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Acer Nitro 5 15.6-Inch i5-10300H/8GB/512GB SSD/RTX3060 6GB Gaming Laptop $1098 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


A futher $100 cheaper than the last time this model was posted.
4 core. 8 threads.
1080p screen. 144hz.
8GB of RAM. Expandable with 2 slots.
512GB NVme SSD. Expandable with 2 NVMe slots.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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          • @R3XNebular: Curious to know what power profile you're using in Nitro Sense. High Performance mode is what causes the issues in the 11th gen CPUs (I have the 11400H too). Either of the 2 balanced modes are fine. I've no idea whether the 10th gens were affected.

            • @CVonC: I've been using high performance. Anyway to try to reproduce this issue? I'd like to get it replaced or refunded if this issue is widespread so I'd like to mimic this throttle issue….

              • @R3XNebular: High performance mode is what causes the issue. Use either of the two balanced modes and it won't happen

                • @CVonC: I'd assuming you should be able to reproduce this using benchmarks like 3dmark? Without me having to play a game..

                  • @R3XNebular: It only and always happened for me during actual gaming (and this is just with L4D2 on all highest settings). In benchmarking it never happened (Cinebench, Far Cry 6 & Shadow of the Tomb Raider, don't have 3Dmark)

  • Thanks OP. Couldn't find any store near me (in VIC) that has stock for Click and Collect so ended up paying $29.95 for shipping. Still good though.

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    This seems like a great deal if you're keen on upgrading RAM - who tf puts 8GB of RAM into a pc these days? My raspberry pi has 8..absolute joke, but a bargain still.

    • It's because most people won't notice the difference and they can upsell you to the 16gb model.

      • Yeah it's the 8gb is in 1 module, so it's easy to upgrade - i'm considering purchasing this, but i really don't need it. Great value.

  • Thanks OP, got one for my son, seems like bang for buck at this price point.

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    Used this laptop in Hotel Quaratine. Excellet laptop. GPU got hot though to roughly 75-80 degrees and you can feel the hot air blowing out the sides. Nitro Sense on Max while gaming helped keep temps low. If you plan to game on it upgrading ram is a must. The ram included runs single channel. Make sure you replace both ram if you intend to get 16GB as the 8GB one included is slow. Very easy to open and replace the RAM yourself. Harvey Norman/Domayne will offer to you for $190…

    • +1

      Propping up the laptop with a cooler pad or even just a book does wonders for temps and fan noise.

      I use this but I use my Nitro as a desktop replacement.

    • May I ask, what type and speed of RAM did you use to upgrade?

      • +2

        Crucial 8GB (1x8GB) CT8G4SFS832A 3200MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM

        • Thank you.

  • This or the Dell G15 for $969?

    • +1

      This. The 3060 trumps the 3050 easily.

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    bought! good deal. what speed of ram is best to upgrade this?

    • -1

      The one same with original.

    • Crucial 8GB (1x8GB) CT8G4SFS832A 3200MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM
      Make sure you replace the original 8GB as it is a crappy 1RX16 ram. 1RX8 is what you want

      • Just FYI to those who are buying their ram on amazon.
        someone on reddit was saying

        CT8G4SFS832A is 1Rx8 (the faster one)
        CT8G4SFRA32A is the 1Rx16 ram (slower one)

        they're both really similar with the naming, few dollars difference on amazon.

        Can anyone wanna vouch for this comment, wasn't sure if reddit is accurate enough

        • +1

          Can't say for sure, better off buying from a local store like Umart..

        • +1

          I found a table on Reddit that suggest the CT8G4SFRA32A is 1Rx8.

          "a module with 8GB and Single Rank can be nothing but 1Rx8"

  • Is this good for design and photoshop? Not into gaming at all.

    • +3

      Nah. Screen is not colour accurate and you'll benefit from a more powerful CPU.

      • interested to know as well, what's your suggestion?

        • Sorry, don't have one. I only look at cheap gaming laptops.

    • Would still be good - but you would need an external screen and probably throw another stick of ram in like everyone suggests.

