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ASUS RT-AX86U Wi-Fi 6 Router A$395.99 + $36.99 Delivery (Import) @ Techinn


ASUS RT AX86U for A$395.99 + delivery

Been looking around for this and seems to be cheapest but the delivery seems to be a bit of a mess. For me based in VIC/MELBOURNE - AU36.99. Also not sure about the vendor either.

But cheapest around so far.

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    The company website is showing its based in Spain. No wonder shipping is high.

  • WiFi 6E (extended) is coming!

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    Good price but not the cheapest I have seen recently, I would also be a bit cautious about the vendor, not sure if getting support would be an issue if you ever had trouble with the router?. They regularly come up for $419 with free shipping from vendors based in Aus so might be worth hanging out for one of those?

  • Recently bought a couple from Wireless 1 at $419 apiece, free shipping - https://www.wireless1.com.au/asus-rt-ax86u-ax5700-dual-band-.... Currently out of stock, but I would expect them to likely have fresh stock soon, or you could just query with them.

    Or you could pay extra now, for the special red (does that make it go faster?) Gundam Zaku II version - https://www.wireless1.com.au/asus-rt-ax86u-gundam-zaku-ii-sp....

    Was completely happy with my purchasing experience from them.

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      Wow thats a good price considering free shipping and more reputable.

      Mm.. :/ maybe my first deal posted isn't a real bargain :/

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        Every positive thought and contribution is valuable and to be welcomed. One thing leads to another, too, and without your post I and others would perhaps not had the opportunity to contribute other ideas / sources.

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      Do I want to pay $89 to make a router that I'm never ever going to look at red instead of black?

      You know what, yes, yes I do!

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