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Lenovo ThinkStation P620, AMD TR-PRO 3975WX 32C/64T,128GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro RTX A5000 24GB $10,880 Shipped @ Lenovo Education


For those that may need a desktop workstation to run multiple VMs etc…. Normally $16999

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3975WX (32 Core / 64 Thread, 3.5 / 4.2GHz, 16MB L2 / 128MB L3)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64
  • Memory: 8x 16 GB RDIMM DDR4-3200 ECC (128GB Total)
  • Hard Drive: 2 TB HDD 7200rpm 3.5" SATA6Gb/s
  • Optical Drive: 9.0mm DVD±RW
  • Warranty: 3 Year Premier Support
  • AC Adapter: 1000W Platinum Fixed
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® RTX™ A5000 24GB
  • M.2 Storage Card: 512 GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 NVMe Opal
  • Keyboard: USB Traditional Keyboard, Black, English
  • Pointing Device: USB Calliope Mouse
  • Form Factor: Tower
  • Network Card: 1x 10GbE RJ-45
  • Second Video Adapter: None
  • 3Y Premier Support Upgrade from 3Y Onsite

I know having a 2TB HDD with this monster setup is strange, but the rest of the individual components would still cost more then this existing build.

AMD Threadripper Pro 3937WX achieves a Passmark score of 63031 for multi-threaded performance

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  • +22

    That's a spicy computer 🤌

  • +3

    But Will it play cyberpunk at 60fps?

    • +3

      No. Single thread performance sucks

      Just kidding. I have no idea.

    • Nothing can play that steaming pile of shit at 60fps.

      • Sure it can. With the graphics turned down anyway…

      • That's not true, even my old computer from 2017 could do that.

    • Easy. The A5000 is basically a RTX 3080 with double the ram and lower power draw.

  • +13

    I bet it's soldered ram

  • +25

    bought 10

    • is that all?

    • +5

      Yes, considering that Lenovo website says 34 people bought this today so far! (;-)

      • +1

        Interested to know if that’s global and at the same configuration. There’s also a non-zero number of people reselling them n EBay at market price..

    • Mining for nfts?

  • inb4 "single slot gpu??"

  • +8

    Thx bought it to play minesweeper

    • +4

      With 64 threads it seems you can play 64 games at once on this then!

      But not 65. Would probably need to upgrade to do that.

  • +9

    Needed a device to take to uni, bought this. What's the battery life like? Should I carry a charger just in case?

    • +3

      Should last you on a single charge. Hope it helps.

  • Holy F***

  • Can it mine enough crypto to pay itself off?

    • +14

      sure can if you bought it 10 years ago

    • In 6 to 7 years

    • +2

      This sort of PC favours mining actual minerals and metals to crypto, and in that case you will still be well in debt due to software costs once you pay off the PC itself.

      • Don’t lose the dongle for the software ;)

  • +25

    Thanks mate, my 7 year old kid needed a new computer for school.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Ordered. Will do nicely for browsing OzBrgaim.

    • Looks like your spellcheck needs an upgrade.

      This should have you covered for a few versions of MSWord…

      • Thats what browsing OzBargaim on iPad does to my fat fingers.

  • +10

    Well when I grow up I want to be a threadripper.

  • -2

    Better buy mac m1 max

    • +1

      Can't get 128GB RAM in M1.

      • +9

        But Mac is much better at utilizing RAM, so 16GB on the M1 is basically equivalent to 128GB in windows.

        • +7

          I hope you are being sarcastic!

          • +5

            @shellshocked: Thankfully, they labelled their comment as sarcastic, otherwise we wouldn't have known.

  • +18

    Anyone got a coupon for an extra $10 off?

    • +5

      Anyone got a coupon for an extra $10,000 off coupon? $880 is a student budget.

    • Shopback gives u 6% back so it is more than 10 bucks.

      • The provided coupon code in this deal is not listed on Shopback, so the cashback request will not be approved.

  • +6

    Thanks OP, my computer is out of battery, needed to order another

    • 10k how many battery you can get :o

  • +1

    At least they're using 8 DIMM slots to populate all 8 channels.

  • +11

    Bought it for the DVD R/W. Never get them these days and I have a pile of mix tapes I need to burn.

  • +1

    ”Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64” - huh? Windows 11 is where cool guys are at.

    • +2

      Windows 10 is preferred by Engineers/Workstation users for reliability

      • +1

        ….pretty sure it was a sarcastic comment lol

      • Not yet started using 11, unable to comment…

  • +1

    Pass. I need the one with the 64-core 3995WX CPU, 48GB Quadro A6000 GPU and 2TB of memory.

  • Is it touchscreen?

  • anyone not gettingthe sign up verification email? for a .edu.au email

  • +1

    just gonna be writing some assignments and browsing 20+ tabs of chrome for uh research, would this be suitable?

