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Colorful RTX 3080 Ti Battle-Ax NB 12GB Graphics Card + XPG Core Reactor 850W Gold PSU $2299 Delivered + Surcharge @ Evatech


Add our Colorful RTX 3080 Ti Battle-Ax NB 12GB to your cart, then enter coupon code XPGBUNDLE on the cart page to automatically add the Adata 850w Gold Core Reactor Modular PSU at 100% discount, proceed to checkout with your preferred payment method (No surcharges on Visa or Mastercard, Amex 2%, Paypal 2.6%) and free shipping or C&C if you're local to our Keysborough 3173 VIC store.

C&C is a parking lot only option, we're not inviting customers into our building. PayPal is not an option for C&C orders, sorry.

Free shipping is with Australia Post Regular (no PO boxes permitted, signature [or similar] on delivery required).

Anticipating questions in the comments
  • Limit one per customer, repeated orders may be cancelled.
  • If you can add it to cart & go through checkout, it's still in stock. Stock isn't allocated to your order until the order is completed though, so be quick!
  • Yes, it's LHR, no we don't have any non-LHR, no we don't have an ETA for non-LHR, we assume never.
  • No, we cannot offer any other discounts on any other brands / models even if you ask very nicely. Sorry.
  • No back orders will be accepted. Offer strictly while stocks last.
  • 3 year warranty across all Colorful / iGame GPUs, via us as the retailer, no need to ship overseas. (might be obvious to most of you reading this but without fail someone always asks).
Important Notes
  • At the moment we're keeping on top of things and 99% of orders are being dispatched same or next business day but as you are probably very aware if you've purchased anything online recently, logistics delays are common place across the board. Please bare this in mind. Once in the hands of the courier, later than anticipated delivery will not be considered grounds for cancellation, return, or refund. That being said, the majority of parcels are being delivered on time and all parcels are insured against loss or damage in transit. Should the worst happen, you'll be refunded in full but it does take time to lodge an insurance claim and jump through all the hoops to get it sorted out.
  • Please please please do not order a GPU if it you're not sure it will fit in your case. The fact that it doesn't fit won't be accepted as a reason to return it. If you think it'll be a questionable fit… don't order.

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  • +18

    budget friendly gaming GPU option


    • +10

      obviously with covid going about and inflation and rents at a record low, everyone can afford a $2,000+ gpu from a renown brand like…. 'Colorful'

      • +1

        You do realize that Colorful likely sell more GPU's than Asus, Gigabyte and others right?

    • +18

      A healthy amount of selecting quoting there. By no means are we/Colorful trying to claim that the RTX 3080 Ti is a (low) budget friendly option (although it was never mentioned whose budget it was, or it could be infinite budget?), but the Battle-Ax model is certainly meant to be the budget choice compared to the other variants Colorful offers, such as the Ultra, Advanced, Vulcan, Kudan, etc.

      • -13

        I know, the term budget means nothing in the current market. I thought it was comical, no need for a legal defense.

        • +66

          Legally I must inform you that your response is noted with thanks.

      • +4

        I got to admit I thought your description of this as a budget option was rather comical.

        I remember thinking 1080’s for $1100 was crazy, there is nothing budget about a $2000 gpu.

    • Next gen will already add another 20% to prices with TSMC asking for more from Nvidia/AMD already. :(

      • they can only push so far before intel decides to add another factory to its already existing vertical integration process for their own GPUs.

        They're just doing a niceity to TSMC right now, but they are more than capable of adjusting their CPU process to make GPUs.

        • +1

          I heard its getting delayed by other poster here with bitcoin city logo.

  • Will the 3060ti mini be coming to AU in the future? 😺

    • +1

      To date it's not something that's en route to us, nor have we been offered - so all we can say for now is: no, sadly.

      • Too bad :( was looking for a white single fan 3060 Ti for a while but the only place can get it is from China.

        • Yeah last few days deals all are 3080 and above … Still can't afford these, also hope to see some 3060Ti deals

          • +1

            @kaikor: It's due to the launch of the 3080 12GB, the difference between it and the 3080ti are minimal, there's actually stock around of the new 3080 12GB (because they tend to manufacture a bunch before hand and release to the market at once) then there is clearance of the 3080 10GB.

            Sounds like there's continued supply issues since the 3090 ti and the 3070 ti 16GB have been delayed too. Supposedly a 3050 in the pipeline as well.

