guess you'd look at that and say that it correlates to them not going out of business - EDIT: removing Kogan as its marketplace seller

          • @BLAIL: Sure, I get it. But why should supporting local businesses mean paying more than RRP?

            Places like Target would often sell games at a loss. It was to get you in the store and hopefully buy other stuff. I wouldn't expect small businesses to do the same, because they can't make up the difference with other stuff. But that's where RRP comes in. That's where diversifying or offering something that the big guys don't comes in.

            Selling an item at greater than RRP is something scalpers do. If a shop is scalping, then damn it, they SHOULD go out of business. You stay in business by offering something the big guys don't. Not by taking advantage of people who are trying to help you.

            (To be clear though, I know this deal is RRP. That's fine. But what I'm not fine with is the idea that it would be ok to sell for above RRP because you are a small business.)

            • @Morien: I understand what you’re saying - and after reviewing this whole post maybe it’s time to not post most small business deals from gamesmen on here as it seems to only bring more negativity than promoting the business

              • @BLAIL: No, no. Absolutely post deals. That's what the site is about. Reward the shop for the deals they have. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  • +5

    Negging for the $100 price tag attached to Halo Infinite.

    • That Halo console has crashed the price of the normal box by about $200 .
      Its going to force people to Dominos value pizzas pickup .

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