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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Turbo V2 10G LHR Graphics Card $1899 Free Shipping @ Umart


3080 LHR 10GB version @umart


it seems $100 off from the deal last week.

I just have ordered one, plenty of stock, not sure if it is the starting of price collapse lol

Overheat is not a problem, 4x external usb fans $7 each @ bunnings


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    Must run pretty hot?

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      Upvoted for the bunnings fan, just in time for summer.

      • You mean in time for winter

    • It may still be useful if you want to install multiple cards, in every second slow without using riser cables. Such setup is/was common for the multi GPUs machine learning systems.

    • And loud

  • A blower style 30 series. Is this the first one?

    The power cords are at the end of the GPU, which may necessitate a longer case than one would expect.

    • It's been out for quite a while but I doubt it can keep the 3080 from throttling.

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      These aren't selling anymore are they. Can't believe it is still in stock.

      • says its in stock

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          Sorry i should have been more clear. Not selling well. They use to go out of stock within minutes. It has been days now and still in stock.

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        I think they are selling a lot less than before. I mean we are in the latter part of lifecycle for these cards and they are much higher than MSRP! Surely most people who want one by now have got one or settled for something (at these prices)

        • Why would you be getting a 10Gb model when the 12Gb model is out. Its only a few hundred extra since you're already spending so much.

        • Unless you're desperate there's no reasons to buy them. Mining profits are way down, ETH merge is on schedule for June, and RDNA 3/Lovelace are being released later this year with massive performance improvement gains.

    • Don't waste your money unless it has liquid sodium coolant

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        Molten sodium might be a bit hot for a PC, since it melts at 97.7°C

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    Imagine being a mod and having to deal with people arguing about relative benefits of a ps5 vs desktop gaming setup…

    I love you guys. I feel for you. I'm here :)

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    Only 7 days left till it's $1,799

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    Can’t believe the prices for gfx cards these days. Anyone care to make a call on whether prices will move south again a little in 2022? Crazy days.

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      I think they are coming down..

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        They're going through the roof!

        I bought my FHR for a lot cheaper than this. I can't believe the prices now. Amazed that these keep making it to the front page.

        It really sucks to be a PC gamer right now. Hardware companies laughing all the way to the bank.

        • Hardware is more but games are cheaper, and the back catalogue is monstrous!

          Dont expect to see prices come down across GFX cards/Computers or consoles until USA get the new chip manufacturing plants online.

          • @Gumster: Prices rarely go backwards. I think now that the hardware companies know ppl will pay $2000+ for a gfx card, that's where they're going to stay.

            The games aren't much cheaper at all. I also have a PS5 and a switch and you can totally get bargains for all systems. Steam stopped being good with their prices years ago, but at launch, i can almost always get a title for my ps5 for $70 at big w. You can't do that on PC. Heck you can barely even buy non-digital PC games anymore.

            Honestly i think there's a lot going for console gaming these days. PC is like Mercedes Benz plus. It's great, but you better be packing a sizable wallet for the experience.

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              @Sxio: I think PC wins out still when you look at a lot of the cheap Indie Games.

              Epic Games giving you free games especially over the Xmas period is kind of crazy.

              You can get gamepass relatively cheap aswell
              I only switched to PC at the end of 2020 Ive been surprised at how little I spend on games.

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                @Gumster: Yeah, but the hardware is at a premium now. But it's definitely a great way to game. Just not if you're after AAA new release titles. Then you're shit out of luck for a while.

                But yeah, definitely a good time can be had with gamepass and spending time with indie titles. Although to be fair, they're also cheap on console.

                I just hope to god my gfx card keeps chugging along. I can't be spending 2 grand on a replacement. That's enough for both a console AND a TV to play it on. A quite decent TV too!

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        Early talk is that the 40 series are going to 5nm, which is going to be very expensive and high demand.


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      Yeah I just returned to PC gaming recently, checked the costs of gfx cards to upgrade and decided to keep to games made over 10 years ago instead.

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        My way of coping is by running things on 1440p instead of 4K and turning everything to low lol

        • Brought my 1080 for about 800 4 years ago and its held up fine, I wil lsay its starting to stuggle on higher settings for new games though. In the same sense I highly doubt an average gamer needs a 3080, the price kind of just drives that point home.

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          My GTX 1080 is starting to struggle getting decent FPS on 1440p, even turning things down. I've moved to running games in a 1080p window in the middle of my screen.

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        indi games cab be played on an IGPU

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      Lots of prior discussion on this. OP joked about "collapsing" prices but I don't think it'll be that dramatic.
      Definitely on a 'downward trend' though. I personally believe it's a downward trend that'll extend for months, but hey- stacks of miners out there that'll disagree too (just watch the negs on this comment :)). I'm ready to buy a new GPU right now, but I'm not desperate. I know I'll save hundreds waiting till mid year at least, and I'm happy to do that.

      • Thanks all!

