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½ Price Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $9 (Min Qty: 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


OzBargain's favourite olive oil on discount at Amazon (price matching Woolies)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Min Qty: 2

  • Best retail olive oil by far, for taste raw anyway

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      Not even close. Even the Coles and Aldi one are better than this:


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        This review is about taste, which is highly subjective - not the quality of the product with respect to nutrition. None of the Spanish oils would get a mention as most of the antioxidants would have degraded due to storage and shipping.

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        Choice SELL their "recommends" tag.

        • I work in competition and consumer law space and no reviewer is as good or independent as Choice. And none of the olive oils on that list contain a "recommends" tag.

          • @DreaminBargains: They have "Recommended" tags. Being slightly pedantic?

            • @bargainshooter: Both are correct. Some of their tags don't say recommended or recommends. But a couple of categories does have "recommended". The recommends and recommended is added by the retailer for the ones that do not have the description.

              For example "tag" followed with "recommends this product".

        • I think you're confused, Brands can'tt buy the recommended TAG in Choice Magazine, but if they are awarded a recommended tag in Choice they can pay to use "recommended by Choice Magazine" etc on their product or in their advertising . Which is interesting I don't know why they would have to pay, trademark law I guess.

          • @bobvegas: They are not funded so they they rely on subscriptions and other avenues to make money to keep the business going.

  • Does this spoil if it's unopened? 2 is too much for me so I'm wondering if the unopened one will keep for a while…

    EDIT: Not to worry, this problem solved itself. Sold out XD

    • Don't worry you didn't miss out.

    • Its on sale at woollies $9. then u can get just one.

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    Why would you buy from this tax-dodging multinational when it's available from your local Australian owned supermarket at the same price?

    • You posting that on ozbargain is like insulting god in a church

    • You missed “unethical practices”

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      While I agree with your sentiment, you missed the bigger picture still …
      BlackRock and Vanguard Own the World
      With $20 trillion between them, Blackrock and Vanguard could own almost everything by 2028.

      There is a high probability that they own some of the shares in those supermarket … In another words, they couldn't careless where you spend your $9 or $900 … It still goes to two companies …

    • Please explain. I'm trying to buy Australian product as much as possible and these guys claim they are all Aussie

      • The oil is produced from Australian-grown fruit by an Australian-owned company so no issues there. But Amazon is a tax-dodging multinational, known for employing unethical practices in its business. So my issue is with the retailer. Woolworths is at least at Australian listed company which pays local taxes on its profits, and is currently selling this product for the same price.

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    There’s no way you can economically produce olive oil at $9 a litre…

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      Correct. The very basics escape people. Search Olive Oil Fraud.

      • I thought that was imported Olive oils

        Any reliable reports/test of non pure Olive oils that are made in Australia? e.g. from Cobram or Red Island?

        FYI- Cobram owns Red Island

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          I think it's unlikely that Cobram sells fake olive oil through Red Island. Lower quality sure, but outright fake would be such a huge scandal in Australia.

    • Maybe if you're picking and pressing it by hand.

      I'm sure the Cobram owners aren't exactly struggling. Plus they have slowly been increasing their prices over the years.

      If I can buy milk for $1.30 a litre (up from $1/L where farmers were struggling) then I don't see why olive oil at $9/L cannot be economically viable.

      • Milk is different though because it’s partially subsidised by the gov and doesn’t have GST in the price

  • Oh not Cobram?

  • After trying that sample pack my go to is Cobram now can definitely taste the quality.

  • Woolworths stores & online have the same deal on their current promotion.

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