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Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Bluetooth Speaker (Night Black) $179 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is a supremely portable wireless speaker. Built tough, featuring loud, powerful 360° sound with thundering bass, it’s the ultimate party starter.

Features & details
SOUND MEGABOOM features powerfully loud, clear, and immersive 360° sound with deep thundering bass you can feel. All carefully balanced so you can hear every note.
MAGIC BUTTON The all-new Magic Button on MEGABOOM 3 allows you to play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker. Just push for convenient control of any streaming music.
FABRIC MEGABOOM 3 is covered in a two-tone fabric that’s tough and beautiful. Engineered for extreme performance and colored two ways, it comes to life in a range of drool-worthy iridescent themes.
POWER UP Charge MEGABOOM 3 wirelessly with POWER UP charging dock–sold separately–so you can grab-and-go, fully charged, to your next musical adventure.
WATERPROOF MEGABOOM 3 is designed to get seriously wet and keep on booming. Featuring a ridiculous IP67 water and dustproof rating, it can be totally submerged in water for up to 30-minutes. Plus, it floats too.

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  • Don't forget the officeworks price beat

    • They seem to have been out of stock for a long time, at least of the boom 3s

  • +12

    Micro USB charging.

    • +3

      Get the charging pad, works great.

      • -1

        Won't have a charging pad everywhere I go, especially bring these portable speakers around. So no go for me.

        • +6

          Unless you're staying out for a very long period of time, you're not going to be in a situation where you need to charge everywhere you go.

          I have a similar speaker and the battery lasts for absolutely ages. Depending on how much you use it, you can get a week's worth of playback time on a single charge assuming you playback everyday for about 2-3 hours a day (more than average listening time too).

    • +19

      You missed the magic word “mega”

      • +6

        My bad. Good price on Megaboom 3.

  • The newer booms don't support 3.5mm outputs do they?

  • +10

    I'd highly recommend getting an anker soundcore motion plus, better in every way and $119 aud right now on amazon. Had one last two years and it goes really hard and lasts forever.

    • +5

      Looks like a thorough comparison of the two here https://www.rtings.com/speaker/tools/compare/anker-soundcore...

      and here

      Anker has an AUX input for those interested,

    • +1

      Agreed. The only reason I would recommend the UE Megaboom 3 over the Motion Plus is if you absolutely need a 360 degree speaker.

    • +2

      2 very different speakers tbh, 360 sound of the megaboom not really comparable. However bang for buck the anker is great for directional

    • How would it go as a soundbar?

      • +1

        No personal experience, but these things focus on artificial bass, with a soundbar you want also to hear clear dialogues during movies

      • Soundbar you need that centre channel for voices otherwise it's a garbled mess. This wouldn't be good to use as one especially considering the inputs

    • +3

      Finally pulled the trigger a week ago on the Anker Soundcore Motion + when it dropped down to $118.99 delivered through Amazon and I love it. It stupidly loud and is great value for the price.

      I have it under my monitor currently wfh on low level and after 6 hours use it's dropped to around 95% battery.

      Just checked its still at the same price atm.

    • +1

      Thanks for the recommendation I ended up buying the Anker instead.

  • +1

    Was looking at the JBL Charge 5, how does this compare?

    • https://youtu.be/Rxvn5Fxm-Lw

      TLDW; JBL Charge 5 is the better speaker in the reviewers opinion.

      Interestingly though, the same reviewer compared the JBL Charge 5 and the Anker Soundcore Motion Plus and found the Motion Plus to be slightly better than the Charge 5 overall.

      But sound can be subjective so grain of salt.

    • +1

      I strongly recommend to test them yourself to avoid disappointment

  • +1

    Is it just inflation or Covid pricing/chip shortage etc causing price rises? Just noticed some deals as low as $124 on this (April 2019) and a fair amount around the ~$150 range, but haven't noticed any recently. It's not like this product (and others I've noticed with similar price increases) are brand new anymore, seems like a lot of stuff is 3 or 4 times the price it was just 2 years ago, even though it's the same product that's been out for years? Not like they're still trying to recover R&D or tooling costs etc anymore

  • I hate this thing.. the remote on/off feature drains the battery over time and every time I wanted to use it usually its dead.

    • +2

      Lol I can't believe mine is always charged whener I wanna use it. Feel like I'm never charging it and it gets loads of use

    • Yes a horrible update. I downgraded mine (original mega boom).

      Have you tried - deleting the app and then a factory reset? My understanding is from the factory the remote power on is disabled and is enabled the first time you connect the speaker to the app.

      In other words never use the app

      • Ah, wish I had known about this. Did that work for you? I ended up buying a JBL Charge 5 via TGG Commercial and have been happy with it since. Shame because the UE MB3 was on sale for a cheap price here ages ago.

  • +2

    I have 2 (Heineken deal) and they have been great for going camping. You can pair them in stereo using their app as well as turn them on or off remotely.

    • +12

      Hang on, yours got hit by a cricket ball and you're questioning why it broke?

      • +7

        Mine got hit by a nuclear warhead and they refused the warranty claim.

      • +1

        Haha, no I know exactly why it broke! Just questioning the 'virtually indestructible' claim.

        Great speakers, just don't hit cover-drives into them in the nets.

  • +1

    I have one of these. Good sound at around half volume, but bass disappears near high volume.

  • +2

    I have 2 of the original UE booms since August 2015!
    Both working well. Battery life amazing, still over 10 hours playing loud. Great in double up mode so sound in stereo. My friend had a megaboom and even better sound (much more base). Highly recommend.

  • +3

    Price back up to $249?

  • Shipping a full size container was $3k in 2019, now it's $9k. We should be glad things haven't tripled in price yet.

  • I have 2 of these. Battery last quite a long time and if you set them in "double up" they can get quite loud. I got them on sale for $160 each I think. Definitely worth it

  • +1

    picked up an anker motion+ let’s see how it goes

  • damn it OOS I was looking for this :(

  • These sound ok for the non-fussy listener, but if you like proper tight low down bass, these are not for you. They have an artificially boosted lower mid range that makes them sound bassy but they are not actually able to reproduce anything below about 80Hz.
    I bought 2 of these to replace my Sony XB30's but ended up selling them as the Sony's had way better bass, and a cleaner more detailed sound overall in my opinion. The MB3 did have a more "360" sound if that is your thing. YMMV.

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