      • I think it will slowly drop on some, like these 3080 as they are clearing them out for 12gb 3080. But the rest I think they will stay stubborn on price and just see what people pay with stock they already have. When the 4000 series get announced and come out, I think they will just not order anymore 3000 series cards and keep the supply low and prices 'high'.

        It really depends on how profitable mining will be and what is happening with eth. Prices will stay high as long as mining profitability is there.

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      I just bought the most basic video card I could find for a business PC and it was $100 for a GT 730. I remember you used to be able to get an entry level gaming card for $150

      • You probably should have waited for the 6500 XT.

        • depends if his has pcie3.0 or 4.0

          • @Jazza2400: 4.0 would be the cherry on top, but even 3.0 is going to be vastly superior to a 730.

        • It was for a business PC someone brought to me to fix. His old GPU was glitching green squares all over the screen. He uses it for word excel and cashflow manager. I think the 6500xt would be way overkill, he just needs 1x VGA, 1x DVI for dual screens.

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      I got a theory that if no major covid variants pop up the supply chains will get back to normal over the next two years + release of 4000 series GPUs end of this will help decrease demand for 3000 series

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        Probably not unfortunately, even post covid we are seeing more people comiting to WFH and this is globally. Couple that with every other smart device/car etc wanting advanced chips and the manufacturing cant keep up

        The advanced manufacturing process of TSMC (NVIDIA, AMD) is at capacity and we need to build more factories expect another 2-3 years before we see that.

      • cost of 4000 series will be more expensive so they will pass it on. Chip maker is now in for his slice of the pie

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    It's funny when people say current GPUs are so expensive. I paid over $2000 for a 2080 3 years ago.

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      Yep. 2080ti on release for $1999 and I’ll pay the same for a 3080ti when they get there. The release RRP is never going to happen and people need to get over it.

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        Wouldn't say never, I got a RTX 3080 (non ti) for just under $1300 in November 2020. Fingers crossed the price comes back down on it so I can get one for myself, $2000 is too much for it.

      • I got Gigabyte GAMING-OC-11GC RTX2080 Ti Video card for $1,999 + $19.80 shipping.

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      I paid $930 for my 2080 and I thought that was expensive at the time!

    • Maybe I should keep my 2080 until RTX 40 series after all, I paid $700 for it 1.5 years ago

      I regret not getting a 3070 when you could find deals for $900 after launch tho

    • And to think when I bought my 2080 Ti at launch, people called me a mad man….

  • I think last week's deal with the 3 fan for $100 more is better. But with bunnings fans, maybe ok, lol.

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    So are the retailers starting to feel the pressure?

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      From their wallets exploding with profit?

    • Nope. They are still making a killing, even as prices drop. They just might keep tighter tabs on how much stock they hold at any one time, which means less supply, which means a handbrake on falling prices. Pre-sell prior to ordering, knowing they have a guaranteed profit margin. Desperate purchasers will be happy because they are getting a 'discount', and the retailer pockets the green. The manufacturer will drop prices very slowly, and everyone in the food chains wins (except us).

      • The pressure is not from the brand new card. It is from the used market since there are so many used ones in mining. If Crypto price crashes, those mining cards will flood the market at much lower price.

        • If Crypto price crashes, those mining cards will flood the market at much lower price.

          A lot of us are hoping so, but we've been talking about it for a long time and the crypto prices have continued to stay profitable.

          While I appreciate the benefits of a block chain ledger system in a closed environment (e.g. rumour is that banks use it to keep tab of money owing to each other), I personally think the profit aspect of it is just a ponzie scheme. Everyone wants a piece of it, but the last ones left will be owning worthless cryptos.

  • RTX 3080 Turbo

    Does it come with a blow off valve?

    • Probably an expensive Dyson turbo fan?

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  • Anyone actually own this card and can comment on how loud and hot it is? Also how they went with undervolting and overclocking?

    Thinking of using it in H200 case in place of current 3060Ti Vision.

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      I have it, I bought it because it's one of the few 3080 which fits in my Alienware Aurora R10.

      I personally can't tell if it's any louder than any other cards I've owned. You can hear it when playing games, but just like any other cards.

      I also like it as it blows the air out the back, which helps with the cooling in a tight PC Case.

      • Found mine to be no louder than any of my previous cards (MSI RTX 2080 Ti Ventus GP OC and GALAX RTX 2060 1-Click OC).

        • fair enough, I guess depending on how loud the rest of the system is, how sensitive each person is, sound system (using noise-cancelling headset when gaming) etc.

          I personally don't mind a bit of fan noise I don't game for very long at a time, but more sensitive to idle noise from the CPU and the case, which is the sound I hear 95% of the time I am using the PC.

    • Blower cards are generally the loudest and hottest and cheapest to make

      3 fan triple slot are generally the coolest and quietest and more expensive

      If youre going from a 3 fan to a blower you will notice it, less if its a single fan to blower etc.

      • actually I lie, loudest would be a gig 680 SOC I have on the shelf, sounds like a jet engine!

  • Man good time for kids to suck up my spare time and prevent me gaming, hopefully when I have more spare time, cards will be cheaper.

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