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[Refurb] iPhone XR 64GB $499 with Boost Starter SIM in-Store @ Coles


Coles will sell refurbished iPhones from $279 in back to school push.
A fitting way to spend the Flybuy points that people accumulate from the Coles Apple Gift Cards deal last month ;-)

Coles' ultra-popular refurbished Apple iPhone sale will return as the grocer looks to capitalise on parents looking to send their kids back to school with a smartphone.
From next Wednesday, January 26, the supermarket will offer refurbished iPhone 8s (64GB) from $279 and iPhone XRs (64GB) from $499.
The phones will be unlocked, but will come with a Boost Mobile starter SIM and discounted phone plans for customers who purchase an iPhone from Coles.

Each iPhone has been refurbished using a 72-point inspection process to ensure each device is "genuine and in excellent aesthetic and functional condition".
All phones are Australian compliant, have been data-wiped, and are crosschecked against a national police lost and stolen database.

Due to huge customer demand, the iPhones will be available in all Coles stores from January 26 but stocks will be limited and no rainchecks will be given.
The phones will only be available for purchase in store, and are not available to online or Coles Local customers.

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    This is the iPhone 8, the 's' is just pluralising it.

    There was no iPhone 8S - the next one after that was the XR or the X.

    • You are right. Updated description.

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    They already sell some and it's available online as well: https://bestbuys.coles.com.au/collections/vendors?q=Apple&so...

    • thanks. first time I've seen the site. could only find their iPhone 8 they were selling.

  • Is it worth getting an iphone 8 or should I pay more to get an iphone SE or iphone XR at almost double the price?

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      iPhone 8 should be okay for another one year or two and should get iOS 16 and maybe even 17 update. You might need to spend around $80 to get battery replaced from Apple for any phone that is around 3-4 years old (ymmv).

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      If you can stretch to the cost of a SE2 then that would be better since it has a much newer CPU and brand new battery.

      You could potentially wait for another 30x bonus offer on Apple Gift Cards to lower the effective price of the SE2 outright.

    • Bang for buck it's great. Got one from previous deal and it does everything you want.

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    Inspection process <> refurbishment

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    Why wait.
    Here is the unit from the company (alegre), that supplies it to boost's own front end store version on sale for $469 now.

    I got an iphone 8 for my kid and the battery was dying so they gave me a free return and replacement. Easier to deal with that coles if you have a problem.

    Just google the PO box for their privacy policy - same as kogan recons, same as boost recon phones.


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    Does anyone have experience getting refunds from Boost. Wanted to try IOS assumed Coles would handle the refund themselves but apparently not.

    • I doubt you'd be entitled to a refund.

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