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[eBay Plus] Wahl Extreme Grip Pro Cordless Hair Clipper $24 Delivered @ Shaver Shop eBay


45-minute run time off a full charge
Non-slip grip for more control when cutting
Detachable, washable blade
Rotary motor gives the power for a smooth cut and quality finish
Lightweight for easier handling

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        There's a glitch in the matrix.

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          The glitch is that they made more than 1 movie

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        Yeah, I did it on purpose, I took these downvotes so you could enjoy your upvotes, no regrets

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          Yeah, I did it on purpose

          So, you stated the wrong brand name even though the name "WAHL" is spelt out very clearly in clear contrast on the product itself, and on the deal title?

          • @DoctorCalculon: Yeah I did it on purpose, I remember seeing this deal before and saw that no one had commented on this new deal. So I copied the first one comment from the previous deal and pasted it on this deal as the first comment. Definitely a joke poorly executed but like I said, no regrets

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    2022, year of the baldies.

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      I wish it was only a year for me…

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        Be proud and aerodynamic mate.

        • Whoosh! 😁

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          Yeah, I embraced the chrome dome long ago. Would still love to have a good head of hair again though.

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    Thenks OP, hot 1. Wanted 2x but coupon can only be used once

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      How hot are they?

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    Got one. $99.95 regular price.

    More "bargains" available too at SS ebay shop - (well significant reductions of SS inflated prices anyway).

    New Wahl Groomsman Pro Sport Beard Trimmer was $79.95 now $34.95

    New Skull Shaver Beast Clipper Pro Hair Clipper was $139 now $39.95

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    thks bought a pair ….i think made in china vs made in USA but the cost of blades for my USA wahl clippers ($40) at this price makes these a bin job when blades are gone or battery life deteriorates but i’m sure i will get good use between using my corded ones ….

    • blades? My barber uses clippers and I don't think he's ever needed to replace blades. Aren't these blades that can be honed like scissors?

  • Damn. Good deal. Already have one. What do I do? Ozbargain it and get another I don't need )at the moment)? Decisions decisions 🤦😆

    • Okay so decision made… cheap stuff which I will need… buy it 😂. But decision made for me… PLNYDEAL can only be used one time. Already used it for the 128gb SanDisk deal a few days ago. So outta luck.

    • I don't see any lever to adjust blade length. Is it set on these?

      • Nope it doesn't have taper.

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    I bought these at the last deal, love em. Had my hair grown out and overdue on a cut, watched a few YouTube clips then headed to the bathroom. Spent 4 minutes cutting my hair with the largest comb and my whole family agreed it was the best haircut I'd ever had.

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      My dad thought the results were great, he loved the smoothness and short length.

      He tried it too and looked an inch longer after removing the hair.

      • He tried it too and looked an inch longer after removing the hair.


    • I also bought this last month during the Xmas sale. Really pleased with built quality. However, during the clipping process, I have had some of my hair getting caught and were being pulled off my scalp (rather than cut). It's a bit annoying, slightly painful. Maybe I'm not doing it right or maybe a design fault with the clipper comb that is attached to the unit.

      • Could it be the battery getting weak?

      • Watch on youtube if you can adjust it to Zero Gap.

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    Looks to be back in stock, grabbed a pair. thanks OP

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    Ordered one half asleep last night and woke up to a shipping notification this morning. Was it all a dream ?!?!

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    Can someone compare to Wahl 5 Star Magic Clipper for hair cut ??

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    Does "Extreme Grip Pro" mean that I can use it outdoors during a cyclone? And use it to cut other people's hair for money whilst outdoors during a cyclone?

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      That's what I did with these during the last cyclone.

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      Best time to do it, won't need to clean up the hair afterwards

  • Can never have too many hair clippers :) saves so much money

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    Thx op picked one up

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    I use clippers maybe once every 3 months and that saves me paying $20+ at any barber every time

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    Can these shave a 0? Does the blade taper? Or is the lowest just a #1 ?

    • There is no blade adjustment at all.

    • Lowest guide is 1.5mm. Without I think it's 0.5mm. No blade adjustment.

    • I use something similar to this and then go over my head with a dollar shave club razor (the 2 blade ones as they don't block up easily).
      Gets you a nice clean shave.

  • I got a pair of these in the last deal and used it a handful of times on the kids and myself and it's has a tendency to pull hair out instead of cut the hair.

    Not so good for the kids as they get scared when the hair gets pulled out. It's ok for adults. But I'll most probably upgrade when this one breaks.

    Personally I wouldn't buy it again if I could, I'll most probably buy a better unit one that doesn't pull the hair out.

    • Try oiling the blades

      • Same experience with me here (I posted a comment above). I oiled one drop at the center. Subsequently I read online that they recommended one drop at the center, and one at each end. So 3 drops altogether. I shall try that next time.

  • Does anyone know the type of rechargeable batteries this WAHL hair clippers use?
    45 minutes of run time indicates a low capacity battery system. I am guessing maybe 800 mAh.

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    Does anyone know if it can be run off mains (eg. if the batteries shits itself)

  • Thanks OP. Got one. Also had a $10 ebay voucher from the black friday deal so $14 for me :-)

  • Grabbed 2, thanks OP.

