This was posted 4 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Emerald Planet 10 Yr Battery Powered Smoke Alarm with RF (Wireless Ready) $49.50 (Was $77) + Delivery @ Homewatch Security


Non-Removable Lithium 10 Year Battery
RF Interconnectable with up to 40 Alarms on one Wireless Network
Can connect to Smoke Alarm Controller
Indicator Lights for Test/Hush/Silence and Fault Warnings
CSIRO ActivFire Listed
Meeting Australian Smoke Alarm Standards AS3786:2014

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  • So this will satisfy insurance companies too? I’m not an expert on these so just checking

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      For Victoria at least, "Homes constructed after 1st August 1997 must have smoke alarms connected to 240V mains power and have a backup battery. Homes constructed before 1st August 1997 may have smoke alarms powered by a battery."

      This one is only battery powered, so I don't believe it would satisfy the requirements depending on when your house was built.

      • That’s sounds a bit dated as the alarms now are meant to work for 10 years and then shut down to be replaced. They must also be interconnected.

        In Qld it’s something like you will need one in each bedroom, living rooms and interconnected so a normal house/unit will prob need at least 5 of them.

        All rentals were meant to have them the start of the year.

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      Meta the new standards for rentals in QLD that came in on the 1st of January. Also a compulsory Qld update on 2027 for all homes i believe

  • EMERALD PLANET 10 Year Battery Powered with RF (Wireless Interconnectivity Ready) Usually $77 Now $49.50

    Battery powered what? Product in title!

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    Note that some places such as here refuse to sell Emerald Planet smoke alarms due to poor customer reviews

    Also note a 7-year warranty on a 10-year product….

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      Bit of a dodgy claim on their part. To list a bunch of products and imply that they're no good should require a lot more than an expectation of trust in a small, unknown business .

      • Don't disagree - just pointing it out. They invite people to contact them at the bottom of the page if they want to know more about why they don't sell them.

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          I can't help but think that it's not entirely coincidental that 3 of the 6 brands he lists are the 3 that Bunnings sell.

    • A bit like LED lights. Offer 20,000 hours, yet 2 years warranty….

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    Purchased two of this model last time it was on sale in November 2021 plus controller.
    Installation straightforward to connect the two detectors to controller. Controller is a nice design with wall mount.

    Have been installed for just over 2 months. Had no burnt toast incidents to test yet but the manual test from the controller working fine.
    Have had two "false alarms" where both have gone off for no apparent reason. Not ideal but not too big a problem as controller turns them off quickly.

    • I replaced a bunch of Bunnings-sourced 9V units that constantly false alarmed with these units, which have worked perfectly for three months now. One "test" (involving a cooking incident) showed they work perfectly, and happily there are no longer daily notifications that your toast is ready.

  • Picked up 14+2controllers from these guys a few mornings ago. Still in boxes, haven't had time to install them.

  • Got three of the interconnected ones a few months ago. No issues at all thus far. Haven't had any false alarms (or real ones). Might burn some toast to test it one day

  • They have the 240v ones on special for the same price as well for anyone wanting a wired model

    • Doesn't look like the 240V come with the Wireless Module included

  • I'll just add that these guys have a physical storefront, supply a lot of the local fire and security guys, and are very helpful to boot. Not associated with them in any way except as a customer.

  • Just wanted to ask if anyone has received/installed these? I am thinking of buying a bunch, I have a multi-storey house, do they have good range on the RF? There is also a granny flat studio in the garden that I want to have coverage for so if there is a fire in there, the alarms will go off in the main house too. Thanks!

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