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Import PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi + Uncharted + 8GB Delivered ~ $312 Amazon.de

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Got an email from amazon germany saying buy the vita 3g you get uncharted and a 8gb memory card for free. So ends up being approx $312 delivered. And you can get 15 euro off the following titles.

Fifa Football
Rayman Origins
Dungeon Hunter Alliance
Virtua Tennis 4
Lumines Electronic Symphony

You can also get the wifi version + 8gb Memory for ~$250 Delivered.

Order Summary
Item: EUR 296.56
Packaging & Shipping: EUR 14.00
Total: EUR 310.56
Vouchers redeemed: -EUR 63.79
Total amount: EUR 246.77

The vouchers are applied automatically at the final screen when you check your order.
You just need to have the vita, uncharted and the 8gb memory card in your cart. Or if you are buying the WiFi version, the vita + 8gb memory card in your cart.

The Vita Is Region Free With Games.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -1

    Are you sure about the Euro/AUD conversion rate. 277 Euro seems to be AUD $350.

    • Amazon Germany not US.

    • http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/09/sony-the-playstation-vita-i…

      Asked if Sony’s new PlayStation Vita handheld would be region-free and capable of playing software from any region, Shuhei said “Yes.”

    • +2

      There is no region locking on PS Vita. NTSC/PAL refers to a television standard.

      It's not from the US, it's from Germany, but no, the Voda promo here won't work.

    • +1

      There's no NTSC/PAL in handheld devices. It is region free as stated. And Germany doesn't use NTSC anyway.

  • how do you get it for $312? i dont understand german but from what i can see just 3g/wifi psp vita cost 277 Eur = 350 Aud. with uncharted and 8gb card is 352 Eur = 440 Aud and that is not including postage fee

    • +1

      They take i think 20% off cause no tax then you add delivery. See Below.

      Order Summary
      Item: EUR 296.56
      Packaging & Shipping: EUR 14.00
      Total: EUR 310.56
      Vouchers redeemed: -EUR 63.79
      Total amount: EUR 246.77

      • +1

        Sorry the vouchers are applied automatically at the final screen when you check your order. You just need to have the vita, uncharted and the 8gb memory card in your cart. Or if you are buying the WiFi the vita + 8gb memory card in your cart.

        • why didn't it allow me to have those all 3 in the cart?!! if I selected uncharted, then no way to continue to pay. saying unable to deliver all the items?! if I not include it.. then it's ok to continue, but is it still any discount on that?

      • ok, this deal being on german amazon just killed it for me. Google translate just won't work when i go to payment detail

        • +2

          Sign up on amazon uk or us and just log into .de after. Then its as simple as click click click.

  • +1

    I like the Google-translated page:

    Language: German, German, German

    So… I think it's in German?

  • Wouldn't Vita games be like PS3 ones no PAL or NTSC issues ?

    • Yep, see above.

  • Is this Ps Vita 3g model unlocked? so we can buy a sim card from aus and use it here?

  • +1

    What is the point of 3g on these?

    • +2

      what is the point of 3g on anything?

    • +1

      i think it is just to access the internet and psn store don't think you can actually play games online, so a little pointless

      • Yeah you can!

    • For browsing the internet?

    • Theres also MMO games such as PSO-2 coming to the system

      • I may be wrong, but I don't think 3G can be used for gaming. You'd still have to be on wifi AFAIK.

        • +1

          Capcom announced that street fighter x tekken will be able to use 3g for online multiplayer, so it is possible.

  • +2

    yeah its not locked to a carrier… i use TPG in mine…. 3g is NOT for online games, its basically for recieving txt messages, ( not sending ) internet browsing, which is great for train trips to work, cause its bigger than my crap iphone, and its also good for the PSN store.
    Plus later there will be better apps to take advantage of 3g, like skype which should be out very soon on the vita….for anyone who actually uses skype.

    • Clearly they don't live in Australia coz Telstra 3G is faster than a LOT of ADSL, providers!

    • +1

      Also, don't forget the possible applications from a homebrew perspective either. If the modding community on the Vita turns out to be half as large and passionate as the PSP's, then there could be many, many possibilities… :)

      • +2

        yes please ! lets hope for phone calls from the SIM ! or tricking the system into playing online via 3g !! ! ok lets not get off topic here..lol. there are weird people out there who actually get upset when you talk about hacking devices..

    • +1

      You can't play multi on Vita's 3G? Then what's the point. Wouldn't it be better just to tether it to your smartphone via WiFi and be able to play online as well as all the other 3G perks without a second data plan?

  • wait so when i checkout do I add just the vita, or do I add the other items as well… hard to tell cause its all german

  • +1

    the price seems quite fair, this Uncharted on PSV is not a very good one though.

  • Uncharted on the Vita is very easy to finish

  • +1

    This is cheap but has anyone confirmed that the price conversions or bought it?

  • So for people not so great at German, the layout is exactly the same as the Amazon UK and US stores so just pretend to purchase something in one of those stores and go through the same screens clicking in the same locations/modifying the same fields as in the UK counterparts.