  • Grabbed 3, thanks OP. Just in case I lose one in a tornado and one in an earthquake.

  • The lower end Wahl clippers takes a damn long time to charge to full. My Wahl Color Pro Cordless (rrp $99, sale sub $50 so in the same category) requires 12 hours to charge via wall plug (not USB mind you). That is abysmal in modern day standards.

    • I bought some expensive consumer grade Wahl clippers a while ago, they were over $200

      Based on that experience alone, I suspect their professional stuff is given most of the attention by their QC/engineering teams.

      It felt weak and pulled hair (painful!) a lot more than my previous Philips cheapie.

      So I returned the Wahl and bought another Philips cheapie (around $50 from memory). Happy again.

      TLDR - if asked for my opinion, I'd say buy Philips instead and I reckon you'll be a happy chappie or chappette

  • Wow! Bought it for $24 on the 17th, already arrived today, the 18th. Haven't used it yet, still on charge, but it can be used with the cord on it seems.

    • Yeah mine was delivered today from a local store

  • How does this compare with something like this:

    I have the remington and when shaving my entire hair from a decent length to a #4 takes forever as the blades seem to move very slow and struggle with thicker hair compared to barber shop level ones.

  • Those who have it already, does it auto turn off when fully charged? Mine is on charge for nearly 8 hours and the light is still red.

    • Is it still charging? Mine is red for nearly 24 hrs.

    • Same here. I don't know what a red light means. Should it be solid red or blinking?

    • Mine is also red for few hours now.

    • "A completely full charge takes 12 hours - the red light indicates that the clipper is charging successfully and does not change colour or go out to alert that the charge is complete"
      Read this somewhere online.

      • I am confused, on the first day, mine has been on charge for over 15 hours, the red light is still on, I rang customer service yesterday, talked to a lady, I got the feeling she it totally clueless, she said, it could take 20hrs and to put it back on charge. I have charged it for nearly another 20 hours, still no turn off light. Rang the local Shaver shop today, the girl said, yeah, it should have turned off, and bring it over. I don't know what to believe anymore.

        • Update us on what happens next! I have taken mine out of charge for now, I believe it stays red even when the battery is full.

          • @Silver14: It is no secret, if you overcharge your battery, it will definitely reduce the battery life, but how would I know to not overcharge if there is no indication of max charge.

          • @Silver14: I have decided, I am going to return mine to the local Shaver shop; with that charging that does not cut off, the battery life will be in no time badly compromised with the obvious overcharging, it will be junk very soon.

          • @Silver14: I have taken mine back to our local Shaver Shop and I told the guy I have charged it 14+, red light still on, rang Wahl customer service and was told it could take 24 hours and keep charging it. The guy asked me who was the person who told you that, I said, I did not get her name but it was a lady at your customer service with and Indian accent. He told me what she said was not corrrect, no shaver gets charged for 24 hours. Here you are, thank you Wahl customer service for having clueless staff advising us.

            • @Bluering48: Wow man, what a drama! I'm just gonna use it, and leave for charging overnight, and take it out in the morning. I have accepted that's how it is. I liked the clipper except the charge indicater.

              • +1

                @Silver14: Found this on manual:

                Charging battery

                Plug the plug-in transformer into the equipment socket (Fig. 1a). Plug the plug-in transformer into the wall socket (Fig. 1b).

                • Switch the equipment off with the On/Off switch (Fig. 2b). The equipment only charges when it is switched off. During charging the yellow charge indicator flashes.

                Only recharge when the performance of the machine noticeably drops. Long charging times will not dam age the equipment. • When the battery is fully charged the equipment can be used for up to 45 minutes without mains connection.

                • @Silver14: Thanks @Silver14 and @Bluering48 for helping out - I was lost on how to start using the trimmer.
                  You guys rock.

                • @Silver14: "During charging the yellow charge indicator flashes." This never happened with mine, it stays dead on red from the start to even after 24 hrs.
                  "Long charging times will not damage the equipment." This is incorrect, all batteries are affected with over charging. By the way, I got the "Wahl Multi-Cut Hair Clipper" from the Shaver Shop, $98 from $199.95. A bit more expensive, but you get what you paid for and it is more long term use. The indicator of this one is red at the beginning of charging and goes green within 2 hrs, bingo charging has reached its max and it will not overcharge once it has moved from red to green. That makes sense. Happy clipping to everyone. Cheers.

                  • @Bluering48: Could not wait any longer, decided to give the “Wahl Multi-Cut Hair Clipper” its first road test today. Baby, the best hair clipper I have ever used, kind of cutting through soft butter, after cutting down with No1 Guide Comb. Very comfortable & manageable in the hand, and the job was quicker than usual as you do not have a cord to flick every couple of minutes. My 12-yr old trusty corded Wahl Colorpro will be on retirement now. I will still keep it just in case, you never know.

  • Is it only free postage for ebay members….or can you click and collect. I'm seeing $7.95 postage.

  • Sorry… just noticed it says Ebay plus ….Doh!

    • product image makes me feel nostalgic for some reaosn..

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