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[TAS] 100% HECS Waiver Undergraduate Certificate in Fermentation @ UTAS (Workshop Attendance Required)


New certificate added in Fermentation with UTAS for those that want to take their home beer brewing, cheese making or wine making knowledge to the next level. A new hobby or upgrading your skills for a business?

"Sem 1 | Online | No tuition fee

Gain a foundation for establishing home-based fermentation activities such as brewing beer, making cheese, and creating a fine wine, with practical skills and knowledge sought after by the fermentation industry."

Note: From a check of the subjects it looks like only Semester 1 is online, semester 2 is not showing as available online :(

Part of this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/675872 although this is a new course so put as a new post for those that are interested

Notice: Please note for units ZAS123, ZAS121 and ZAS117, "Hobart and Cradle Coast students will need to travel to Launceston to attend a 3-day workshop for this unit"

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  • +4

    Doesn't seem to be an online option :(

    • +1

      for a second I read as feminisation

      • +8

        Given the current state of universities, it would not surprise me.

        • +1

          What’s wrong with the current state of universities?

          Outside the US and UK, Australia has the best universities in the world.

      • -5

        Feminisation 😆 🤣 😂. Good one.

        Check out Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube on "feminism" 😆 🤣

    • That is true. Only Semester 1 is online, semester 2 is not showing as available online :(

      • +13

        Seems designed so you move to Tasmania in Semester 2 and facilitate the supply of beer to Tasmanians.

        • -1

          They need it, pretty basic craft beer scene down there

          • @Nalar: Is this a joke? They’ve had some of the best craft beer in Australia for at least 10 years

          • +1

            @Nalar: Dude! You have no idea.

    • The course has a 3-day intensive in Hobart in the second semester for the Applied Microbiology unit. All other units can be completed online.

  • I assume it means the cost of this course is waived and not 100% of your hecs debt is waived right?

    • +4

      Unfortunately yep:

      you can complete all four units of your certificate without tuition fees

      • +1

        why unfortunately?

        does the course fees gets transferred to a govn debt that we have to pay eventually? (curious and dont know)

        • +3

          because I already have a lot in my HECS :p

          so 100% of my HECS would be a lot more than just the fees from this course.

      • +3

        ELI5: why is that a bad difference?

        • +3

          People with large HECS debts would be interested in doing this course if it wiped all of their HECS debt.

          • @mskram: Lol. Seriously, people think UTAS would be picking up $100k HECS debts left right and centre so folks can do a free course on fermentation? I'd love to be at the faculty meeting where an idea like that was suggested.

      • No tuition fees means it wouldn't add to your hecs debt?
        Your hecs doesn't cover the full cost of the course, theres a portion that is paid by the gov in any CSP place, that you don't have to repay.

  • +1

    Undergraduate Certificate in Fermentation

    Wino's rejoice!

  • Anyone know if UTAS is going online this year? I'm attending AMC rn and kind of not wanting to go over back to launceston because of the COVID situation

  • +3

    Be careful everyone, I remember reading that you only have a limited number of CSP's. If you're planning on further study it's not a great idea to waste them on short courses like this

    • +6

      saving people a google search


      A Commonwealth supported place (CSP) is a place at a university or higher education provider where the government pays part of your fees.

    • +2

      Do you have a source for this? I couldn't find anything except for the loan limit for HECS-HELP.

      • +1

        An ozbargain comment where the person seemed very informed and certain of their words

      • +2

        This poster is correct, it's a change that has come in this year and was part of that job ready graduates package the Lib govt implemented.
        If you google Student Learning Entitlement you will get more information, but basically now you will only have access to 7 years of CSP support, after that it's full fee.

        • Surely after 7 years of CSP support the learned individual would have amased so much knowledge that they would have set up multiple passive income streams and could thus afford to pay full fee onwards for any discipline of their choosing.

          • -1

            @t_c: Maybe if it was 7 years of TAFE courses

        • Thanks for the info, so really it wouldn't affect the vast majority of people.

          • +1

            @alcadive: Not really, and you can still access help loans for the full fee portion if it takes you longer than 7 years anyway.

            What concerns me more is the gradual erosion of access to education. I don't really want to see an American style of university here where only those wealthy enough to afford it can access it.

            • +1

              @shtgnjns: Yeah I would much prefer we follow European countries' examples like Germany where it's free and you get government living support as well.

    • +1

      You will be in a pickle then

    • +3

      I don't think is true, if it is, there's no reference for it.

      There's a limited number of CSP places in each course. There's a HELP limit, but that's how big your loan can get, these don't count because you don't owe any money.

      • It will still consume your CSP allowance. The course isn't free, it's discounted. Your portion of the course costs - which you would normally get a hecs loan for - are waived.
        The portion the government pays is taken by the uni, and will appear on your record

  • +1

    perhaps only useful for those planning to enrol in it already.. if you are not willing to do the course for a fee then it's not something you should waste time on for free. most likely you'll see a large number drop out after the first 2 weeks and a waste of everybody's time

  • +6

    Something smelly about this offer…

    • +14

      Jokes like this just show your lack of culture.

      • -1

        :) i don't think the person who negged you got the joke

        • -2

          Penny finally dropped. Neg removed :)

    • +1

      Agree, suspect something is brewing

  • +9

    Does it come with edu email?