    For those asking about the deal in general, on the PSP page linked to above, down a bit on the screen you will see a deal combining all three (pictures of a psp + memory card + uncharted) and add that to basket and proceed through checkout.

    For me however the final price Amazon would charge is, as the OP said 246.77 EUR, but Amazon must be using a different exchange rate as they converted it to $324.97 AUD (plus you must consider if your credit card company will charge you an international conversion fee on top if paying by CC).

    Anyway, still a fair deal!

    • I would suggest that you pay in Euros. The Amazon exchange rate is usually pretty crap, and depending on your bank, you might still get charged the 2% forex fee even if you pick Australian. (Because some bank apply it when transactions occurs outside Australia regardless of currency)

      The only advantage to pay in Aust is that if you want to get a refund, then the fluctuation in exchange rate will not affect the amount you get back. Also, because Amazon only charges you when they ship, the exchange rate might have changed significantly between the time that you ordered and the time it ships.

    • +3

      it has been repeated and repeated for thousands of time. do yourself a favor and get a 28 degree credit card!

  • i got the wifi one + 8gb.
    You add both of them to the cart, I used google chrome to help translate all the pages to english so it was easier to do it.

    comes out like this.

    Item: EUR 211.66
    Packaging & Shipping: EUR 14.00
    Total: EUR 225.66
    Vouchers redeemed: -EUR 26.81

    Total amount: EUR 198.85
    Invoice Total: AUD 261.86

    come out like that

    at the current conversion rate 198.85 euros is around $253 i think, but then you will get bank fees and higher conversion rates.
    Does anyone know if its better to use amazon currency converter or not?

    • I usually use amex on amazon purchases in original currency and pay 3% foreign exhange fee. it turns out to be slightly better than amazon's exchange rates.

      • +2

        28degree master card! you dont pay any fee!

  • Now where to get cheap games?

  • What's the warranty like? If we have problems, will we have to send it back to Germany?

  • Are the games in English?

    • You set the language, for games in Germany they would be in all European languages, including English.

      • +1

        Does that mean you have to set the language everything you start the game?
        I'm very temting to get this.

        When is this deal expire?

        • The Vita has a language, you set that when you first start the device, typically every game will inherit this language. (Unless you get one from Japan that doesn't have a translation to provide.)

  • anyone know if i can just buy the games with 15 euro off or do i have to purchase the console as well?

    if i don't how much does it end up being in aus for each game?


    Fifa Football
    Rayman Origins
    Dungeon Hunter Alliance
    Virtua Tennis 4
    Lumines Electronic Symphony

    • just tried and you have to buy the console to get the $15 euro discount for the games >_<

      very good prices though

  • Google "black spot issues vita".

    As you will see, not buying locally is very dumb. I know of people that had to get theirs replaced 5 times.

    • Very good point. Sucks, but buy local.

    • seems like its normal with oled screens

      buying local will cost you an extra $100-$200 dollars.

    • +2

      for up to $200 difference, buying locally is very dumb!

  • If I'm not mistaken Amazon de states languages on the console are German and Spanish but then again can't really always trust amazon specifications.

    • -3

      that's all the more reason for not getting this ps vita.
      I bought mine $317 last week from the good guys mobile website (it's $335 now). Uncharted ps vita was $29 (from harvey norman sale) and i plan to get 4GB memory card from JB hi fi for $25.

      • +2

        I think the one you have is a wifi version, this is the 3g version. All PS Vitas has multiple language support just like the PS3

        • yup, you're right. but who needs 3G anyway? Plus I'll be going overseas, so 10% refund TRS at the airport

  • Thanks just bought one! Hope it arrives soon without hassles.

    Aus Vita 3g + 4gb = $419
    German Vita 3g + 8gb + Uncharted = $312 + bank charges.How sweet is that!

  • I got PS vita 3g+uncharted+fifa+8gb for 331+.03 bank charges. Could not be happier. Great deal! Now I don't need an iPhone 5. Such a great console!

  • "Vita Street Fighter X Tekken has cross-platform online multiplayer with PS3"

    3g will be worth it!
    Goddamn I need this console…

  • ordered, same as Joe.woo, with fifa, about $329, NO bank charges/conversion fee/credit card fee at all.

  • I have a question, do you get to the final screen where it will apply the coupon after you entered the credit card detail?
    I get to this credit card section, and I don't want to proceed as I am not sure whether they will start charging.

    • The final screen after the credit card details show the voucher. Even if you go all the way through and get email confirmation about the order, you can cancel it. I was playing around with deals and accidentally ordered one but it was easily cancelled.

  • same deal. however with a third game mine was slightly less of a bargain, maybe it was the choice of games -

    i got: vita 3g + uncharted + 8gb card + rayman + marvel vs capcom

    it was 291.92 euros which converted to $384.42

    any word if it is at all possible to claim the wipeout 2048 DLC bar visiting germany? is that just an incentive for german users to stay with the vodafone network after the free seven day trial period for vodafone users?

    is there a code you can download it with off the PSN? or do you have to activate the particular SIM in Germany to access the content. i'm assuming it's the latter - a strictly german offer.

