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[Prime] Tenda Nova MW5G Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (3 Pack) $95.40 Delivered @ Tenda Technology via Amazon AU


It's $20 more than last time. Still worth its price.
old link https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664216

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks for sharing op! Does anyone know if this replaces the modem if I’m on hfc nbn?

    • Nah you can't replace the nbn NTD. Who is your ISP?

      • Superloop

        • Plug in one of the Tenda into the nbn NTD. In the Tenda settings menu choose dynamic IP.

    • +2

      These don't have the input for the co-axial cable. You'd need to set it up as…

      wallplate <—-co-axial cable—> nbn modem ("ntd") <—ethernet cable—> base wifi module

      • Alright thanks for explaining!

  • Any wifi 6 mesh router deal? :(

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    A question from the ignorant - If I had a 100 Mbps NBN connection, would using this mesh be limiting to my end speeds?

    I know how much I don't know about wireless connections and have no confidence in making a decision with confidence.

    I want something that'll give me decent connectivity throughout the whole house and just work… without finding out 6 months from now I've bought something that isn't quite right.

    Maximum number of devices connected would probably only be 4 or 5 with 2 or possibly 3 of those seeing heavy use at any one time.

    • This will do the job very well unless you have a mansion.

      The setup is pretty easy too. Just ensure you place each node in an appropriate corner of the house to ensure uniform coverage.

    • I have the MW3 and it provides reliable internet throughout the house, it does slow the speed down by the third node but isn't likely to be an issue with your lower end use. I have 20 devices connected.

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    Tempting. Been thinking of getting google Nest wifi mesh but can't justify the price. Might give this a go.

    • +1

      Agree, especially as both are WiFi5. Have the older MW6 and it's a massive step-up compared to standard Wi-Fi (when not in the same room as the router).
      My high-bandwidth gear is Wired anyway.

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    Only recommended to use in bridge mode. I.e. have another router do the router stuff and use this as a dumb wifi extender mesh setup. Works well when you do this. There's a bug when used as a normal wifi router where uploads are crippled to 1mbps.

    • Yep… i have the very same crippling issue on my MW3.
      And Tenda support couldnt figure it out either.

      Also, note that the Nodes come paired from the factory.
      So if want to split the spare nodes off (ie to sell or giveaway), you MUST remove that node from your Mesh config first.
      Otherwise the new owner can remotely delete your Nodes !
      (I think theyre actually cloud connected, even if you dont have a Tenda account created).

      • Sounds like a backdoor to me lol

        • I reckon youre prolly right about that !

          Anything internet-enabled these days seems to be like that sadly.

          I set up Reolink CCTV NVR a while ago, and in the phone app, I only recall putting in the private LAN IP (ie 192.168.x.x).
          Later when i was away from home (ie on mobile LTE), I accidentally opened the app, and to my horror found i was able to watch all the camera feeds !
          I dont recall ever creating any Reolink account or enabling any internet-visibility to it.

          I think i really need to set up some sort of block on the router, I really dont want the CCTV to be internet-accessible, especially when I never even configured it.

          • @wildchill: most routers have UPnP so they get auto-configured when the NVR device talks to your router. I have reolink as well and had same scenario.

            My plex server did the same and is now accessible from internet without me adding any port exception on the router due to UPnP.

    • Ah damn it. That's me out then, I was going to do exactly that.

      Can't see the point if I'm going to have to spend more money on a separate router as well.

    • I use the nova as a router and don’t seem to have this issue. How can I check?
      Speed test shows normal 20mbps uploads

      • What's your setup? May depend on the NTD you use for NBN. I have HFC NBN

        • I think mine is FTTC. The primary Nova is connected to the NBN device.

      • My issue was really weird, when i was testing it in ROUTER mode attached to a Asus router, the upload would get crippled to 0.1Mbit.
        ie MW3 > AsusRouter > FTTCmodem

        But if i chucked a crappy old Sagemcom router in between, it would work fine and upload at the full 20mbit !??!
        ie MW3 > SagemcomRouter > AsusRouter > FTTCmodem

        In BRIDGE mode, it works flawlessless.
        So theres clearly is something wrong with the Routing engine in these Tenda things.
        I thought it was just MW3, but sounds like MW5 is no different.

        • How do you change the mode? Internet Settings?
          I see PPoE, DHCP, Static IP, Bridge
          I use PPoE directly connected to the NBN modem
          Are saying DHCP is flawed?

          • @choofa: Yep thats it.
            So PPoE + DHCP + StaticIP …. are all ROUTER modes… ie routes between two different networks (different address domains)
            While BRIDGE mode… bridges your devices onto the same network that your attach it to (same address domain)

            Not just DHCP, its all of the Router modes that are a bit screwy.
            Its a hit n miss too, coz works under some conditions but craps out under others.
            And no one seems to be able to figure out why.
            If its a firmware bug, surely they would have ironed it out by now.

    • Agreed.

      I use 4 of these across my house + backyard behind a mikrotik rb960 and it's a decent combo.

  • I bought 2 pack…one stopped working after 2 months. Reached out to Tenda seller in Amazon, they redirected me to the support. It's been more than a week and no response!

    • I bought a 2 pack off Amazon. One power supply died. I had to return both units for a refund. Got the money as soon as I had dropped it off for collection. Went back on Amazon and the 3 pack was only $10 more than the two unit refund. Bought and it got delivered in two days.

      • Mine was already outside of "Return" period :(

  • Mine arrived yesterday. Installation was too easy, and now I have 5GHz all over the house, instead of weak 2.4GHz and non-existant 5GHz in the corners previously.

    I have mine on 50mbs HFC NBN in bridge mode to an Asus RT-AC68U which I use for parental controls and better network management than available on the Tenda. I run my high bandwidth devices off a switch connected to the RT-AC68U, so not relying on Tenda bandwidth for work PC, server etc. So, basically adds better coverage and signal strength to my existing network, with minimal cost and very little trouble.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, would definitely recommend for the price (as long as you're not expecting too many advanced features and/or running 1000mbps internet).

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