Why Do Slow Drivers Drive in The Right Lane?

Why why why….why why…. Why? Oh why? 10 words… Why?

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  • 326
    Old fogers on the road with no insight
  • 105
    Vigilantes trying to prevent speeding
  • 20
    Americans have taken over Australia
  • 19
    Australians who can't go to the US due to covid pretending they are in the US


  • +106

    Maybe there’s even slower drivers in the left lane

    • I've been downvoted in these forums for saying that

      • +1

        Maybe it's the kind of people who won't move for emergency vehicles.

        • +4

          I've been meaning to order a windscreen sticker which reads:

          ວИIꓘATЯƎVO ƧƧƎ⅃ИU TꟻƎ⅃ ᑫƎƎꓘ

          • +4

            @Scrooge McDuck: Pffft, like they use their revision mirrors!

          • @Scrooge McDuck: Funny those signs are nowhere to be seen on city freeways, they are only on country roads

            • @lonix: all over the M7 in Sydney but people still drive in the right lane overtaking ghosts

      • +4

        It’s all about the delivery

        • And whatever the first few votes are. Sheeple generally follow it up or down.

    • +6

      In Perth, You can have clear runs along the left-hand lane while everyone is doing 90 in the 100 zone in the right lane. True Story.

      • +1

        Hahaha especially down south, north even the left lane is doing 100

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    Drive the speed limit

    I've noticed in the past year people have been driving crazier and crazier, whats the rush?

    • +51

      Why is this comment even neggd?
      It is true. Do the speed limit and stop driving like an (profanity).

      • +54

        the problem is people are doing under the limit which is frustrating and causes huge bottlenecks

        esp on the highway. If someone is doing 100 in the 110 zone on the right lane it just makes everyone else slow down and this in turn can cause rubberbanding on the highway

        • +48

          I find it extremely frustrating (and dangerous) when people won't get to the speed limit on the onramp and you have to merge onto the 100km/hr freeway at 80km/hr

          This happens to me all the time!

        • +12

          ive never seen anyone in the right lane doing under the limit. I have been tailgated by people trying to do 120 while im stuck at 100 on cruise control.

          • +31

            @Soldier: You've never seen anyone going under the limit in the right lane? Did you get your license last week or something?

            By the way, 100 on your speedo might not be 100 on someone else's. In fact, if you've set your cruise control to 100 you're definitely not doing 100 because speedos overread.

            The right lane is for overtaking. If you hog the right lane, not only do you cause congestion, but you force drivers to overtake you on the left and cause further frustration on the roads. Share the road, move over if you're not overtaking and contribute to making the roads a bit safer for all of us.

            • +6

              @Harold Halfprice: KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING

              AFAIK it's the rule in NSW wherever the speed limit is higher than 80 kph.

              • +2

                @Scrooge McDuck: wherever the speed limit is 80 kph or higher.

                Close… but no cigar. It's "over 80km/h". 80 zones it is ok, there is no requirement in 80 zones unless signposted. (Ref: ARR 130)

            • @Harold Halfprice: This practice actually goes out the window in a lot of cases.

              Sure, on a totally free-flowing highway there is no excuse for someone to sit in the right hand lane.

              However when a relatively small amount of traffic starts to build up people start moving out of the left lane and into the right to overtake but end up getting nowhere. Then the frustrations start.

            • @Harold Halfprice: How could they overtake on the left if he's driving the speed limit though?

              Unless of course they are speeding.

              (Though yes we all should be staying left whenever we can!)

              • +1

                @DrPopkorne: I explained that in my comment.

                100 or your speedo may not be 100 on someone else's. In fact 100 on a speedo basically means you're doing less than 100.

                It's not up to you as a driver on the road to enforce and regulate how fast other people drive.

                People shouldn't speed, but the reality is people do. It is far safer for everyone on the road for someone who is speeding to do so in the right lane.

                Trying to be morally righteous here and claiming no one should ever need to overtake you because your speedo is showing 100 isn't saving lives, it isn't preventing anyone from speeding and only makes the roads more dangerous.

          • @Soldier: ….Then you haven't done much highway driving

          • -4

            @Soldier: And here is the problem driver, overtakes the person doing 98.5, whilst on cruise control set at 100 - never saw any action, never took any risks did you Soldier.

          • -1

            @Soldier: Set it to 104 and ignore them knowing there is truly nothing for them to complain about (should be around 100 on the dot for most cars).

        • +1

          How good is it when you can break free from the bottle neck and you've got the whole road to yourself. Ahh the joys of motorcycling.

      • +69

        "If my speedo reads the speed limit, then I can sit in the passing lane, and nobody deserves to pass me", while perhaps not dangerous, is pretty selfish behaviour.
        Proper use of the roads should be to get around safely and freely, while allowing others to do the same.
        Who knows - maybe that someone trying to pass you is rushing to the hospital and their speeding is entirely justified.
        And even if they don't have a good reason, I certainly wouldn't want to be blocking someone's path. It just leads to frustration, potential tailgating, and increased risk of an accident for everyone.