    • +3

      20+ tabs of Chrome requires quantum computing power.

      • Nah, you're thinking of MS edge.

        • +2

          Edge is chrome now. Which is a shame. It was better before!

          • @incipient: Really? I had no idea. Lol

            • @justtoreply: Edge and Chrome are based on something called Chromium I believe.

              Edge seems to be more efficient these days, have switched to it from Google chrome.

  • +16

    I setup a similar system(but more ram and windows server 2019) for my team as a bare metal 3d workstation (CAD/GIS/photogrametry). The Quadro cards are able to be shared across multiple logged in users. I think the max users we had was about 7 of us .. it was perfect for us going into lockdown to use for something close to our data centre and databases..

    • +3

      First valuable non-joke comment here (can we get a tag for serious/joke comments?)

      The price is obviously significant for a student, but as a classroom lab or test bed for an MSP it’s great value.

    • Multi user simultaneous login? How?

      • +2

        "windows server 2019"

        • Thanks :)

          We have W10 workstations but only allows one login at a time. Might ask boss to upgrade hardware and OS to Server.

  • A student cannot afford this, is it for the teacher to buy?

    • +2

      How rich do you think teachers are!??? Lol (obviously better off than a student hehe)

      • Nothing wrong with a teachers wage

        • +5


          I know experienced bridge engineers doing longer hours for less. So if all the teachers negging me think they can engineer a bridge then perhaps I'll adjust my point of view.

        • +1

          They also get 12 weeks holiday a year, yep nearly one quarter of the year. But they’ll tell you they’re marking papers during this time.

    • +1

      Lenovo Edu is for anyone with a recognised educational institution email.

  • +6

    No floppy drive, how am I going to play Commander Keen?

    • +1
    • +1

      Has anyone made a mini pc that has a single core CPU yet? Something that could play everything up until about Sam and Max era, windows 95, 32 bit, DOS mode. I want that nostalgic feel without having to run an emulator. The 64 bit era makes this too complicated and buggy.

      • +2

        I bought 486 motherboard and slowly rebuilding my first ever computer. Win95 and DOS!

        • Damn lol back when troubleshooting something could take days of tinkering… Brave man you are hehe

      • Install Windows 98 in vmware, then install the games within. It should solve the issues.

      • It's called weecee but the product is aimed for business who are still using legacy systems.

        • Found these things called Thin Clients, HP make them. Look like they'd do the job.

  • -1

    I wonder if this would be a good BTC mining machine

    • +2

      Would yield about $5 p/day

  • Can this think well?

  • Missed out on all those RAT deals today. I need a faster PC for this job. Can this one help me hunt down more deals?

  • Quick, buy two!

  • Honesty what's the use case of this beast? AI? ML?

    • Video editors, data/programming nerds who need to run multiple VMs or analyse enormous data sets. Researchers and computer nerds who need those tensorcores for MI/AL. Watch 4k60fps porn.

    • +2

      We use threadrippers for data mining financial market trading systems.

      • Mining real coins!

  • Bargain!

    • Good that this is not triggering scalper bots or it will be gone in no time.

  • Thanks OP! Now I can finally afford this on a student budget

  • +1

    Imagine all the girls you can get with this beast.

  • +1

    I know having a 2TB HDD with this monster setup is strange, but the rest of the individual components would still cost more then this existing build.

    Doesn't it also have a 512GB M.2 PCIE 4.0 SSD?

  • +3

    What advantages does this computer have over, say, a mainframe, which I could also afford? 🧐

    • It will consume considerably less power. At the high-end of the market, most customers are interested in the bleeding-edge, transformative next-generation technologies that can run programmable RGB effects.

      Personally, I’d go for this for style over substance…

  • +1

    Can it run crysis?

  • +1

    No RGB. Stoopid amateurs.

  • I was looking for this to play "go". Tried to order one but short of money in the bank by 10 grand…

  • Bought one for my nan to check email

  • Should have at least 64 gig, given I have to source it out with additional costs a no deal for me, the gpu's drivers are locked and while sli is possible on this GPU, it's essentially a 3090ti but underclocked.

    The only benefit to buy this machine would be to simply the burden of the shortage of supplies and leave it to the supplier to worry about.

    But overall all those parts (excluding the GPU, not that I'd recommend even if you're a scientific) would be easy to source pre-pandemic.

    Another reason why the 3080 and 3090 became the frontier the calper revolution started because the technology in those gpu's affordable and the timing of Ethereum, and the pandemic people went all in.

    You can't do that with quadro.

    • +1

      Some fair points but most of the tail end of this people are well aware of. They're also aware we are never going to be "pre-pandemic" ever again.

      • We are always pre-pandemic.

        • Australia was born pre pandemic, it's just America finally realised how easy it is to have homeless people explode on skidrow and prices their not use to.

          When a universal currency arrives I'm sure we can all agree on fairness

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