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40% off BOSTANTEN Men's Leather Belt (Waist Size 28-45) $16.87 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Bostanten Amazon AU


High Quality Craftmanship : The belt is made from italian leather with easy to fasten and unfasten buckle. Ratchet design allows adjustment to your exact, comfortable fit.

Size: 1 1/4 " /3.5 CM wide belt. Suitable for size 28-45 waist.If too long, simply trim belt (Refer to photos by on trimming).

Easy to Use: Just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt through, the buckle simply auto locks the belt, release buckle by simply shifting small lever.

Fashion Design: With a simple and elegant look, this leather belt offers fashion and function for use with any casual or professional outfit. Ideal men's accessory as an every day belt with jeans or uniform and even suitable with formal wear.

Note: as of 4:15 pm, the coupon only applies to the first belt labelled "002black". It will not work with other skus.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good Belts but gone up now :(

    • +1

      Did u enter the code? I just grabbed a size 36 for $14.99
      I’ve already got one of these and now I’ll never go back to a normal belt buckle.

      • just got 1 too, $14.99.

        Even if its shit, not bad for a spare.

        • +2

          They're great, I've been wearing them for last 25 years (this brand specifically for 5+) and always keep a spare. Back in the olden days before the internet I used to put them on my holiday shopping list as this type of belt were readily available in Asian countries but never in Australia. If you are on the plus size or have an ever changing keg, these are the best.

          • @jason101: Yeah I use a similar ratcheting style cheapie from Amazon at the moment, just not this specific brand.

            Probably a year old, no issues.

  • +6

    My top tip: dont tighten it too far, the synthetic material is not that sturdy and the bit that bites into it just rips through. Money better spent on a proper leather belt.

    • +1

      This was my experience too, prefer to avoid these type of belts for that reason now.

    • I’m still using my $10 BigW belt despite heavy usage from my labour days

    • I find the fakes tend not to rip the belts as easily as these, the teeth seem to be a bit sharper and the inner material is a little thinner on bostanen. Still just picked up 2 more since these are good for the price.

    • Once the buckle looses grip, you can trim belt and put the buckle in fresh spot.

    • I got this Kore Track Belt in 2017. The ratchet bits are as good as the day I bought it, but the belt itself is breaking at a weak spot now. I can't see that it will affect it's use for a while yet though.

      I'd love to know whether this would be as good. I haven't found ratchet belts in store, so was thinking of going back to Kore until now.

      I also note that Kore belts are much more flexible in length eg 22-44", compared to 28-34.

      • hey i dont mind this one, the brown looks pretty nice and buckle is quite streamline looking

  • This belt is great.

  • Thank OP, fantastic belt
    Bought 4 to give as gifts

  • +1

    I use these. Can recommend.

    • +1

      Indeed. Cannot go back to the standard belts after using these.

  • My mum is convinced these aren't real leather and didn't like the ones I bought.

    I thought they looked good tho haha but maybe the metal buckle does look a little cheap

    I'm not really sure if it's real.leather.. anyone smelt it or know ?

    • +6

      It's 16 bucks… you shouldn't have to ask your Mum if this is genuine leather

      🤣 🤣 🤣

      • +1

        Already bought two. She didn't like them.
        Mumma always know best

    • +5

      It's bonded leather which will be trashed after a small amount of usage, page even says it can last around a year in its advertisements, good leather should last decades if maintained properly.

    • I'll see if my mum likes it 😉

    • +1

      It is real leather but leather comes in different grades and quality.

      The top tier leather is one piece of actual leather that is turned into belts , handbags etc.

      This is the left over leather that is turned into a powder like substance then pressed/glued into a leather sheet.

      So it is leather

  • Was able to get free delivery without being a prime member, thanks op

    • How?

      • Just showed as one of the shipping options? Between 'prime trial shipping' and 'fast expedited shipping' was 'free standard shipping' or similarly worded

  • +1

    I don't have this particular brand but ratcheting belts are so much better than regular belts.

    • +1

      Look I agree to an extent - wish someone did something similar but heavy duty.

    • Yep I bought a cheap fake leather one from ebay a few years ago for less than 10 dollars. I use it every day and the quality is still great.

  • These belts are just awesome, price and quality wise.

  • It's quite decent for the price. I've bought one before. Then the pandemic hit, now just shorts and track pants 95% of time.

  • My clip broke

  • Came up as $14.99 delivered for me.

  • I will never understand OzBargain's fascination with this gaudy belt

    • +1

      Best design, clicks in and out. No need to look for the hole to put the pin in.
      Easy to readjust when needed (after a big meal) or just simply to sit down.

    • probably the price, hard pressed to find anything else remotely same function/quality at the price.

    • It looks a lot better irl, seriously, I was feeling iffy until I saw it irl, it looks pretty good actually!

      Picture does it no justice.

  • I have one of these. been using this for 3 years with out any issue .not light rip or scratch.

    Used this even casuals and formals. Heavy usage and no issues ..

    Ordered one more. .size doest really matter..you can trim to any size you want

  • -1

    The promotion only works on the linked page and the leather one cannot be purchased now

  • +3

    Promo code not working for me.

    • same :(

      • Ok, seems to be working again

    • Me neither, grrr

  • I bought one many years back and it broke in about 6 months. But bought another one after that and it has lasted nearly 2 years.

    Great belts.

  • +2

    Not working

  • +1

    "Code can't be applied". Well that didn't last very long.

  • +1

    Promo code doesn't work

  • +2

    Code only works for the first design fyi (at least, it did for me)

  • -1

    Only works for the brown canvas one. F

    • Not sure why this was negged. For some time the link took to the brown canvas one and the coupon only worked on it.

  • +2

    Promo code cannot be applied.

  • +1

    Promo code only work for 002black and brown-8.. would have preferred any of the other styles.

  • Got 2, 002 Black still working

  • Currently unavailable.
    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

  • I bought a belt very similar to this one, it's too heavy and can be difficult to open under pressure. Buy a simple belt instead.

    • Hmmm… A bit scared to ask… What kind of pressure are you referring to?

      • 500m below in the sea?

        • I guess you could put diving weights on it…

  • +1

    These are only 20 bux on their main Amazon site… and ALL available.

  • Nice! Needed a new belt! Thanks OP!

  • Most sizes sold out but You can get larger size and trim down

    • +1

      Better in the long run to get a smaller size and trim yourself down!

  • "002black" no longer appears (for any size) suggesting it's sold out

  • I love this belt so much I think I’m gonna have to loosen it a notch or two.

    • What exactly are you doing to the belt?

  • Code doesn't work for 004 belt either

  • Have one from previous sale. They're ugly and cheap. Fair price when on sale, but the reviews saying they're high quality and attractive are from people that wear potatoes.

    • I've heard of people wearing onions, but this is the first I've heard potatoes mentioned. Tell me more.

  • I can't say if the quality is the same, but there are lots of options on Ebay under $9 delivered (from China) or under $15 delivered (Australia):

  • Got one of these and happy with it, only issue is the belt buckle keeps falling off, can't work out a way to get it to stay on. Usually a bang and a crash when I put my pants back on in the toilet cubicle at work.

    • +1

      U bang in public toilets and then put your belt back on and the buckle keeps falling off?

      • hahahahah

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