  • If I was in the market for a LAN machine, this would be an instant buy. Thanks for the deal

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    The 11th gen intel RTX3060 nitros seemed to have power management issues when run hard over a long period of time, particularly when using and external display. The Harvey Norman tech I returned to let me know they had seen a number of similar returns for these laptops which is highly concerning.

    I haven’t seen any reports of issues on the 10th gen intel version, it’s possibly the CPU may not pull enough power to cause issues on this configuration. The thermals on these units are very well managed for this price point.

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    Easily the best price for a 3060. I do reckon the HP 2070 deal late last year was a better buy tho. $1500 for an i10 and a 2070 with a better screen and build quality. Mine is chugging along nicely.


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    Just picked one up. Thanks OP

  • -1

    How does this one compare to this model?

    • +2

      3060 is much better than a 3050. Didn't you just pick one up lol?

      • Yup, just looked at the receipt and noticed and the model number was different! On my way be in to the store now

        • Ha! Hopefully they stuff up the replacement too and give you the i5-11400H with the 3060!

          • @CVonC: Hope so, but I’m guessing the sales person will be extra vigilant lol

        • Not again like last deal they have?

        • +1

          I had the same issue today, went back to the store after noticing that they gave me 3050 with better cpu but just got refunded. It is stupid that both models are on sale for exactly the same amount so a dumb salesperson is easy to fall for that.

    • +1

      The 3060 trumps the 3050.

      • -1

        Thought as much! Cheers

    • Got the correct one lol. Had to go to another store (Carindale) because Fortitude Valley was OOS.

  • Is it worth buying this laptop for everyday use (browsing etc)

  • Thanks for posting this I picked one up. Does anyone have a recommendation on what RAM upgrade would go well with this laptop?

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      8GB DDR4 3200mhz SODIMM
      Patriot, Crucial, KIngston,Teamgroup, etc.

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    How does this compare in value with the one that Aldi is selling at the moment? https://shop.aldi.com.au/product-detail?product=707315&name=...

    • +2

      Get the Nitro, stick another 8gig of RAM in it. Save $350.

      The 6gb 3060 is just that much better than a 4gb 3050ti card.

      • Cool, thanks for the advice! Is the 10th Gen i5 comparable to the Ryzen 5?

        • +1

          Nah, the Ryzen kinda destroys the intel.

  • Wasn't there one that had the 6-core CPU and was just $100 more? That would be the better buy.

  • If upgrading the RAM, would it be better to stick another 8Gb of the exact same RAM as what's already in there or replace with fresh 8x2 sticks?

    • go from page one search user name R3XNebular for answer

    • +1

      Replace with fresh 8x2 sticks. The laptop has a 1RX16 ram which is 25% slower in certain games than a 1RX8.

      • My one came with a stick of the Micron MTA8ATF1G64HZ-3G2J1 1Rx8 PC4-3200AA-SA2-11. I'm not sure if they are all like that but interesting to see.

    • I've made it easy for you.

      Compatible ram list - Click this link:

      • +1

        that doesn't seem to identify which RAM is x8 and which are x16

        • -2

          Are you looking at the modules column?

          • +1

            @w37hsyea: we're not talking about modules or GB.

          • @w37hsyea: Yea Phoebus is right. Doesn't show whether it's x16 or x8. You'd have to do another search to confirm…

  • Has anyone tried this to play PCVR games? I've got a 1060 laptop, but keyboard doesnt work, terrible speakers, and I use it as a desktop.

    • not ideal but my laptop has 1050 and can play various VR games. 3060 should be great.

      • Same mine 1050 surprised that i can run google earth (via steam). Cable. My laptop usb port also just usb 3, gen 1

  • Price in an extra hundred or so to upgrade to 16gb and you've got a fantastic budget laptop - money has gone into the hardware, be wary the screen isn't great and the build quality is what youd expect from a $1000 laptop. But if you can look past both this is an awesome entry into pc gaming, especially with the current gpu shortage(which should improve in the coming months mind you)

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