[Unobtainable] Free Sunglasses Delivered from QUAY Australia

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Free sunnies using AOFREE as the code, put 1 pair into your cart and checkout. Good luck!

Update: All orders cancelled for reason of "use of fraudulent code".

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    • I must've missed the Step One offer but given their whole marketing strategy is if you don't like the first pair they are free I'm surprised they cancelled?

  • Just ordered, checkout said 0$ total, yet was still charged $85. Getting refund…

    My email looked like this:
    Discount (code: AOFREE): $-85
    Subtotal: $0
    Shipping: $0
    Total: $0

    • You got charged $85? Shouldn't have been though

      • IDK what happened literally just after posting this the money is back. I used paypal and i guess it takes the money out of bank account for purchase, but since I wasn't charged anything it was sent back.

    • How did they charge you? Did you put in cc details?

    • +2

      How? My order didn't even require a card or PayPal….

      • +1

        Same, I didnt have to put in any payment details and got $0 for the whole order (item and delivery).

  • -3

    Using PayPal can just contest it when they don't send

    • +2

      Raise case: didn’t get my goods

      Paypal: uh .. ok .. here’s your refund for * checks notes * $0?

      • Doesn't shipping count on the $5 total payment?

        • Ah you didn’t get the $0 option

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: I tried all options but only one spot to put promo code and all came with $5 after selecting free

  • +3

    2022 going to be a good year!

  • +2

    Some people would give out all their personal info for a half eaten cheesburger if they thought it was free lol.

    • Or use fake name, phone number and burner email address.

      • And a fake address

        • Addresses are publically available through Google Maps. Let them spend money sending spam through mail, if that is your concern, although that's highly unlikely as it would be considerably more expensive than spam SMS, telemarketing calls and spam emails.

          • @cute as ducks: They are making money selling everyone's data. Oh i see you signed up to this, good luck with your free glasses.

            • @LowRange: That's fine and I am not disputing that, my original comment was that you don't need to provide your real details.

              As for me, they can have my valuable fake name, fake email address, fake phone number and my PO box mailing address 🥴

              I am also fully aware there is next to no chance of getting a free pair of sunglasses but I also did not sell any of my real personal details either.

  • Is there any chance that instead of cancelling they proceed with the order but charge you the price of the sunnies?

    • Only if you put your cc details in lmao

    • Doesn't sound like something that is allowed, charging you extra after the transaction has been made.
      Besides, I didn't even need to submit payment details so good luck with that, Quay.

    • No

  • +2

    Ordered but awaiting the cancellation message

  • Still going! Who runs their website?

    • +5

      Someone with a life I guess….

  • You need a $75 pair for free shipping the cheaper ones have $5 shipping
    Or that's what I found with the sale option

    • +1

      I ordered a $120 pair, still paid $5 for shipping. Not sure how others were able to get free shipping.

      • Weird. Maybe it's only certain styles then? 1st one $39 pair was $5 shipping then I tried another one to the same address and it was free

    • I did $65 blue light ones… guess I shoulda been more ambitious

  • +3

    Deals over now

  • +2

    Good luck with this getting honored.
    Not even gunna bother.

    • +1

      Yeah me too couldnt get past the $5 and they are not worth that much to me

  • +1

    13k clicks lol

  • its over

  • Code is invalid now

    • +2

      That means they're now busy writing up a generic cancellation email to everyone that ordered :D

  • +1

    Does anyone know which deal on ozbargain holds the record for the most clicks?

  • +1

    Party is over, code no longer valid

  • They blocked it now…..

  • +2


    They should add "because of those damned Ozbargainers…"

  • Aww I’m too late :(

  • Party over

  • Tried a few different ones, none of them works.

  • looks like the party is over

  • Too slow :(

  • Party is over must have hit max number of uses

  • +9

    13957 clicks…. I would quit if I was part of the order processing team, lets hope they're casual and can quit on the spot and don't have to give notice.

    • +1

      Just close the company and phoenix under new abn lmao

      • They got too much Kylie Jenner marketing to close down.

        Cheap shit sunnies with good marketing.

  • Code doesn't work for me

  • +1

    I really hope they've got an automated system for those 14,000+ purchases 😂😂

    • +5

      Pleaseeeeee be outsourced to India/Philippines/China dropshipping hub

  • +1

    Party's over, code won't work for me

    Enter a valid discount code or gift card

  • Seems to work now as a BOGOF with the code AOFREE

  • +1

    Was just checking out. Hope people weren’t greedy and ordering multiple pairs hence party over

    • Lol

      I think someone's mobile would've went ballistic with purchase notifications and they worked to stop it..

  • +1

    God Bless Ozbargain

  • No longer working

  • looks like its supposed to be buy 1-get-1 free, now adding 2 pairs to cart, the second pair is free rather than just adding any single pair

  • +1

    Missed this ship but willing to keep sailing

  • Missed it l by a mile ol

  • +1

    Can imagine the frantic calls to IT at 8pm on a public holiday “TAKE IT DOWNNN!!!!”

    • One hand on the phone, the other with some quality piss in a red plastic cup

  • Doesn't work for me. I get below error

    Enter a valid discount code or gift card

    Working Code
    With Honey

    • Party is over

  • +3

    Maybe Jacob Burns has done this again! After Drop Coffee he messed up another company!

    • +2

      Rip anyone called jacob burns on social media/LinkedIn lol

  • Ozbargained

    • +4

      Your cancellation email

  • -1

    Got it!

  • +7

    Bruh of course the 1 time I don’t check is bargain for 1 hour

  • Hahaha had one in the cart, went to dinner and the code got ozbargained

    • +3

      Buy first ask questions later. Ozbargain mantra volume 1.

      • Buy now think later. Ozbaragain, never pay in 4

    • Always going to happen, don’t wait

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