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[VIC, NSW] Large Coffee $1 @ 7-Eleven


From today to next Monday 17/01 get a large coffee for the price of a small one at 7/11

Unfortunately only VIC and NSW.

Edit: [NSW Only] May be able to stack up with shopback cashback on coffee (up to $5) thanks user zackeroo Mod: 7/11 is not part of that deal.

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    You mean 11/01 to 17/01?

    • Yes today to next Monday. I'll fix the OP.

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      You mean 11/1 to 17/1 at 7/11?

      • Stop making my brain hurt! Lol.
        (angry upvote)

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    This doesn't shows in my app

    • It's not in the app, it was advertised in store and on the page linked to this post.

  • Is a large normally $2 at 7-eleven?

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      Regular $1, Large $2 and Super $3

      • OMG - save $1 !? That's gotta be worth a trip across town …

  • I usually get 2 shots in my $1 small coffee, how many can fit in a large?

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      Depends whether you get latte or espresso.
      Surely you can fit more than 2 espresso in a regular cup?
      Note: I do not recommend either from an ethical or health point of view

      • 2 short blacks, then top up with hot milk.
        Thinking a large should fit 5 short blacks and some milk, but that might be excessive (and it's a long time to be standing at the machine).

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          I recall seeing a youtube video that the amount of liquid in the 7/11 small, medium & large coffees isn't much different due to the shape of the cup.
          (i.e. the primary difference is the number of shots)

        • Or just grab a small cup, hit the Large button, take your free extra shot and walk away while the milk keeps pouring out, doing your best "hmmm why is that happening?" expression.

    • I do that with the regular (large). Run a short black and then run a small latte cup. gets close to the top of the medium cup and just top it up with hot milk.

      • How do you do short black? All the machines I’ve used only have long black as a non-milk option.

        • its only in the small cup options. Press small cup and you'll see the option for short black or espresso depending on the machine.

          • @Nos 4r2: Cheers, I’ll have a shot at it tomorrow.

    • How do you use the coffee machine?

      Ive never been 7/11 before

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    They're normally cheap anyway. And actually decent coffee (for the price).

    Grateful for 7/11 as a shift worker

    • They were better, but I reckon they have changed to cheaper beans

      I have nothing to back this up but remember when they ran their free coffee promo a year or so ago? I think it was free coffee if you BYO cup.

      I reckon they used that promo to change over to cheaper lower quality beans without anyone causing a hissy fit, cbeause who is going to complain when its free right? Then the promo ended and because everyone had been drinking those beans for a few weeks already they stuck with the new beans and no one noticed.

      • That was back in September 2019, so a while ago already.

        • and they haven't run it since right? Pretty odd to run it as just a one off promo.

          • @Nos 4r2: They've done bring a friend offer a few times, but I don't think they've done BYO cup free coffee since.

            • @ShouldIBuyIt: BYO cup would probably trigger too many of the covid paranoid types these days? I was at Woolworths/Ampol last week and they still have signs up saying no BYO cups.

              • @mapax: I think it was just a marketing exercise back in 2019. I wasn't aware of 7/11 coffee beforehand nor that it was actually decent. Maybe they just entered the market?
                You can still BYO cup, covid is airborne

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        Also Seven-11 corner of Elizabeth and La Trobe (Melbourne Central) has a soy milk machine. That's the one I typically go to!

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      Coles coffee is terrible. Bitter flavour. Not nice. 7/11 isn’t amazing but at least drinkable

      • +1

        Tried Coles Express coffee this morning due to a flybuys promo and agree that it tastes more bitter and a funny aftertaste than 7-11's.

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        agreed - tried Coles World Square coffee on some free voucher once - nasty taste - never again for me

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    Some United service stations in Melb have additional dedicated Soy & Almond milk coffee machines - an extra 50cents

    • So does it end up being $1.5 for regular latte soy/almond?

  • This paired with the 100% cashback on coffee makes for a caffeinated next few days :)

  • Literally just bought a small coffee at lunch time and paid for $1…and saw this deal now :(

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      Same, I saw the sign next the coffee machine only once it started to pour. Oh well, tmr.

  • Edit: [NSW Only] May be able to stack up with shopback cashback on coffee (up to $5) thanks user zackeroo

    Isn't that only for the coffee shops specified as shop in store venues under Shopback? Things like Oliver Brown and Rusty Rabbit, not 7/11.

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