          • @kaikor: I purchased the 3060ti Gigabyte (Rev 3.) for $1260 last week via ebay. Amazing seller, dropped it to my house the same day. Triple fan, not a bargain but a solid unit.

      • +4

        Adata is the brand, CWT is the manufacturer.

        Same manufacturer who make Corsair RM 80+ Gold series and beQuiet Dark Power Pro series, both which also come with a 10 year warranty and probably are based on largely the same platform and components under the hood.

  • Is colorful brand better than Gainward? never used it in the past, and only heard of it recently. Gainward been around for long time.

    • +1

      Hard to say. This is using a bigger cooler than the Gainward phoenix, but Gainward use dual ball bearing fans and apparently decent thermal pads on that card.

      • -1

        double bearing fans are important otherwise you get coil whine sooner I heard. thermal pads too obviously.

        • +5

          Coil whine has nothing to do with fan bearings, which is a high pitched noise from electrical interference.
          Ball bearings last a lot longer than sleeve bearings, especially in a hot environment like Australia and when horizontally mounted (as in most PC cases). Once the lubricant inside the sleeve bearings evaporate, the fans will make the most awful grinding sound until they eventually die.
          Thermal pad quality is quite important if you're intending to mine on the card, much less so for gaming.

  • +1

    Damn I really need to sell my 3080 FHR and get a ti lol.

    • I think now is a good time before the Crypto price crashes.

      • Is it just me or does there seem to be more "deals" on GPUs now?

    • Thats what i did i couple of months ago , 12 month old 3080 , sold it and bought a new 3080ti for the same price , free upgrade and newer card

      • How do you show yours FHR? I am thinking about it now. Got MSI Gaming X Trio that never used for mining

        • +1

          Nvidia didn't announce LHR cards until 18/5/2021 so if your receipt is older it will prove it is FHR

          • @Rubber Duck: Cheers! Sorry one more question. Do you have any issue selling it second hand higher than receipt price? I got mine for $1700 i think

            • @Arch1818: Not at all , miners don’t care what you paid , I paid $1259 for Evga FTW 3 ultra from PLE on launch day and sold it on Gumtree within 1 hour for $2600 back in August , but crypto mining profitability has dropped since then so you may not get that amount

        • +1

          Gaming x Trio V1 cards are FHR. V2 are LHR, check your box.

          • +1

            @xuqi: Yep Thanks for the info. I got mine way before LHR was announced. But just want to know how to show/proof the buyer

  • +1

    This is the best 3080 Ti deal to date, and I respect the buy limit of 1 per customer, unlike other stores that are happy to sell in bulk quantities to miners.

    Is there any information on what type of bearings the fans use?

    • +4

      Re: the fan bearings, it's not something Colorful explicitly advertise…. but they give our service department spare parts from time to time to help customers out with local repairs instead of needing to ship cards back and forth their service center in HK..

      Can't say what exactly is in the cards out of the box but can say the spares we have are Foxconn built PWM 4-pin hydraulic bearing 12V 0.5A according to the sticker on the box. Would be pretty surprised if the spares were not the exact same ones they used in general production.

      • +1

        Thanks for the information. Hydro bearings are usually quite good, being both quiet and having a relatively long lifespan. They really should advertise it on their product sheet, as most consumers would presume sleeves if the manufacturer didn't specify.

  • +1

    Now let's see if techfast can beat this, I wanna see under 2k for a 3080ti and $1899 for a 3080 12gb

    • Looks like techfast 3080 Ti is sold out now.

      3080 Ti performance is not far from 3090, price wise might not come down sub $2k.

  • +1


    decent PSU - https://www.techpowerup.com/review/xpg-core-reactor-850-w/

    and the stock clocks on the card are same as the typical 'budget' low-end cards from the major companies

    (Colorful is big in China)

  • +3

    With crypto prices crashing, expect more of these "sales" in the upcoming months

  • GPU Market makes vomit.

  • Where's the deal?

    Any deals on actually attainable graphics cards?

  • +2

    ETH 2.0 will take 6Y.

    Keep that in mind wen hodl.

    • +1

      difficulty will keep going up. I started on my 3080 this time last year $15/day now it's closer to $5/day thanks to difficulty gone up. Mining favours cheap power which you get in countries with cheap power. Europe starting to feel the burn as their power is close to 1 euro per kw

      • +2

        The difficulty going up helps keep the price stable and in the long term increase it.

        • +1

          in 6 years due to inflation, GPU price at $2k ish will become the norm for xx80 series.

          This will solidify the current market price, as long as mining keep going, price won't go down and stabilize.

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