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James Bond - 'The Daniel Craig Collection' 4K (including 'No Time To Die') $49.99 @ Apple iTunes


Pretty good value considering the collection has 5 movies, including 'No Time to Die' which is ~$25 on its own.

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    Not bad if you want to own them - it's worth mentioning that the other 4 are on Stan though (in addition to all previous movies).

    • +20

      You don't own them. You get a license to watch.

      Apple or which other provider can decide to pull the movie and you're SoL

      • +39

        The new 007: License to watch.

      • +2

        Thats why I only get itune movies when they hit $4.99, which is at least once in the year for some titles during a sale.

        • +1

          This. $10 per movie is not a good deal, they all usually hit $4.99 after a year or two.

      • is it?

    • Not on Stan anymore

      • Still there for me

      • +4

        All the Bonds are back on Stan :)

        • Did they sign a new deal or something ?

          • @Griffindinho: Yep, I assume they did

            • @zynlg: Yeah I thought I was going crazy!
              I remember seeing them all there a fair while ago, then when I went to rewatch the current series I couldn't find them anywhere!
              Ended up sailing the 7 seas for them before seeing No Time To Die.
              Then recently jumped back on Stan and see them all there again!

    • You awesome person! I didn't realise that Stan had the James Bond movies back again after losing them for a while. 👍

  • Nice. Now the question is, if you're not into the apple ecosystem (apart from iPhone) can you still steam this on say a Google Chromecast/FireTV or do you need an AppleTV?

    • I would say you need either an Apple TV or a TV with the app built-in (like some Samsung TV's).

      • +5

        LG tv's also allow for Apple tv now I believe.

      • And newer Sony TV's have the builtin Apple TV app which works nicely.

    • +7

      Chromecast and firetv both had Apple TV app.
      So yes. U can watch it.

    • +1

      There’s an Apple TV app on the Google tv chromecast I have. I’ve never purchased an movie through it but I can see this bundle available to buy in there.

    • +3

      You can use the Apple TV app on Amazon Fire TV sticks, I've got one of these Fire TV Stick 4K Max, they are available for $59 at this time for Prime members, I paid a little more. It works for me.

    • I still don't understand how walled garden apple allow people to use apple TV from non apple devices, and if so why can't we use an apple watch on android

      • Cause apple TV on Android is just an app, whereas Apple watch is an OS.

        • They clearly want more people using Apple TV, but not using their watches. They must think not making their watches compatible draws more people into their ecosystem. It was the same iTunes, they didn't want anyone with nonapple devices using it back then, but they are happy for people to use Apple Music now with android

          • @Jackson: You do realise their watches are not licensed to third parties maker for the same reason they don't license appleOS to third party maker.
            It's like complaining you can't install android on AppleTV.
            They are clearly sticking to the business model who made them a trillion dollar company.

            • @ShouldIBuyIt: I am not expecting them to allow others to licence the watchOS for manufacturing, I just expect them to work with the most popular OS in the world being Android. Everything runs over BT and wifi, the richest company in the world could easily do it

              • @Jackson: Ok my bad, I now understand you're trying to sync your Apple watch with an android phone. The android market is so fragmented it would be a pain to support each version/maker. Can't really blame Apple here (and I'm not even a customer)

                • @ShouldIBuyIt: That's what they say, but dozens of companies with less resources do just that, which makes the claim sound disingenuous

    • +1

      You can't cast it from your iPhone but you can cast it from an Android phone if you got an Android phone/tablet. You can download the Apple TV app on most Android TV OS and on most Android phones which allows you to watch purchase shows. I got a Chromecast with Google TV that I've installed the Apple TV app which allows me to watch movies I bought on Apple TV if that helps.

    • There's apple TV app on most of the systems, Google TV, Android TVs, Xbox, Playstation, Fire TV etc.

  • solid value

  • +1

    Hmmm … says bundle is in HD = 720p … would want these to be in 4K to spend that sort of money, especially considering the "license to watch" nonsense.

    • +1

      Yeah, it's odd, if you click through each movie, it shows 4K … perhaps someone whom did buy it can tell us if it is really 4K for each of them.

      • +2

        I can confirm each of the movies appears as 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision for me. 'No Time to Die' also has Dolby Atmos

  • -1

    Or you could probably buy the Jason Bourne movies cheaper, Daniel Craig isn't Bond, all fists and no thinking.

    • +1

      More importantly the writers have decided to make him "vulnerable". That would work with a lot of characters but James Bond is the quintessential alpha male fantasy and as such all the guys want to be him, all the girls want to sleep with him, and he never loses or faces harsh consequences. He is above and well past any failures or lost loves. If you make him a tragic aging figure that can't save himself or those he loves, and is beaten down by stronger characters (regardless of gender), the spell of that fantasy is broken and it might as well be a bad Hallmark movie.

      • +4

        What worked in the 60s doesn't necessarily work in the 2020s.

        • -1

          It's working is it? That's news to me. Who is this Bond for? You've lost the old fans and I'm not sure they've gained any new ones. Not to mention the ending of the last one doesn't exactly leave the door open.

          • @syousef: At the end of No Time to Die it showed (as usual), "James Bond Will Return". Now sure, that could be in an ashtray on the mantelpiece, but still 😊

      • +2

        Nonsense. Bond married Tracey in OHMSS and there are numerous references to him still being sad about her death in subsequent films. He puts flowers on her grave in For Your Eyes Only and look at his face in License to Kill when he’s asked about weddings. He expresses pain every time it’s bought up.

        No Time to Die has many call backs to OHMSS (including some wonderful musical stings), and is clearly meant to be a reboot of that relationship.

        Bond has always been more nuanced than some teenage fantasy of the ‘alpha male’.

        • OHMSS? Are you kidding me? Lazenby? The Bond they would rather have forgotten at the time. This supports what I said.

          Then you take a handful of nods to his past to mean that he can repeatedly have his butt kicked and still be Bond. NOPE.

          Bond really IS NOT more nuanced than the quintessential male fantasy. Heroism, chase scenes, fights, gadgets, and everything going his way is 95% of the screen time the character is remembered for, not him skulking around graves.

      • +1

        Somebody call this alpha male a wahhmbulance.

        • I'm not the guy downvoting everyone. Do you always respond so maturely and with such convincing logic?

    • +1

      It’s actually close to how Fleming wrote him in the novels. I think it’s been rather refreshing to have a Bond as originally written after Brosnan’s sad impression of Moore.

  • Getting Craig in to do Bond with fighting sequences is ridiculous! Bond has a PPK for a reason. Deadly assassin not to shoot up the joint.

  • Good deal

  • how do you buy? cant see a price

  • Licence to watch? Lol

  • Licence to… fuhgeddaboudit. nuff said.

  • No time to Die was the worst of the lot.

  • Thanks Op, couldn't resist

  • Any way to watch No Time to Die, apart from cinemas and this deal? (and not torrents)

    • +2

      Can buy it on Google Play Store or Amazon Prime

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