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RightSign COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test 5pk $59.99 + Delivery ($0 with $89 Spend) @ AMCAL


5pack available for delivery only. Excludes WA, get in quick.

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  • Just brought 5pk.

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      Where did you bring it?

      • Hope OP isn't offended by this, but is this "brought/bought" thing due to dyslexia or some condition or a regional colloquialism? I'm in SA and have never seen or heard it used but seems quite common with eastern states peeps.

        • Wat.

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          Just a typo while posting deal on phone. Thanks for the info.

          Brought is the past tense and past participle of the verb to bring, which means “to carry someone or something to a place or person.” Bought is the past tense and past participle of the verb to buy, which means “to obtain something by paying money for it.”

      • To my house ;)

  • Price in title

  • Price updated.

  • +7.50 Delivery NSW metro or minimum spend 89$

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    $7.50 delivery to metro VIC. Please add to title '+ delivery'

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    Spinning wheel for my after having paid and hit 'order'.

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      Looks like they got ozbargained… Same to me…

    • Site is struggling for me too

    • getting a 502 error. server may have crashed

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  • Website is getting flooded!

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    I was rushing to post deal after I ordered, new to posting deals so apologies for mistakes.

  • Website has crashed.

  • Site down

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    Website crashed

  • Website down

  • can't even load the website

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    Error: Server Error
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
    Please try again in 30 seconds

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      The server is tested positive

  • arent they giving rats away now at testing sites?

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      How does that even work? Wait 8 hours in a line to get it? Avoid the covid positive people in some weird conga dance?

      • not really, they only give you 1 test, and it took me 30 mins(borderline reasonable) in and out.

        • where did you get yours? is it at all sites?s

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        I’d rather pay to avoid that dance!

        • Time is money

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        They're only giving them away if they've got stock. On Friday night, I was at my local pharmacy (Hurstville) when a woman who kept lifting her mask to cough and sneeze while queued behind me came in asking for RATS.
        She was quite obviously sick and told the chemist that despite symptoms she was turned away from a PCR test as she didn't already have a positive RAT and they'd run out. She claimed that she'd spent the day driving around pharmacies trying to find a RAT. As a result, I've spent the weekend too afraid to cuddle my unvaccinated daughters and mad at people's stupidity and selfishness.

        • Not sure why she was turned away as people who are symptomatic can still get PCR.

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        Remember Scovid when then federal election comes around shortly.

    • Yes and no. It depends on stock, you only get one and you need to be accessed. They aren't giving them to everyone who shows up.

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    Error: Server Error
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
    Please try again in 30 seconds.

    Definitely ozbargained.

  • Can you wipe your butt with these?

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      You can wipe your butt with anything

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      lol so true. over 3k clicks in 10mins

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    These shouldn't be on OzBargain because they should be free.

  • 502 Server Error

  • Is this some sort of a PayBack to WA for raising walls :)

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      They were illegal in WA until last night

      • They sure are seeing something we don't I guess…

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    how a bloody test is selling out like its immortal serum, is so sad at so many levels. what a wonderful world. it had to happen in time of internet, world was better when it wasn't connected that well. tired of this shit.

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      People are just like pregnant teenager. Keep testing in the hope they are not positive (when they got all the symptoms). People don't want to stay home, but don't want to catch it. People can choose the lesser evil.

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    site crashed.

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    RATs will be the PS5 of 2022

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      Nah, i disagree. We're just over a week into 2022 - they'll be just like hand sanitisers and masks - give it a few months and there will be no issues getting any at all.

      PS5s on the other hand remain a rare item more than a year after launch.

      • Let’s hope so.
        In 2 weeks time I have an interstate flight from VIC to QLD and it looks like almost impossible to get a test result 72 hours before my flight.

        • You don't need a PCR to land in QLD - you just need to sign a declaration that you have had a RAT or PCR and it was negative - its the good old honour system

          • @the-fuzz: But it says you have to show negative PCR result, and as for RAT You just have to verbally tell them your negative. That's the loophole "verbally" I also want to go to Qld in 2 days via driving but don't want to take risk. Waiting on my PCR but don't think it's coming within 72 hours.

            • @Inflow: Sorry late reply, that ended on the 1/1/22

  • I wonder why is WA always excluded. Do they get them for free or something?

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      Literally illegal to sell them till today in WA i believe.

    • WA don't have covid cases…do you want more people taking up supply from states that desperately need them?

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    Get them backorder here : https://www.apemedical.com.au/product/orawell-covid-19-rapid...

    Not sure about the website, seems legit

    • Saliva test is not equivalent

      • There is one saliva test in the very high sensitivity category.

        The one in the link is in the high sensitivity category.

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          There is one saliva test in the very high sensitivity category.

          That depends on how accurately you can spit…

      • Saliva test is more accurate for the omicron variant

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    I bought the same brand for $49.99 a couple of weeks back…

    Price jacking by $10 is not a bargain…

    • +2

      call it a public service announcement, if it makes you sleep easier.

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      Where can I buy one for $49.99 for delivery this week?

      • -2

        I don't sell them, you'll have to search for yourself.

    • +1

      so you wouldn't consider a bitcoin at $10k a bargain at the moment?

      • -1

        I can only give general financial advice in a forum

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          also sounds like you can't admit when you are wrong

          • -1

            @UNFKNBLVBL: About what?

            I paid $10 less for the same kit.

  • website got ozbargained

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    Also check https://findarat.com.au/ as well. It shows stores where the tests are available. I haven't tried it though.

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    I used it last night to get a pack after 2 tries, first Woolies was sold out, second I was able to get there in time to join the queue and buy a pack. I guess it depends on how soon you can get to a place after the report is listed on the website.

    Edit: this was meant to be a reply to the previous comment about findarat

  • High sensitivity TGA

  • You broke it

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    Website back up…….and it's sold out….

  • Site is back up and its sold out

  • annndd its gone…

  • It's quite interesting how prices just keep going up with every new stock batch.

    I doubt the supplier's price is changing.

    • Just like graphics cards.

    • +1

      I've got a pharmacist friend and that is exactly what is happening (supplier's price going up)
      My friend bought 1000 x 5 packs from his supplier for $60 each. that's what HE paid the supplier. He sold for $70 each
      Sold them in a day, too.

  • OOS

  • OOS now

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      AMCAL share price just went up 5% on the stock exchange…

  • Got a pack in my cart but won't let me check out. Really needed these.

  • OOS

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    OOS goddamn it

  • Out of stock now after website crash

  • The health and beauty section has gained a lot of subscribers since the RTA requirements.

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