        • +8

          Yep don't worry about other people's behaviour - worry about any of your own that impacts other drivers.

          The whole "oh, you're probably speeding" argument is defensive and irrelevant. Just do the right thing.

          P.S. Measured by GPS on all the cars we have in the garage the dials are all out at least 5kph. So 105 on our dial is actually 100. Those doing 100 on their dials are very likely doing 95 or even less. Not really relevant but a fact I've found with most cars I've owned.

          • +4

            @Ramrunner: Yes, noticed this recently driving to Sydney using Waze primarily for speed traps etc. My cruise control set at 100mph (according to the analogue dial) and Waze constantly at 95kph. PS I kept left most of the time.

            • +8

              @MITM: you set your speedo at 100mph and waze is saying 95kph? I think your speedo is a lot more out than it should be :)

            • @MITM: cruise control at 100mph is 160kmh!

          • -3

            @Ramrunner: You must have only recent cars. Most 2010+ cars have hyperbolic speedos… pre-2010 most are spot-on. I have never owned a 2010+ car, so don't drive to compensate.

            It's like people communicating a later time than the truth to ensure nobody's late 😖

            • @Embaloo: Look that is possible, but I can say my 2004 Nissan X-Trial was also out by roughly the same amount. The car I have now is 2016. (MY2015).

            • @Embaloo: Complete rubbish. I have a 2007 vehicle that reads 63 at 60km/h, 84 at 80km/h and 105-106 at 100km/h (measured by GPS on multiple devices).

          • @Ramrunner: This is right. Not sure if it's part of the design or something that happens over time but the Speedo on my car reads 108km/h when I'm doing bang on 100.

            Edit: 2008 Nissan tiida

        • Exactly.

          So many people hog the right lane when they should be in the middle or far left lane.

          If I'm going the speed limit in the right lane and there's a queue of cars behind me, then I'm doing it wrong! I should have changed lanes into the left lane to let them pass me.

        • +1

          |speeding is entirely justified.

          Speeding is never justified!

        • Seven times more likely to die

      • +15

        Why do people keep driving slow in the right lane? Do that in a driver's test when it's keep left unless overtaking and see if you pass. You won't.

        • +1

          Why do Learners drive in the right lane when under instruction (privately or Driving School). I see it all the time. Yes, I understand EVENTUALLY they'll want to make a right hand turn - but until so - keep left. The "L" means "Left" The "P" means "Pick on me"

      • ….and stop driving like an (profanity).

        But, I need to pee!

      • +21

        Because people think the right lane is for speeding.

        So if it's an 80 and you're doing 80, you're too slow for the (profanity) tradie in his ranger who wants to go 100

        • +8

          Yes but in Vic at least it's only a requirement to keep left if the speed limit is 90km/h or more, unless explicitly signed.

          If it's 80 and you're doing 80 so be it. If it's 100 and you're doing 99, move over

          • +2

            @buckster: Many of the cars these days show the driver they are traveling at 100 but they are really traveling at 97. A car I had a few years back did 100 when I was driving at 100 and I would drive past other cars with large digital speedos showing they were travelling at 100 that I could read from my car as I was passing them doing 100 in my car. My car was stock without any mods to tires ect. The older commodores just used to be very accurate at 100

          • +3

            @buckster: yep that's true.

            But courtesy is also important. If you're driving two lanes wide and holding up people, just move over. (well unless you're turning right soon obviously).

            • +3

              @Ramrunner: Agree, and a lot of this wouldn't be a problem either if people drove in the left, but on 3+ lane roads 70% of cars seem to want to sit in the middle lane even when the left is empty.

              They're a big part of the problem too

              • @buckster:

                .. 70% of cars seem to want to sit in the middle lane…

                In my experience, they seem to like to sit side by side at exactly the same speed. This is especially true in Victoria. (In NSW, they are at least going at different speeds which means you can eventually pass in at least one of the lanes).

          • @buckster: When driving on any multi-lane road with a speed limit over 80km/h, you must keep out of the right lane unless:

            you are overtaking or turning right, or
            all lanes are congested.
            If the right lane is a transit lane, this rule applies to the lane immediately to the left of the transit lane.

          • +1

            @buckster: If it's 100 and (you think) you're doing 100 and you're not overtaking, still move over. It's the law.

        • +2

          I don't really like tradies in rangers, they seem to be one of the most common irritants on the roads, however, if old mate wants to 100 in an 80 zone he's actually entitled to do so, whether or not he gets caught is another story, but you're not the police, stay out of the left lane and leave the right lane free for faster traffic to pass, I really don't understand why people think it's just another driving lane, it's not.

      • +1

        Because it's a speed limit. Not a speed expectation, requirement or mandate. A speed limit is designed as such that "You may drive at any speed which is safe for the conditions up to and not exceeding this speed". All too often you see people driving right up the ass of another driver, or where they have almost zero visibility and expecting they should be able to do the "speed limit" - where in this case the limit actually becomes a speed which is safe for the conditions, not the signposted max. Too many people seem to believe that the posted limit is the overriding number, whereas the opposite is true.