    Google translated -

    "Note on the Vodafone SIM card with the included SIM card you can use free of charge for seven days, the Internet in the German Vodafone network. No SIM Lock: Then you can choose from various Vodafone tariffs and the game WipeOut 2048 for free as DLC obtain or use the SIM card from another provider. learn more"

    edit: i wish i could find super stardust: delta on there. any word where you can find it? looked at ozgameshop, game, ebay and all over amazon with no luck.

    • +1

      You won't find Super Stardust in any stores mate, it's Digital only for now

      Not sure if i'd risk recharging with Voda De, i'd be worried that you'd need to activate something through the device

      • Thanks for the heads up, I'll browse the online titles when the Vita arrives.

  • Guys, if you want to get DLC or when DLC is available for these games, would you get them from the PAL store i.e Australian or UK store (Europe?) or the US store? Assuming you buy this Vita and what about warranty?

    • DLC would depend on your psn account. Warranty would probably be sent back to Germany.

    • If it's anything like the PS3 then DLC has to be purchased from the same region as the game (games are region free, DLC is not) and then if it's anything like the PSP then downloadable content can then only be accessed by the account that bought it. Worst of both worlds.

      For these games (PAL) an Australian account should do just fine.
      When it comes to buying US games with proposed DLC, I may be wrong here but it'd probably be best to err on the side of caution and play the game with a US account. No need to start a new save on a different account later on to access the DLC that way.

  • im geting mine from US. My bro in law mum lives in US, he will order and send to her and she will post to me.

    3G Vita with 4gb card 280 delivered.

    • +3

      us 3g vita carrier lock to at&t afaik so no point getting it

      • That is correct, you would not be able to use the 3G for a US Vita because it is locked.

        • F*CK… didnt know that… its on its way anyway :(

  • Awesome deal, just came back from Europe due to the cheap AirAsia flights from this site, so I have a visa cash passport loaded with spare euros lol.

    P.S. If you notice the WiFi version comes with a free 8gb card so it unnecessary to purchase another :) (I didn't check the 3g cos I reckon it's a waste due to smart phone WiFi zone capabilities ;) This means the Wifi and free card comes to around $220 AUD, happy days

    • +1

      How did you get $220 AUD? That'd be too cheap to pass up!

    • From google translate, "Free 8GB Memory Card: Order the PlayStation Vita 3G or WiFi, along with the PS Vita 8GB memory card and you receive the card free"

      Pretty sure that means you have to add the 8GB card to the cart for it to be free. It does not come with the console.

  • You resell the extra 8gb for $25 on ebay and Voila, nealry $200 for PsVita

    • +1

      Why wouldn't you keep it though? The Vita is pretty useless without a memory card.

  • I just tried this and it came out to $300AUD for the Vita Wifi + 8GB Card. I confirmed that the prices it listed has no VAT as well…anyone else able to back that up for me?

    • see my comment above,

      mine came out to be $260 AUD

  • Has anyone received their order ?

    • nope I have been checking my mail every day but still nothing, my order says expected delivery is 30/4/12 so shouldnt be too far off, just a shame there is no tracking

      • same here as well.
        Will let you know once I have received mine and thank you very much for your reply

        • We're still waiting too. It's pretty worrying reading that some amazon parcels are being left on the doorstep. They should always collect a signature or take it back to the post office. :/

      • It's 03/05 now, have you received it yet? I haven't.

        • Not yet. The wait is just tooooooooooo long

        • nope still no go for me! I feel slightly better knowing I ordered some games and a case from ozgameshop the same day and that hasnt been delivered yet also. I think I will wait till next week before getting too worried though.

          Also does anyone know who amazon.de use for postage here in aus?

        • same here…not sure when and how to come… >_<

        • Nope, havn't received yet.

          I did however just receive an email from Amazon Germany with a 15 euro discount on a game. Limited choice on games though, so grabbed Dungeon Hunter - Alliance for 25 euro delivered.
          Not too shabby.

  • Good old Aus Post with no so responsible delivery contractors according to the other tread

    • my local aus post guy will never leave anything out in the open, always sends stuff back to my local post office if im not home so im not to worried with that. im just sick of driving home for lunch each day to check the post!

      • Just got mine… was sitting on my door, no mem stick though?

        • Sweet.

          I am still waiting for mine, will check my package aswell for memory stick once I have it.

        • found mem stick in packaging in my bin lol, all good now! hope you all get yours today also!

        • lol,that's good news.

          you must have opened your packaging as fast as the cookies monster could devour the bowl of cookies.

        • +1

          "was sitting on my door"

          I don't like the sound of that. trembles I hope mine is still on its way….

      • I am still waiting. I am getting pensive now.

        • well, my estimate delivery date is 02/05/2012 and I still haven't received it as of today 10/05/2012. Something's really gone wrong in the post.

        • Finally received mine today 11/05

        • Same here. I'm very happy with it. I love the screen.

  • Still no VITA :/

  • Is this price still on?

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