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YubiKey Bio - FIDO Edition $105 Delivered @ RST Assured


Yubikey Bio is currently discounted on the site Price on The Offical Yubico website is $80 USD which roughly equates to $110AUD. Amazon Australia selling them for $130! These Yubikeys listed on sale are currently selling for $105.

I grabbed one of these a few months ago and the Fingerprint reader works quite well. I’ve preferred the Bio to my standard Yubikey 5 as you don’t need to then enter a pin and it is now my primary key.

Edit: Looks like Rstassured is also selling a small amount on eBay [Sold Out]

Edit 2: The Yubikey 5C NFC is also a pretty decent price at $83

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    Is this charged in AUD?
    Wish they had the USB C BIO

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      Yeah it’s an Australian company, charging in Aussie. Yeah haven’t see the USB-C version anywhere in Aus yet but there USB A works better for me anyway.

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        If it was usb c, it would work on my phone, PC and laptop. Why I've stuck to just the YubiKey 5C NFC

        • wait the bio doesnt have NFC ? wow lucky havent bought it. pass

          • +1

            @ChiMot: Yea the BIO is the most limited version of the keys, supports the least amount of features and software.

            • @onlinepred: That’s a good point, do use use the NFC much though? I’ve got a 5 NFC but find myself never using it with my phone. Got the Bio as it works well with the work laptop.

              • @Deluge: I use it just as much as I use my other 5, when I need to do two factor, so not too often, but it works perfectly by not having to plug things in. I'm a quick typist so have no issue typing in my password 50+ times a day on my work PC

              • @Deluge: so how do you use the 5 nfc with your phone? or you meant you dont use 5 but only bio right now?
                meaning you need to insert bio to the mobile, right? hmmm tapping is much easier, no ? and less stress on the usb c port on mobile

                • @ChiMot: Find I don’t use the 5 NFC with anything. The Bio can’t be used with phone but haven’t had to 2FA for awhile (think because of remember my device). Main use now is laptop. Super fast (even as a fast typist myself).

      • -2
        • That’s preorder. They have been on preorder for about 4 months!!!

    • Yeah, I'd definitely grab one if they had a USB C version.

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    it's $99 on ebay from the same company

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    • +5

      the better deal is sometimes found on the comment

      @Deluge maybe just add this to the post so people aware/have choices

      • +1

        Editing now

  • I wish they could add storage feature into the keys, that would be a lot handier.

    • Like file storage?

      • yeah to store "sensitive" files

      • +7

        Like file storage?

        No, I think Beancurd was hoping to stick some bicycles, a couple of boxes of wine and a queen-size mattress onto the USB key.

        • +2

          Well currently a Yubikey stores your private key, public key and a few other things if you know how to configure it.

        • i rather able to store some of my gfs and mrs

          • @ChiMot: Would be handy to secure those away from each other. Unless you all hang out together ;)

          • @ChiMot: So……. file storage for picture and video files

            • +3

              @dav3: we usually say, linux distros

        • That would be awesome. Can we get this? I'm really running out of storage during Covid.

          • +1

            @bjt: I quite sure you can store COVID on the key and you can share it around, excellent feature

    • +4

      It would be a nice feature but don't think it will ever happen. Adding a storage feature would invite additional attack/vulnerability layer to Yubikeys. Too risky.

  • What happens if you lose one of these? What’s the backup?

    • +2

      Best to have a second key, I’ve got a Bio and Yubikey 5.

    • +1

      For some authentication you can also have backup methods of authentication (email a one time code but that’s clunky)

    • You should have multiple versions of authentication. MFA rather than 2FA.

  • +1

    can we login to windows 10 with this ? ie just plug in and then scan finger ?

    • Yes, I use it to login to my work laptop. Soooo convenient

      • hmm weird on the link i gave below for comparison, scroll down one before last, Computer Login. bio says no ?

        • That’s interesting, not sure why that’s the case, literally use it every weekday to do that. It may be something to do with Windows enterprise authentication over personal.