    • +44

      Keep left unless overtaking…

      Biggest issue with people “driving the speed limit” is their speedo can be out, sometimes by a lot… which leads to frustration when getting stuck behind someone doing 93 in a 100 zone…

      • +2

        Problem with OP’s post are lack of:
        * road type
        * traffic condition
        * the “speed limit”…
        * most importantly a mspaint diagram.

        Most post here with a lack of information is usually because, an OP has something to hide.

        • Why why why….why why…. Why? Oh why? 10 words… Why?


      • +4

        Agree. My daily is 5 km off at 110. Tested with multiple GPS devices and the speed advisor display on the highway.

        • -1

          Conversely it's crazy how often I get passed (sometimes as though I'm standing still) when the GPS is showing 80 (or even above 80). Remember that by law the speedo must show a speed no less than what you're traveling at - so for many drivers if you're actually doing 80, the speedo might be showing 86. Allow for 3km/h margin of error, and a further 2km/h tolerance, your speedo can be showing well over 90 when you're actually doing 80, and yet these people will be the ones to throw the loudest tantrums for getting a fine for "being 2km/h over". It's like WTF, your car literally has a device in it that shows you that you were as much as 10% over - a full line increment on the device display - and you ignored it and continue to complain about getting caught.

      • +1

        People that get frustrated on the road should get laid more to 💥 of some steam.

        It helps reduce road rage.

        • +5

          I was on my way to getting laid when I was held up by someone hogging the right hand lane.

          It created road rage.

          • +4

            @Ramrunner: That'll happen when you're positioned behind.

      • Agree - my Colorado is about 10% out. 99 on the dial is 90 on my GPS. 66 is 60 etc.

        My daily drive is also out similarly though only about 4-5%.

    • +16

      Keep left unless overtaking. Simple… no ones business if I choose to go a bit faster in the right line to overtake a vehicle and I will move back in to the left line straight after

      • +10

        Only required is over 80km/h or if signed. So, in an 80 zone, not legally necessary.
        Still good practice though.

    • +6

      People think they are doing the speed limit but they are doing less, if you are doing 100KM/hr you are usually driving 4KM less per hour with most speedos. Use a GPS to check. In any case, it's not up to you to decide what speed the car behind is doing, merge left if possible.

    • What speed limit? The actual speed limit or your shitty calibrated one that tells me you're doing 91 in a 100 zone because your service centre says they'll only fix it if it's more than 10% out?

      • +3

        If everyone but you is matching my speed, and you're tailgating, perhaps you're just speeding and should slow down :)

        • +3

          That's fair and I wasn't saying you specifically. I was more talking about people with shitty calibrated cars. My Mazda is about 7-8% out and I adjust accordingly.

          20 years on the road and no speeding tickets yet!

        • Of course it's possible there's multiple people with poorly-calibrated speedos. If you're in the right lane and not overtaking, and the speed limit is over 80 km/h, it is illegal for you to be in that lane.

    • +4

      Frustrated by people driving in the right hand lane when they're not effectively overtaking I bet.

      Keep left unless overtaking (and overtaking a car for more than a minute does not count - you're not really overtaking so move over).

    • +3

      Drive the speed limit

      Just focus on KEEP LEFT

      Speed will take care of itself.

  • +30

    Inattentiveness and lack of awareness. Seen it in old and young.

    • Which are you ? Old or Young ?

  • +24

    if its under 80 they can

    • Unless otherwise signposted

      • +2

        but who is enforcing it lol?

    • +9

      I agree with you but it's frustrating getting stuck behind someone going 45 in a 60 zone.

    • +7

      Not under 80

      80 or under

    • +2

      It wouldn't be practical to try and enforce the Keep Left rule on the 80 and under roads.

      But it doesn't mean that they should. I still move to the left if I can as a courtesy.

    • +3

      Legally, yes.

      But be courteous and move to left unless you're turning right would be nice.

    • 80 or under.

  • +26

    I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullsh*t. For those ten seconds or less, I'm free.

  • +25

    Because they need to turn right 800m later

    • +19

      And sometimes 800 Km later……

      • +3

        When it's 800kms away I only turn right from the left lane

        • +3

          Or they're looking for their right turn

      • This is the main problem in Canberra, drivers (of all ages) are so lazy they sit in the right lane if they want to turn right eventually, no matter how far away the turn is. Anything to avoid additional lane changes!

        • +6

          Really, that's the MAIN problem with Canberra? :)

          • @EightImmortals: My secure job and 10 min commute to the city are pretty rough too :)

      • my partner does this, if she knows the next turn is right, even if it's 5kms up the road she will stay in the right line.

    • Or left in 800m then they change to the left lane. 🤦🏻

      That said I love the "I'm doing the speed limit"

      1. You probably arent as your speedo isnt that accurate
      2. The road rule is "keep left unless overtaking" (If going in an 80 or more speed zone). Breaking the law to stop other's from breaking the law (like stoping them speeding) is a little dumb.
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