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Donner Tape Delay Guitar Effect Pedal $52.49 (30% off) Delivered @ Donner Music


Pedal was originally $74.99 then with coupon code (TD30) comes down to $52.49 free shipped.

Highly responsive knobs
6 different sensitive knobs for controlling over delay Level, Time and Feedback for each channel.

Stereo delay pedal
Two independent delay channels and controls gives your tone a sense of space and substance in stereo setup.

Versatility delay pedal
White Tape provides the warm and organic tape delay sound and keeps decay of echo as natural as possible.
The maximum delay length 1000ms can suit for most kind of guitar playing.
Perfect for synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, and more .

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  • "Tape delay" = … Just another emulator
    More than a bit of artist licence there

    • +1

      Good chance its a PT2399 Delay (from my 3 mins of research it would appear to use this chip). Nothing wrong with the PT2399, its just been used to death in the past. However, personally, i would perfer an emulator for originality sake :)

  • +5

    "Ture bypass" printed right on the pedal.
    The quality must be amazing.

    • +2

      Lol. That's bad.

    • +2

      That's a typo obviously, it happens to the best of us. It should of course say "Turd Bypass" :-D

      • +1

        Sets your expectation for when the effect is engaged hah? lol

  • +5

    Nothing wrong with cheap guitar pedals. Everything has its own character.

    • +1

      Case by case… many that are not ture bypass have horrible, tone sucking buffers in them but no rules other than if it is useful, use it!

    • Very unhappy with Donner pedals, I personally won't buy again. Go with Mooer if you want cheap micros.

      • Build quality/sound? Or the ordering etc?

        • +1

          Both unfortunately.
          Phaser, meh kinda ok
          Chorus, sounds poor and poor build quality, something is loose causing intermittent drop outs and working through warranty
          Pitch shifter, delay in wet signal, gunna throw it in the bin.

          • @Dannyism: Thanks, that help me. I was considering giving them a go but will pass

  • Anyone own or try the wah pedal?

    • +1

      I haven't tried the Donner wah. But I bought the Hotone Soul Press II when it was on special for $114. It's now $117. Can be used as volume or wah. Has some more settings. I didn't want to pay crazy money for something that I won't use all the time. I'm pretty happy with it.


      • Same here about the spending crazy money, thanks. Would check out

  • It has independent LR, so you could run one channel into the other and come up with some crazy timings.

  • I stand at edge o' Grand Canyon, then I let it echo, echo, echo
    Got the mic up in my palm, I never let go, let go, let go
    Matter fact, the acoustics, they be enhanced, 'hanced, 'hanced
    Every time I'm rhymin', I'ma make you dance, dance, dance

  • +3

    Be careful while doing business with them. Last time when I bought an item from this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659211), they cancelled the order stating it went OOS but it took them more than 5-6 weeks to tell that. They told me that they will refund my money which they have not yet & am still following up. Shady business practice.

    • -1


      We're so sorry about this thing, please contact our customer service email again: [email protected], and please provide us with your order number, we will solve it asap.

      Sorry again.

      Donner Team

  • +1

    You can't get the original tape delays but this is the next best thing…friggin' exxy though.
    Unless you're in a studio,the OP's one is fine.

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