    • +9

      Asked in true OzBargain fashion.

      • +1

        Is there any other use for Undergraduate Certificate in Fermentation?

        • I mean, I would still do the course because I like making beer, but this is still a pertinent question.

          • +1

            @kiriakoz: Can't you just find course book and read it? Or just watch hundreds youtube videos.

    • I just finished my free certificate of sustainability with UTAS, and I believe I now have an edu email address for life.

      • I signed up for another course last week but just wondering, do you get a student card from the uni or anything like that? For example, is there a way to get student discounts from physical stores that have student prices?

  • +7

    The basket weaving course was the highlight of UTAS years ago.

  • +3

    Imagine if you paid for this, you'd be stewing

    • +6

      Offering a few extra places for a course like this costs peanuts. Australian wine, dairy and other relevant industries employ lots of people, including many in small businesses in regional areas.

      Those businesses need people with skills to not only make products of a high quality, (supporting primary producers in the process) but also to test and verify that products are consistent and safe, which is where I’d expect to see many grads end up employed.

    • +6

      Quite a few countries are offering entirely free Uni education. It's considered a good investment in knowledge based economies.
      But I guess still enough coal and ore left so no need to change what's working.

      • -3

        If it is necessary and in demand the market can do it.

        Not the usual taxpayers.

        • +1

          If it is necessary and in demand the market can do it.

          And we wonder why the country is going broke

          • @Soave: I know!

            If we all rely on the govt to pay our way, we will run out of high income earners who subsidise our lifestyles.

            Our govt is already broke.

            • +1

              @mdavant: Mate I'm sorry but I don't agree with you.

              The market has already created the demand for these skills. The course offers skills that industry needs, translating to better jobs, more productivity and more tax being paid. A small brewery or dairy or whatever can't whip up an accredited certificate course for their one or two employees in a way that's economical.

              Adding a few free places to an existing course isn't a huge burden on the economy and at worst, it helps UTAS (in Australia's poorest state) keep the lights on. The market might say: shut UTAS down and have students move to the mainland and pay for their education but we might disagree at that point. ;)

              • -3

                @Soave: I never said they design a course, but they can fund the hecs for the employee.

                There is no need for taxpayers to pay more for uni if the course leads to jobs and jobs that pay well.

                Our country is in insane amounts of debt, public agencies such as most universities should provide courses with good job prospects at an affordable cost to society.

        • Poverty isn't a choice.

          Oh, I'm sure they could get loans at 8% for their 40k basic degrees like they do in the USA. Your banking shares will love it. Thats what the 'free market' provides and the free market is perfectly efficient isn't it?

          I agree with the premise of your comment, but it won't work out the way you think.

          • +1

            @Shacktool: I am not saying to pay full price for a course.

            Current hecs is fair and reasonable.

            No need to further subsidise it to zero cost for a job with promise.

            The alternative argument is stuff it make all uni free and go down the debt gurgler even more quickly.

  • Only showing as on campus for me. No online left?

    • +1

      You can complete units fully online except for the ZAS121 Applied Microbiology Unit which has a 3-day workshop in Hobart. All content and tutorials for all units will be online.

  • Is this the coalition's idea of restarting the Australian manufacturing industry?

    • +1

      It's the coalition's way of presenting the Universities with a giant briefcase full of cash without it looking like a giant briefcase full of cash.

      • Bahaha
        Fair point.

  • Will they teach me how to make kimchi as well?

    • -1

      Yes by COVID+ Mr Kim Chi who will spit on you if you do it wrong

  • -1

    Stop wasting our tax dollars on this trash.

    • +2

      agree. this belongs in a tafe course, not a university

      • +1

        TAFE is tax payer subsidised too

        • +1

          I know that. I'd be surprised if the cost per student is the same for tafe & university though

          • +2

            @poulay: Wait you agree with the guy who said it's waste of tax dollars because it's trash, however you think it's not trash if slightly fewer tax dollars are spent teaching the same thing at TAFE? What's your calculation there?

            • +3

              @Soave: i think this kind of course doesn't belong in a university, particularly 100% funded, and i stand by that

              • @poulay: It's ended up 100% funded via loopholes the university is abusing.

                I agree, these aren't university courses. But if you call it a university course you can access the university HECS system, which considers these units in a science degree, and pays the university a lot more per unit than the TAFE system would.

                For 4 units, the university is making $4187 for this course, per student.

                $16396 (total funding) - $8021 (student contribution - waived) - divided by 2 (as 4 units = 6 month load)


    • Government wastes far more tax dollars on far more useless trash than this lol.

      • Two wrongs make a right or well if Scomo does it I can do it too?

        • Well I'd say tens of millions being wasted on an overpriced airport land deal (for example) is a far more pressing issue. This education deal is a drop in the pond of reckless spending.

  • +1

    Apparently fermented foods are good for your belly.

    • Not for those on low FODMAP????

  • I sent an email about this course (specifically the lab days) and was advised by UTAS Domestic Student Recruitment that:

    "Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    Our 2022 unit structure for this course has been updated.

    Undergraduate Certificate in Fermentation (Z0P) is available on campus only."

    Could be a big consideration for some.

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