    • Yep, you can. You will need to download a software yubikey. I couldn't get it working.
      There should be an inbuilt Windows function/setting where you put the pin code/password which should be able to set this. Settings>Sign-In Options>Security Key.

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    • Yeah, I do find the lack of TOTP in these to be a deal-breaker. So many 2FA services support TOTP but not FIDO.

      I've gone with the non-Bio's for that reason.

  • little bit out of topic but i bought 1 yubi NFC and 1x non NFC (as backup) few weeks ago.
    havent got time to setup them up, but anyone can tell me before:

    for example take google account, or facebook
    will i still be able to login using normal way (password+2FA with bitwarden/authy) or i have to always carry the key?
    is there an option to "remember this device" so it will just ask password for example? i just hate to think i wont be able to login if i dont have the yubikey with me

    • From my experiences it varies by each platform. Some have the remember feature others only print for the Yubikey if there is something suspicious. There are also ones that prompt for it everytime.

    • +1

      "is there an option to "remember this device" so it will just ask password for example? i just hate to think i wont be able to login if i dont have the yubikey with me."
      Yes… With most services like, e.g. Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, etc, the first time you login, it'll ask you to press your Yubikey button but at the bottom it'll have a checkbox that says something like "Remember me on this computer/browser". When you check that, it won't ask you anymore, because it's saved the authentication details to a cookie in your browser cache. If you clear the cache, it'll ask again. If you use Yubikey on say crypto exchanges or sites that deem logins critical, you'll get asked to press Yubikey every single time.

      "havent got time to setup them up"
      Do it sir, this is literally the reason what every hacked user says…

      • "Remember me on this computer/browser"
        hmm i just thought if ticking that is not good when accessing from mobile phone, correct? what if someone know your password, stole your phone? well… can happen to laptop/desktop too in theory…

        • Correct, it's for convenience. Ideally you should never check that box on phones, and only on non-sharable desktops.

    • +1

      It's going to depend on how you set things up. May take some planning. For example, do you want to remove all other logon methods from say so you only use the key? If so, how would you recover if you no longer had the key? Another key? Email? SMS? Would email/SMS etc just weaken your security posture so kind of make using a hardware key not as secure? If you use email backup, can that be accessed only with the key?
      Take some time to plan and have an appropriate security posture, but don't lock yourself out.

      Worth looking into a password manager that supports Yubikeys too - Lastpass, BitWarden and some others. Always turn off password-saving in browsers.

      • yup bitwarden supports but the premium not free bitwarden

  • +1

    "If you decide to discontinue using a site or service, you can delete its discoverable credential. This frees up space on the YubiKey Bio, which can contain up to 25 such credentials"

    YubiKeys are awesome, but they need to increase these limits which apply to all YubiKeys. Something like 100 would be great.

  • +2

    Don't know why, but bought one.
    Used afterpay, and had a $30 discount applied!
    Must have been some ozbargain referrals.
    So, thank you people!

    • Was that on their site or eBay?

    • +1

      Should get at least 2, but ideally 3 is the sweet spot. Never ever buy one. If you lose the key or it breaks, gonna have a real hard time getting back into your account.

  • +1

    Looks like their ebay page is also selling the YubiKey 5C NFC for $99 as well

  • I've got a standard yubikey, and they are great. Have it inserted in my desktop for logging into my crytpo account.

    I'm just struggling to see the value-add for the biometric part.
    Would be not a biometric add-on only incentivise bandits to cut off my fingers?

    • For me it was speed but not also having to type in the pin. Hopefully you aren’t getting into situations where people threaten to cut off your fingers too often.

    • Snowden says avoid biometrics if you care about security

      • -2

        Yeah I don’t usually take advice from Russian puppets.

      • Avoid biometric only security. However if attending a protest biometric only is the best. Even better is having no digital devices.

    • It's not hard to figure out. It's another layer of security. Now an attacker needs your password, your yubikey and your fingerprint.

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